His reluctant Luna

His reluctant Luna

By:  N Chandra  Completed
Language: English
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18+ mature content. Alice has her life all sorted, she has a good job, a wonderful fiancee. Apart from a little secret, she is a werewolf, her life was in her control. After losing her parents in a rogue attack she had been sent away to live with her aunt, a keeper. Alice was what one would call an urban werewolf who had no intention of finding her mate. But things didn't turn out as expected when the most handsome, powerful and dangerous Alpha of US claimed her as his mate. With her wolf in the heat but her mind warning her against the union. How will she resist being his Luna?

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Suzy Williams Kozi
great book! hope you do a story on Adien
2023-03-05 02:22:39
user avatar
Good story
2023-02-10 22:50:07
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Teddi Isherwood
Loved this book. There are a few grammar and spelling issues through out.. but it didn’t take anything away from the story. Very creative.. with the perfect combo of intrigue and steam.
2023-01-01 06:53:05
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Livvy Valentene
Absolutely loved this book! Another great read as I have read two others and this was my third! onto choose the next novel of yours to read!
2022-09-12 04:52:18
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How is this book completed here with 60 something chapters, when it’s on another app with 100 something chapters and says it’s completed there? Yet if you go to the comments on there you find out that there’s actually 10 chapters left off. No I’ve not read this book, just asking a question.
2022-08-07 07:55:08
user avatar
Bianca Maasdorp
Loved this book
2022-07-28 05:10:52
default avatar
Love the book! Should read it!
2022-04-22 07:42:59
default avatar
Joyce Caster
I’m liking the book a lot. However chapter 30 is the same as 29 and the story has a hole since it’s missing the right chapter… I really hope it can be fixed!
2022-04-10 14:04:25
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Helen F Rayford
love the book hate it ended. Will try to find the sequel
2021-12-21 05:19:25
user avatar
J Griffith
great story...
2021-12-05 14:28:03
default avatar
excellent read...
2021-11-11 18:30:20
user avatar
Joanna Ward
love the book
2021-11-08 05:11:29
user avatar
Daria Porter
a lovely read!
2021-10-23 09:08:40
user avatar
Oluwabusayo Ogedengbe
Awesome I enjoyed it
2021-10-22 22:56:53
user avatar
Great read loved the story line. Niw a fan.........
2021-09-23 20:45:17
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110 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The wolf in exile
The loud beeping of my phone roused me from sleep. I shut the alarm and snuggled under the covers for a few more minutes. I usually take time to wake up, so I have set an early alarm. I finally dragged myself out of the bed and quickly got into my daily routine. I am an architect. At 24, I am one of the youngest employees of Barton & Tom, one of the leading construction firms in London.Grabbing my coffee, I walked onto the train. I always keep my headphones on because I can hear everything. I mean, literally, everything. I have extraordinary senses because I am not normal. I have extraordinary speed, agility, and strength. No, I am not some superhero; I am a werewolf. However, unlike most werewolves, I do not live in a pack. No, I am not a rogue wolf, either.I belong to one of the most powerful packs in North America, 'The Jade moon pack'. I am very much in touch with my older brother, the Alpha of the pack, Rick Anderson, and the pack Beta, Bobby. My father's beta, Thomas Jackson,
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Chapter 2 - Engaged
"Mark!" I cried out as I ran towards him. He was finally back from Germany, and I could not wait to get into his arms. He had told me not to receive him at the airport, but I could not help it. His blue eyes sparkled as he engulfed me in his muscular arms. At 61, he towered over my 54, slim body. "I missed you," I gushed as he kissed me on the cheeks. "Me too. So, how was your trip?" I asked as he picked up his bag, and we made it out of the airport."Boring and hectic. I wish dad stopped sending me on these trips." He grumbled. Mark is the heir to one of the biggest architecture firms. Hence, he was groomed to inherit it by his Lord of Something, father. He comes from an old family of barons. With his blue eyes, dark hair, and well-toned body, he is one of the most eligible bachelors in London. I do not know why he fell for me. When I asked him, he said he liked my gentleness and delicate features, which were quite ironic. I could rip him apart in minutes if I wanted to. Of cour
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Chapter 3 - Home
Aunt Flora is what one would refer to as eccentric. Most keepers are eccentric. It is difficult being different. The ability to see and deal with the supernatural comes with some drawbacks. One of them being loneliness. Aunt Flora has a phantom lover, that is what she claims. I have never seen him, though. Werewolves do not have the power to see ghosts, but she is very sweet, so I humoured her. Currently, she was shaking her head when I told her about Mark's proposal. "Your mate won't like it," she replied, shaking her head. Aunt Flora was 50, though she looked around 35. She was pretty with her short red hair and elegant dressing sense. She reminded me of Jack Kennedy. Though I think an aunt is prettier. "But, aunt, I don't want a mate," I tried to reason. "Nonsense, all wolves want their mate. It is known. Poor Mark, he will be so broken-hearted," she said with a gloomy face. "Why would Mark be heartbroken?" I asked, surprised. "He is not your mate. Once you find your mate, yo
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Chapter 4 - Mates
Alice As we spluttered to the surface, those arms were still encircling me. It was then I looked into the most gorgeous pair of green eyes I had ever seen.Time stopped; my lungs had stopped breathing. Everything had stopped existing. I could not see or feel anything else besides this beautiful man standing in front of me. Not beautiful, that word would be too feminine. He was the embodiment of masculinity.His wet and messy brown hair fell over his forehead. He was taller than me by a foot and almost three times my width. He had a warrior's body, cut from years of training. He was shirtless and wet, which was driving my wolf crazy. He had the face that stopped you in your tracks; it was strong and defined, with a perfect jawline. "Mine! Mine! Mine!" my wolf screamed. And I was suddenly wet, not because of falling in the pool. I was wet down below. Those green eyes were glued to me, and I knew he felt the same. He knew I was his mate! "No, this can't be happening," I thought. The d
