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"How would that even work?" She asked looking at him."I belong to you both and you both belong me," Jason replied his eyes not being able to leave hers, I smiled knowing the feeling."Like a three way relationship?" She asked and he nodded."But wouldn't that bring about jealously?" She asked and he shook his head, she bit her lip before kissing him, a moan leaving her and he pulled her closer. The scene turning me on, my nipples hardening under my clothes begging for attention. It was amazing the confidence and dominance she obtained whenever she was aroused, she became a completely different person. He groaned and I squeezed my thighs together, the sound having a greater effect than it should."Are you feeling jealous?" She asked pulling away to look at me."No,"

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31 Chapters
Starr's POV"Where are you going?" I asked opening my eyes to be greeted by the sight of her getting ready to exit the bed."To get ready,"
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Starr's POV"Don't run," Jason warned as they ran off, going to the field to see their sister, leaving him, Cassi and I to trail behind."Who's cooking tonight?" Cassi asked as she held my hand both our gazes moving over to Jason who was walking beside me.
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Cassi's POVShe continued to leave kisses against my neck and I shifted beneath her in the couch, loving the way her lips felt against my skin."Starr not right here," I whispered as her hands began undoing my jeans.
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Cassidy's POV"Starr," I called out softly, my body pressed against her office wall as she continued to leave wet kisses along my neck."Sshh," she silenced as she began undoing my jeans.
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Cassidy's POVI moved to the trunk feeling her eyes on me a smile appearing on my face."Can you stop?" I asked amused as I removed two grocery bags from the car.
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Starr's POVMy eyes ran over them, my entire body on edge as I watched them kiss, her legs wrapped around Jason's waist. I pushed our heels to the side moving to sit on the counter beside her, enjoying the show.His hand moved between my legs rubbing against my clit and I relaxed slightly. Soon his touch disappeared a
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Starr's POVI laid there drained looking at the rays of the morning sun that gently rested on her skin. She shifted and I reached over removing the strands of hair from her face as her eyes opened."Good morning," she mumbled cutely a bright smile gracing her face earning a small laugh from me.
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Starr's POV"How did they end up here with you?" Alec asked referring to kids in my office."Cassi has a meeting with her architect and Jason is sorting out some things for the twin's party," I explained and he chuckled watching as Jordan ran over to me.
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Jason's POV"We're ready," Starr's announced and I chuckled glancing at my watch."We just got here," I pointed out
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Starr's POVI was currently sitting in the couch that was situated on the backyard porch. Eclipse and Jordan sharing my lap while Trinity rested her head against my shoulder, the three of them engaged in conversation.My eyes moved over to Jason and Cassi who were making dinner, the smiles on their faces making my hap
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