Chapter Eight: Used to pay off a debt

Locked away in a cell by my grandmother for eighteen years, I wanted to be free from her and go outside where people were different. Every move I made kept me trapped. The people I met were just like her, evil and cold.

Tears ran from my eyes when I remembered Joshā€™s words. He didn't know me, he'd said. Was he ashamed of me and how I looked? I knew I should never have believed him. I knew I was not beautiful. Everything about me was ugly, including the ugly bright red hair on my head. I hated that it reminded Phyllis of my rapist father.

"We're here now," the two men said as they placed me down in front of a large white house. The house was the largest house I'd ever seen.

The men held my arms, preventing me from trying to escape. The door opened and I saw an old gray-haired lady.

"Why are you holding her like that?" she snapped at the men.

"She tried to run away," one of the men answered while they led me inside.

The old lady closed t

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Comments (3)
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Shalece Kimble
I wanna know what happens but I'm so not paying for it. it's grammatical errors the slow moving story redundant dialogue.
goodnovel comment avatar
Toya Johnson
The story is kind of redundant. The overall theme is set on ugliness and parts are hard to read šŸ“š and understand but I like where it's slowly emphasis on slowly šŸŒ going
goodnovel comment avatar
Katie Mejia Ningii
I like the story line so far but needs to go back and reread before submitting it because some parts are confusing to read.. but other then that good story line so far

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