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Chapter 5 - Pack life
I woke up slowly and fought my way to consciousness as if trying to swim up from deep, dark waters. I was 9 again, there was smoke everywhere. People were running around trying to escape the fire, there were gunshots. I closed my ears, trying to shut out the chaos, someone grabbed my shoulders. It hurt.I looked up at the face of the man, but it was all blurry. Then I was running again, I hid under a table and shut my eyes and ears again."Do not be scared, I will protect you......" Said a gentle voice. I turned and there was a boy, a few years older than me. He was hiding along with me while the smoke billowed around us. I woke up sweating from my nightmare, breathing hard. I checked my watch, it was still early.Five am to be precise. Most of the juveniles and younger wolves would have already started their training. But I was on a vacation. I could catch a few more hours of sleep. Though I could not sleep anymore.I lay in my bed and replied to a few emails,
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Chapter 6 - Kidnapped
When I decided to visit the club, which was ironically called 'The Lycans', I dressed for the part.Emma had said this could be my impromptu bachelorette party, and we had a good laugh about it. We drove to the city along with Emma and another theta girl, Melanie.Bobby being all possessive mate had insisted on accompanying us, but we wanted a girl's night out. We were in the human part of the town where the presence of wolves was nil, and we could handle human males easily.Once in London, I was about to be mugged while returning late. All I needed were my claws. The look of terror on that prospective mugger's face was priceless. Harming a human is banned since we live in secrecy, we are not supposed to reveal ourselves. However, we can do so in self-defence and emergencies. I had decided to be a little risqué -I wore a black tank top that was meshed and a short red plaid skirt. Not too short, I preferred not to feel self-conscious or attract unwanted attentio
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Chapter 7 - Rescued
The door crashed open revealing a tall figure. He crossed the room in three large steps and came to rest directly in front of me. He was dressed in a tight black t-shirt and black cargo pants. His black boots were caked with mud, and he looked furious.'My mate!', my wolf sang in happiness while I stared at him in disbelief.His hand came up to gently stroke my cheek and I felt his lips on my hair as he removed my gag."You! You did this to me? " My voice cracked. It was more of a question than a statement."Thank God you are safe," he whispered.I looked up into his eyes, "Who are you?" I realized I did not even know his name. He smiled. I noticed he had dimples. My heart skipped a beat."I am sorry, we were never properly introduced. I am Lucian Blake of the Crimson Shadow Pack." 'What a lovely name,' my wolf purred. My face was frozen, and I could not take my eyes off him. I had heard of his pack from Emma. There are two kinds of Alpha
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Chapter 8 - Escape
I felt like a slut. I had just cheated on Mark!' I am horrible! ', I thought.'No, you are not, you kissed your mate as you should,' my wolf was pleased.'My wolf is a pervert,' I cursed myself.I finally slid off Lucian's lap and pulled down my skirt, folding my arms. I was looking out of the window. He kept his hand firmly around me. The area looked familiar; it was the state highway a few miles off the pack lands. Still, I was unable to form any connection with Rick and I had lost my mobile. Perhaps, I could plan an escape if I were careful. I turned towards him and spoke.     "Lucian, I need to use the restroom, can you stop at some service station, please?" I made my most desperate puppy face. My wolf was resisting. She was trying to overpower me so that I would stay.   He gave me a piercing look with those divine eyes. I noticed he had lovely lashes. 'Please kiss him,' my wolf pleaded. I
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Chapter 9 - Homecoming
It was too late to run. I looked at the approaching monsters as the first one stopped right in from of me. The doors opened, and I was engulfed in Rick's familiar scent."Alice! Thank God you are safe." Rick said from above my head, I was pressed to his chest in a relieving hug. I was quickly huddled into the SUV, sitting alongside Rick."Now, tell me what happened?" Rick asked, softly.I did not even know where to start. I told him everything, how I was drugged and kidnapped by the rogues and being rescued by Lucian Blake.Rick's face hardened. He was furious, I could tell. Rick, my only brother, was eight years older than me. When my father died in that inter-were fight, he was just 17. He used to be away for several training, high school, and other things while I was growing up. I spent most of my time with Emma and Bobby, who were near to my age.After taking over the pack, he had worked relentlessly. Due to our age gap and my being sent away, we did not get the o
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Chapter 10 - Attacked
Emma stared at me with a blank expression. "Wow!"She suddenly stood up and started pacing, then sat down again."Wow! This is so....so...""Fucked up?" I asked helpfully."No, romantic. This is so romantic." She said with a bemused expression."What? " I was sure she was going crazy."Well, you both are from enemy camps, who fall in love. Now you need to overcome the differences to be together. It's like Romeo and Juliet!" Emma said with a goofy smile."You and Lucian are like Romeo and Juliet of werewolves, it's all so Shakespearean." She said wistfully."Are you suggesting we both die in the end?" I asked.Emma was always kind of goofy, but this was madness even by her standards. I could barely hold my laugh."Of course not! What I mean is, this is fated. The goddess has matched you. It must mean something." I rolled my eyes," well, what do I do now? I have a fiancée in London, who is sweet, caring, and smart. Likewise, I had everything planned, but suddenly, I bumped into my craz
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