Chapter 2 Prideful

Days had passed and Zane continued to sulk and refuse everyone, she thought that she would be able to get her way with her father. She hopes that he will choose her over Victoria and eventually send her away from the territory.

Brushing her ink colored hair that was as smooth as silk, Zane could hear the light footsteps approaching her door, smelling the scent, it seems that it is Victoria again. For the past few days, she had never given her peace of mind, she would always disturb her and push her to her limits. It even got to the point that she feels suffocated around her.

Zane thought it could have been better if she arrived here and did not cause trouble, just plainly ignoring each other, but the woman is clearly stubborn and kept on forcing her to accept her existence.

She can, but she needs time, after all, she loves her father so much, and thinking of how sad he might be after she shouted at him, breaks her heart. Gripping the handle of her hairbrush tightly, Zane rushed to the door and locked it before Victoria could reach it.

After that, she silently slid herself inside her hidden room and made her way towards her secret lounge in the middle of the forest. At a young age, Zane had learned to be independent, strong, and she can’t deny that sometimes she is out of control, overusing her power, but it was only to save those poor omegas.

She believed that they deserved more recognition and acceptance and should be treated equally. Whenever she sees young wolves bullying omegas she would make them kneel and run around the territory on all fours while they are in their human form. It is indeed a sign of overusing her power, but if she won’t save the omegas who are treated that badly, then what is the use of being the future alpha of the pack.

She wants to change her pack member’s treatment towards those of the lowest rank and teach them respect and humility. It has always been a problem for those entitled brats.

Being a werewolf means having more strength than the usual human beings, along with this ability to shapeshift is the entitlement of the younger ones when they have an early change or transmutation. Thinking that they are way above those who are weaker than them, although this is true, but as someone who lived among humans for quite a long time. Zane somehow adapted their attitude towards other people, that one should respect the other no matter their standing in life. Because they too are someone who breathes the same air and lives in this world, they deserve respect as much as you think you do. And this is what she wants to teach her pack members.

Seeing the small cottage hidden behind the big rock, Zane beamed and ran towards it, finally, she will be able to have peace and silence, no more suffocating Victoria.

Opening the cottage doors, Zane saw the wild animals that sheltered inside quickly scattered and hid beneath places that they deem safe, away from her the ferocious wolf that bullies them whenever she drops by.

Chuckling softly as she sat on one of the tree logs, Zane could hear their little chatter, as if whining about her sudden appearance. How silly, she thought.

Crossing her arm on top of the wooden table, Zane laid her head on her arm and attempted to sleep in that position.

Waking up hours later, Zane could feel the slight cramps on her muscles from staying at the same position for hours. Stretching her arms while trying her best not to grunt in pain as she started to feel the slight tingles and muscle stress.

“Ahh that was a good rest.” grinning happily, it was a huge secret of hers that she is a huge fan of sleep, whenever she feels cornered or suffocated, sleep will always help her de-stress.

Deciding to go back inside the mansion, Zane patted the invisible creases on her clothes and puffed her chest out, ready to fight against the world again, well slightly ready.

“Zane! You come here and explain to me what you did to your sister. Do you know how worried she was when she found your room empty? I know you don't like her, but you could've told her you don't want to see her. You are clearly acting like a brat now young lady! Apologize to your sister right now!” The smile on her lips was quickly ripped off when she faced her father’s nagging, completely puzzled why she was being reprimanded.

“Daddy I-” “don’t Daddy me, apologize!” forgetting his reasons, Lester scolded his daughter even after not hearing her explanations. Zane felt wronged and ashamed, she could feel the discerning eyes of the pack members on her, she did nothing wrong! Is it bad that she needs to breathe, and stay away from this house that she is now starting to feel suffocated with?

“I won’t apologize! It was not my fault that she existed! It’s not my fault that she pissed me off and not my fault if I feel like everything changed ever since that white lotus bitch arrived! I hate you!” bursting all the pent-up frustrations, Zane turned away and ran back towards the forest ignoring her father’s anxious call.

“You could have listened to her first Lester, the kid still wasn't ready for things, besides she got a point, it is not her fault. Lester, you should know better how your daughter would react to the sudden changes. She was not aware that rogues are running around the borders, you can never blame her for feeling wronged. You even embarrassed her in front of the pack.” Oliver Lilac nagged while patting his back, Oliver is the Dusk Dawn pack’s beta, his right-hand man, and the father of the young Luke Lilac.

Nodding his head, Lester frustratingly massaged his temple and tried to reach his daughter through the mind link. He knew that he overreacted, he was just worried after he received the news that rogues were eyeing from the borders.

Glancing at his other daughter looking at him worriedly, he just can’t help thinking that Zane could have been a little more understanding like her sister Victoria. It seems he spoiled her too much.

Reaching the middle of the forest, Zane could feel that her father wanted to mind link her, but she refused and blocked all voices in her head, she didn't care if they called her a brat but she would rather sleep outside the house than to apologize for the mistake that she never did.

Sitting on one of the tree roots, Zane hugged her knees and buried her face on top of her arm. He could have spoken to her in private, there's no need to embarrass her in front of everyone.

Staying in that position for a couple of minutes, Zane closed her senses and only left her ears on, hearing the familiar footsteps, she lowered her guard down and raised her head towards the direction.

“Zane,” the man said as he carefully walked closer. “You have to go back, it's dangerous as of this moment,” he added while he offered a bar of snacks towards her. She accepted it and silently ate the snack, clearly saying that she was not happy with what happened.

“Your father was just worried, that girl panicked and rushed to his office saying you went missing then the news of rogues eyeing outside the border came in. He thought you were in trouble then everyone looked for you for hours, only to see you back in one piece,” he explained.

“Uncle Oliver, is she really my sister?” Zane spoke after a few minutes of silence. Surprised by her question, Oliver went silent, unable to answer nor think of what and how to tell her.



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