Chapter 64 - Happiness

 Six months later --

Alice -

Sunlight was streaming through the picture window on the east wall, warming the bed. I walked out of the shower and saw Lucian stirring in the bed.


 "Sorry," I said softly. "I didn't mean to wake you."

 The bedsheet fell away from his body as he leaned to kiss me.


 "What time is it?" He asked.


 "A little past six," I replied, and got out of the bed. I walked towards the window and glanced out in the morning.


 "Why don't you come back to bed?" He asked.


"No, I was just going to take a shower and head into work," I responded.


 "It's so early," he said through a yawn.


 "I know, but I've got an important meeting today. I'm going to take a shower. Go back to sleep." I said.


 "You sure you can't come back to bed?" He asked again as I applied lipstick and flashed
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