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Fangs: Alpha King Book 1 Completed Fangs: Queen Luna Book 2 On-going Fangs: Tale of the Moon Goddess Book 3 Born as the revered and respected daughter of Alpha Lester Fangs, Zane grew more and more domineering and proud. She had thought that as the only daughter of the alpha, her father would pass the throne to her. But the sudden appearance of another woman, claiming to be her father’s child with his first love, became a problem. As the wedge between the two daughters grew, so as their hostility and the deep contrast of their characters shone. After running away from home, as her pack scorned for being mateless, she ran across rogues who attacked her which resulted to her desperate call for help. The Gods must have pitied her when someone came to her rescue. Before she could even thank the man, she had fainted. But one thing is for sure, she smelled her mate before losing consciousness. However, her luck ran out after she lost her memories and was forced to submit to this handsome young Lord who claimed to have saved her. As much as she was thankful, she felt conflicted after the man deliberately acts coquettish and ambiguous with her. How will she handle such temptation? Will she ever remember her memories? Who is this young Lord? *DISCLAIMER: this book contains (SEXUAL, SUICIDAL, DANGEROUS, EXPLICIT) SCENES AND WORDS NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE BELOW 18 YEARS OLD. READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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Linda Garza
great story
2021-10-08 09:41:52
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Lyndah Muyoka
It was an interesting book. More ink to your pen author
2021-06-15 00:09:26
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Ethan De Harina
Worth itttt ✨
2021-05-12 13:37:53
user avatar
i started reading when i came across book 2, and im hooked.
2021-03-11 00:49:43
user avatar
I added it and can't wait to read this awesome story. ❤ Keep going dear author.
2021-02-01 22:55:30
user avatar
The blurb already has me curious for reading this story. Sounds really exciting. Keep up the good work :)
2020-12-30 05:32:55
user avatar
I came to change my review, I like where this is going. A little bit of gore just like how werewolf is supposed to be. the mystery is enough to keep you reading. its a fun story that had enough romance, backstory and etc. keep it up. looking forward to the daily update
2020-12-28 08:22:53
user avatar
Apple Leaf
I hive you five star. keep it up author ?
2020-11-12 22:33:52
user avatar
looks good, keep it up. for now I give 4 stars but if it works and improves after 10 more chapters or so i will give 5
2020-11-12 02:05:47
76 Chapters
Chapter 1 DownhillIn this world that we live in, mythical creatures still live among us. One of those is the werewolves. It is said that they are half-human who inhibit the ability to turn into a werewolf.
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Chapter 2 PridefulDays had passed and Zane continued to sulk and refuse everyone, she thought that she would be able to get her way with her father. She hopes that he will choose her over Victoria and eventually send her away from the territory.
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Chapter 3 MateOliver always had a soft spot for Zane, after all, he watched her grow into a beautiful young lady, witnessed her lash out at those young wolves bullying the omegas, use her pure and kind heart while appearing nonchalant and prideful. He knew her character and he commends her for it. Zane may app
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Chapter 4 MatelessWorried for her best friend, she ran back towards the infirmary where she left her. But the grave news that Zaiah passed away after giving birth and crying about Lester betraying her.
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Chapter 5 UncannyHearing him say that the father and daughter Lilac could only shake their head, it appears that their alpha had different thoughts for his daughters. Poor Zane.“Zane re
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Chapter 6 PreparationsToday is Zane’s birthday, and she is still lying on her bed, cuddling her favorite pillow. She doesn't feel like going at all.Sighing to herself as she frustratedl
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Chapter 7 SurpriseInside the spacious ballroom decorated with beautiful red roses and pink carnations, are a crowd of people enjoying each other’s company.
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Chapter 8 RulerJeoaneus believes that a woman has two characteristics, they either be a woman of beauty and a woman who  inhibits the witt and strength of a ruler.
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Chapter 9 AssassinationWARNING!
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Chapter 10 Decisions“Alpha, we found leads against the assassin.” Coming back to his senses after one of his warriors' minds linked him, Lester pushed the thoughts at the back of his head and ordered them to be vigilant and stand by.
Read more Protection Status