Constant Crave
Constant Crave
Author: Keren Michael

1. Butter

I close my cake shop early so as to catch up with Judy at the mall. Judy is my friend, best friend who loves to shop. We leave in an apartment together. Judy works at one of the good publishing enterprise while I'm just a baker. But we live fine. She manages the essential bills sometimes, while I take care of the groceries and little things round the house.

My phone rings and I pick it up from my purse. Judy.

"I just left the shop" I said and she shrieked. She was so... Girly. I stuff my shop keys into my purse, walking for the crossroads just in front of my shop. It was car free.

"Be quick! We got a lot of shopping to do. Judy is what can be called an everyday clothe Maniac. "Judy you're are such a..."



My eyes fluttered opened and the first face I saw was a lady in white. And the surrounding was new. My first thought was, I'm in heaven! But then I heard a beeping noise. I'm in a hospital. I struggled to get up.

"She's awake. Finally" the nurse smiled. "Miss, do you remember anything?"

"Yes. No... I mean yes.." I scanned the room and my eyes fell on my purse by the table. I need to talk with Judy.

"Tell us what you remember Miss" the nurse persisted and the other nurse nodded.

"There was a car... Um.. I got hit by a car. And there was this guy in suit... I was talking to my friend on the phone"

The nurse nodded. "Your memory seems fine. Anything else?"

"I need to call my friend. She must be worried sick"

The nurse nodded and brought me my purse. I quickly dialed Judy's number.

"Hello girl. Rain check?"

"I'm sorry Judy, I know how shopping is to you. But I got into a little accident."

"Oh my God! Are you ok? Where are you, I'll come over"

"I'm not sure exactly but stay there, I'll come and meet you now"

"Alright. Be safe. I'm with Chad"

I sighed. "Alright"

Chad was the one guy whom Judy has wrapped all around her little fingers. They're the best couple ever. I turned to the nurse.

"How much for all the treatment?"

"Don't worry Miss. Your bills have been settled"

What? How? Who? I mean Judy just knew about it. She possibly couldn't have paid for it. And my mom was in California.

"Excuse me who paid the bills?"

"Mr Christian Vance"

Pinch my butt, and slap my cheek cause I haven't heard that name before. I blink severally, to let her know that I wasn't catching on.


"The CEO of the Vance company"

What?! It was that man that crashed into me? I still don't know him, but I need to do a little googling. He better not be some rich, annoying skeasebag that get away with throwing money at everything.

"I'm I free to leave now?" I asked the nurse.

"Yes Miss. You're discharged"

I smiled at her and picked up my purse. I found the nearest taxi to take me to Target mall. Judy was there with Chad having ice cream.

"Hey guys!"

Judy ran up to me and threw her arms all over my shoulder.

"I saw it on the news. How are you?"

"News!" I was practically yelling. Chad held his phone up for me to see. Famous Billonaire bumps into commoner Mabel Corano owner of the ' Mabel's sweet cake '

The picture of The Billonaire was posted and I stared at his face. Damn he was handsome and too serious. His face was fixed and His eyes looked like they could devour his enemies in one second. Fierce and handsome.


I snapped out of my haze. Slut! My inner girl gleed over and I internally shoved her.


"Are you alright? You should go home"

"No I'm fine"

"Marcy. Go home, I'm fine plus I'm with Chad. You take care of yourself I'll get you some things".

I nodded and walked out of the mall. Boarded another taxi, and made my way back to the apartment. My floor was on the third and room no 40.

The elevator made the dinging sound and I hopped out and found the keys to my apartment.

It seemed Judy prepared some Snacks before leaving for the mall so I had a little feast. If only Judy could bake. The cupcakes icing looked smudged like it had been kissed, or just... smudged.


I woke up the next morning to the sound of Judy moving in my room.

"Sorry girl. Just arranging the stuffs I got you" she walked towards my bed. "How are you feeling now?"


She smiled and lend me some medicines I was given at the hospital. My phone beeped and it was my work line.

"Hello. Marcy's sweet cake. How may I help you?"

"I need cupcakes. Like um... Twelve."

"Ok. When do you need it?'

" By tomorrow at eight in the morning"

"What flavour?"

The guy seemed to be asking someone in the back ground, and I roll my eyes. "Um.. Chocolate"

"Alright. Please the Address"

"Vance company. The main building"

I thanked the man and put my phone down. So they have other buildings, I guess that's why its called an enterprise. I told Judy about my contract, before going on search for the building on Google map.

"But you're not too fine"

"I'm ok now. I need this contract Judy"

"I'll help then" she said and I smiled. She couldn't ice but at least she could bake.

The day was spent with me buying ingredients and baking cupcakes. Judy helped and Chad came over and helped. We laughed and talked a lot. We also played putting flour on each others face.

Judy and Chad left at around six pm on a date so I had to close alone. I crossed the road safely this time,  so as not to get hit by another car.


My alarm went off and I rolled out of bed. I needed to be at Vance by eight. I showerd and since my hair didn't dry well, I packed it in a bun. I wore a black jean that was ripped at the knee and a red top with sneakers. I greeted Judy who was getting ready for work and then ran out to grab a bus to take me to my shop. There, I retrieved the cakes and headed for Vance.

The taxi stopped me in front of a skyscraper. I have had big contracts but this is bigger. I made my way into the building that seemed to be made of glass. Making my way for the last floor where the meeting was holding,  the elevator had not gone up yet so I quickly hopped in and was accompanied by two men in suit and a female in suit too. Hmm official.

I arrived at the last floor and was heading for the conference room when a voice stopped me.

"Are you here to deliver the cupcakes?" I turned to see a man smiling at me. " I'm Richard and you're pretty by the way"

I blushed, pulling a stray black hair behind my ear.

"Thank you. I'm Marcy"

"I know. You're pretty famous though" he said and I laughed remembering the car incident.

"Are you alright now?"

I nodded with a faint smile. "Yes thank you. I have to deliver this"

I raised the cupcakes to his face and he grinned.

"I'm going the same way. Let me help" he collected some containers from me and led us to the conference room. When he opened the door, I was met with twelve pair of eyes fixed in me.

"This is Marcy" Richard introduced and I politely waved. Some smiled back while some nodded. "So while we're still waiting for the boss, let's have some cupcakes."

Richard took a bite and he smiled. He had cute dimples on only one cheek, which was rare.

"Its so good. Remind me to buy a birthday cake from you for my Daniella"

I smiled with a nod and received other compliments from the rest.

"Mr Vance is here" A lady announced and I stopped dead in my tracks. I should have left early but my containers. I couldn't go without my babies.

I slowly turned to meet the face of the man who paid my bills at the hospitals. He looked like a god passing my front. He didn't take notice of me but went straight to his seat.

"Cupcake?" Richard asked him. They seemed to be close friends, because they shook hands like pals, unlike the curt nod he gave the other men.

Despite his sour attitude, he still collected a fork and ate it. "Good. Who made it?"

"Miss Marcy"

His blue eyes finally met mine and I gulped. What was I to say. What would he say? What should I do? Do I assault him for my accident?...his blue eyes looked away from me...or not.

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