Chapter Seven: A new home or a hell hole

Wait a minute. A son? I kept on hearing those words ringing in my ears. She had a son?

All those years I had lived with her, I had never heard her say anything about having a son. She was always talking about her dead, beautiful daughter—my mom.

I didn't know why it upset me so badly to hear that she had a son. She didn’t love me or ever held a decent conversation with me. She was always hitting me or telling me bad things about myself.

I started to wonder if her son knew about me, whether he knew she had me locked away in a cell and was treating me badly.

What if he didn't and could have given me the life I had wanted? I looked at my grandma with disgust as she wiped away the tears from her eyes.

"A group of people is heading to Spicy Groove after breakfast. You can go with them," the tall man told her.

I felt Cindy hold my hand. She smiled at me when I looked up at her.

"Let's see what they have prepared for breakfast," she s

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Amanda Lowery
I felt Cindy hold not held my hand

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