The Wolf Without a Name

The Wolf Without a Name

By:  A.K.Knight  Completed
Language: English
365 ratings
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She was born from rape and took her mother’s life at birth.Her relatives detested her; they treated her badly and gave her no name. They wanted nothing to do with her.Girl, they called her for eighteen years, until it became the only name she knew.When her family who should have taken care of her found themselves in big financial trouble, the only hope of getting themselves out of the terrible mess they had created was to send her to their pack leader’s house to work to repay their debt.Girl hated what they were doing to her and was clueless about what was about to happen to her while she worked in the Alpha's home.

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Suzy Williams Kozi
great book
2023-04-03 14:45:06
user avatar
Elizabeth Coffey
This was a great book to read. Several typos but nothing major and if you enjoy this book u should find the continuation books Alpha Christian followed by Starkville which I just found n about to start reading. This author is amazing with all the books I’ve read so far.
2023-02-24 14:29:40
default avatar
Where did the 46th chapter go?? If there is a book 2, where is it?
2023-01-23 06:26:01
user avatar
Stefanie Adriaanse
i only see 44 chapters!! :(
2022-12-19 07:42:12
user avatar
Kyra Murrell
The story was amazing but the ending was awful.
2022-10-27 11:47:58
user avatar
Delina Manuel
This book was exciting, sad, intense, and just brilliant, this made me feel so many emotions from beginning to end, that I couldn't wait to read what was to come after each chapter, absolutely brilliant, and the best book I've ever read, 'Not to mention the excitement of what book 2' had in-store ...
2022-02-28 23:06:32
user avatar
2021-12-12 20:46:20
default avatar
Sad ending.
2021-09-16 18:15:56
user avatar
Love this book! The storyline is original. Totally different, but in a riveting way.
2021-09-05 20:09:17
user avatar
belinda kahn
ending was not expected, can't wait to see the next book
2021-08-12 06:27:02
user avatar
Greta Velez
Great book!
2021-08-09 09:53:50
user avatar
Adriana Martin
amazing..looking forward ti book2!
2021-08-01 05:45:48
default avatar
Sheila Morgan
Fantastic book
2021-07-27 13:46:55
user avatar
Sandie Cheney
love it......
2021-07-27 02:50:42
default avatar
Horrible en quick enting. Really enjoyed the story nut the last part dit f*ck it up
2021-07-23 20:05:42
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46 Chapters
"How did you escape?" I asked him, frightened as he walked toward me, his bright red hair lighting up the room. "Wherever you are, I'll find you," Ares said as he sat on my bed beside me and stared into my eyes. I stared back at him, lost in the beauty of his eyes. Soon, I felt his warm large hand against my cheek. I was lost in his bright green eyes, just like mine. I never realized that I also had beautiful eyes. His eyes were mesmerizing. I closed my eyes as he gently stroked my cheek and caressed my face with the back of his hand. I enjoyed the touch of his warm hands and wanted to feel him against my skin even more. I slowly opened my eyes as I felt his hand against my left cheek and again returned my eyes to his. Ares gently moved his hand away from my cheek to move my hair from my face, placing it behind my ear. I parted my lips, lost in his attractive features, enjoying every moment of his touch. I could feel my wolf inside me jumping excitedl
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Chapter One: A child of rape
"Get up you son of a bitch!" I heard someone shout.  I opened my eyes and saw the small square door above me opening, and heard the creaking noise it always made. "Come, Girl," she called me. That was what Phyllis, my grandma, called me—my grandma—the person who had placed me in a cell as punishment. I didn't remember ever going outside. I could only recollect seeing the light peeking through the cracked walls of the cell. I held on to each side of my discolored, white frilly dress and slowly walked up to the small door. "Come, take this food from me," she said to me angrily, while she pushed the plate of food through the door above me. Ever since I could remember that was the drill. Tipping on my toes, I reached for it and quickly took it from her, not wanting to cause any trouble. I went to sit on the floor and rested by body against the cold concrete wall on the farthest side of the room, away from her.
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Chapter Two: The first man I have met
"Come on, Girl!" Phyllis shouted at me. I took one step, then another, moving slowly. Phyllis grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen. There was a knock on the door. "Stay here!" she told me, and went to the door. I stood still, obeying her. I looked around the kitchen, noticing everything around me. My eyes stopped on the window. I was disappointed. I was unable to see outside. The thick dark curtain blocked out everything. I heard Phyllis open the front door. "Good evening, Ms. Phyllis," I heard a man, with a rough voice speak to her. Phyllis returned his greeting. "The Alpha sent us for you because of the terrible storm heading toward us tonight. Since you are an elder, we have to protect you," he told her. "Let me get my things," Phyllis said. I heard her footsteps as she returned to the kitchen. "Let me help you," I heard another voice say. It was the voice of the same young m
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Chapter Three: The alpha's handsome nephew
I jumped up and moved away from the wall, scared of being alone with him. "I promise I won't hurt you," he told me. I huddled against the wall, wanting him to leave before Phyllis returned. "Can you talk?" he asked. "I won't hurt you," he again said. I nodded, wanting him to leave or I'd surely be in serious trouble. He did not leave but stood there staring at me with his dark brown mesmerizing eyes. "I'm Josh Hernandez and I'm twenty-three, and you?" "Eighteen," I said softly. A name I could not give him, for I had none, and I didn’t want him to know what Phyllis called me. "Wow," he said surprised. "You have a beautiful voice, but can I have your name as well?" I froze, not answering him. "Your name must be as sweet as your voice," he said. I smiled. His voice made me feel strange inside. "Yes, that's what I want to see on your beautiful face, happiness, not sadness," he said, cheering
