Amelia Lockwood

Amelia POV

Let me introduce myself 

My name is Amelia Lockwood but everyone calls me Mel and I am 27 years old. 

My father is Raphael Lockwood, you might’ve heard about him, The Shark Mafia Boss and CEO of Lockwood enterprise. He is more of a little dolphin when it comes to me but hey, I am his little princess. My mother is Olivia Black Lockwood, she met dad when she was a teacher assistant at NYU. Dad made his business to get mom. They have a lovely and bumpy story, but you already know that. (The Shark Mafia Boss). 

My father is the head of the Italian mafia in New York.

I have two brothers, that I know of. Gabriel (Gabe) he is the older and Michael (Mike) is the middle child and I am the youngest. The three of us are close, you can’t mess with one and not with the others. We make our business when one of us is in trouble. We all have different mothers but you already know that. Let’s say that dad was a bit of a manwhore before he met my mother. She tamed The Shark. 

Gabriel is going to be the next in line to the Italian Mafia Throne in New York. He is ambitious, cunning and a manslut. Gabriel has the same power coming from him that dad has. He is already leading a part of dad’s empire and everyone respects the shit out of him. As he is always on the spotlight he opened a nightclub so he can justify the money. His nightclub is the most popular place to be in New York if you have the money. 

Both me and Mike are okay with Gabriel being the next mafia leader. We only get involved when shit hits the fan. And it happens more often than we care to admit. 

He has an ass of an attitude and doesn’t take shit from anyone except guess who? Yeah me.

Mike is taking charge of dad’s legitimate side of the business, he likes the power that the name Lockwood brings to him, not to mention the sluts he always has after him. He rules with an iron fist the company and everything legitimate from the Lockwood name. Dad retired from the company a couple of years ago and gave it all to the three of us but we decided that Mike can make us the money. He grew dad’s empire towards Brazil and Argentina. I am Mike’s best friend and he is mine as well. We confide in each other. Especially when we were younger and we had to sneak out. 

And then there’s me. The Mafia princess. 

I grew up surrounded by man, I only have one girlfriend and always struggled to deal with other girls.

In school, I used to get into trouble because I would fight them as if I would fight boys. Dad always said I had to learn to solve my problems because if I didn’t he would kill whoever gave me shit. I know he wouldn’t kill a little kid but at the time I believed he would.

Once I hit puberty the boys were interested in me. I am good looking and I know I am. I am confident like that. But I am always surrounded by bodyguards even though I know how to defend myself probably better than they would ever defend me. 

I am extremely good at using guns, any guns. You name it, I can fire them no problem and I never miss a target. 

But that’s not what I do. I don’t live off daddy’s money, and definitely not from his reputation. I created my own company of event planning and now I am the CEO. I still like to organise some events and keep myself busy with the planning but most of the time I am at board meetings and handling corporate business. 

I created a name for myself. In the business world, I am not Amelia Lockwood The daughter of the magnate. I am Mel Lockwood party planner with a bitch of an attitude.

I am engaged and I am utterly in love with my fiancé. My dad approves of him, not that I really care about that. 

My best friend, she is my dad’s best friend daughter. Hey, we grew together learning how to fight and how to be the best at what we do. Failure was never an option. 

Welcome to my story. 

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