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Chapter Four: Seeing a man nakedness for the first
I stood frightened, afraid to answer her. "Nothing," Josh said. I turned my attention to him right away, terrified, hoping he could get me out of that mess. After all, it was he who had started it. I didn't call him into the laundry room. He'd come on his own, desperate to know who I was. "Nothing at all," he again told Phyllis. "I just came in here to see if she was fine and she is." He looked at me and smiled. I lowered my eyes. "And what could be wrong with her?" Phyllis asked him, upset. "I'm needed in the living room," he said, and exited the laundry room, ignoring my evil grandmother. Phyllis watched him while he left and until he closed the door behind him. She impatiently twisted her right hand, wanting to punish me. The two of us were left standing in the laundry room, eyeing each other. "What were you two doing in here?" she snapped. "Nothing," I quickly answered her. "Nothing?" she asked sarca
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Chapter Five: The alpha's home
I dug my hand into the ground, grabbing a handful of dead leaves and twisted and turned my head. "Hah!" I screamed, my voice strange to my ears. It was as if I could not control the sounds that were escaping my mouth. "Josh!" I screamed his name, not knowing what else to do as he sucked between my legs. I felt a strong feeling between my vagina and lower belly as if my entire body was going to explode. I removed my hand from the ground and grabbed him by his hair, lifting his head from between my legs.  He pushed me back to the ground and started sucking on me again. My entire body stiffened, while he squeezed one of my breasts and played with it. I couldn't handle such a strong feeling. It was too much. I pushed myself backward, removing his mouth from me. I sprang to my feet and ran toward a tree. My entire body shook while I held on to the tree. Josh got up from the ground, wiping the wetness from his mouth. I pushed myself bac
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Chapter Six: Freed by the storm
I couldn't stop crying, knowing Josh was no longer with me. I'd only met him that day, but deep down it felt like I had known him for a long time. Even though he was a stranger, I felt safe with him and trusted him with my life. I had to find him after the storm passed. I had to escape and go in search of him. A strange smile appeared on my sad face while I sank my hand in the soft bed, grabbing on to the white sheet and thought about him. If I found him, he would take care of me and teach me what I needed to know about the world. First, I had to find out where he was. I wiped the tears from my eyes and sat up on my bed. "Are you finished crying now, Reds?" Cindy asked, while she sat on her bed with a book in her hand. "Reds?" I repeated. Suddenly, I looked up at my hair, realizing the reason why she called me so. I nervously turned my head aside, and stared at the room. It consisted of two pieces of furniture—the two beds. "Wh
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Chapter Seven: A new home or a hell hole
Wait a minute. A son? I kept on hearing those words ringing in my ears. She had a son? All those years I had lived with her, I had never heard her say anything about having a son. She was always talking about her dead, beautiful daughter—my mom. I didn't know why it upset me so badly to hear that she had a son. She didn’t love me or ever held a decent conversation with me. She was always hitting me or telling me bad things about myself. I started to wonder if her son knew about me, whether he knew she had me locked away in a cell and was treating me badly. What if he didn't and could have given me the life I had wanted? I looked at my grandma with disgust as she wiped away the tears from her eyes. "A group of people is heading to Spicy Groove after breakfast. You can go with them," the tall man told her. I felt Cindy hold my hand. She smiled at me when I looked up at her. "Let's see what they have prepared for breakfast," she s
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Chapter Eight: Used to pay off a debt
Locked away in a cell by my grandmother for eighteen years, I wanted to be free from her and go outside where people were different. Every move I made kept me trapped. The people I met were just like her, evil and cold. Tears ran from my eyes when I remembered Josh’s words. He didn't know me, he'd said. Was he ashamed of me and how I looked? I knew I should never have believed him. I knew I was not beautiful. Everything about me was ugly, including the ugly bright red hair on my head. I hated that it reminded Phyllis of my rapist father. "We're here now," the two men said as they placed me down in front of a large white house. The house was the largest house I'd ever seen. The men held my arms, preventing me from trying to escape. The door opened and I saw an old gray-haired lady. "Why are you holding her like that?" she snapped at the men. "She tried to run away," one of the men answered while they led me inside. The old lady closed t
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Chapter Nine: You don't deserve a name
I took small steps behind her, not wanting to walk into her as I followed her. "It's a very large house, but right now I first want to show you your room before I'm asked to run off to do something," she said. Her footsteps echoed on the floor of the house. While she continued to talk, tears filled my eyes when I remembered the way the Alpha had talked to me, as if I was nothing. "Here's your room," Francine said, stopping at a door on the left side of the hall. I quickly wiped away my tears and followed her into the room. The room was very neat. It only had a small bed, covered in a light pink sheet. "The door next to the bed is your bathroom," she said, pointing to it. "Well, that's it," she said, and turned to face me. "Since we will be working together, what is your name?" I was beginning to get annoyed by everyone wanting to know my name. I was tired of trying to hide the reason why I didn't have a name, so I gave her the
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