Constant Crave

Constant Crave

By:  Keren Michael  Ongoing
Language: English
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(readers discretion)|18+ Marcy Corano is a baker, who'd always loved the art of mixing flours and creating little wonders. She has a loving friend, and boyfriend to look up to. But when she's involved in a car incident, the man who steps out of the car, is the most charming man she's ever seen, but completely ruthless and non loving.She's determined to stay away from but he's always coming after her and she's always drawn to him, craving him.Christian Vance, A man who's loved the same woman has his best friend, in the past. And when Marcy meets him, she finds herself falling for the rude arrogant man who has a sad life. She is determined to help him overcome his fears, past and all the pains he'd been through. and then Vance learns a great mystery that might just change his life forever.

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12 Chapters
1. Butter
I close my cake shop early so as to catch up with Judy at the mall. Judy is my friend, best friend who loves to shop. We leave in an apartment together. Judy works at one of the good publishing enterprise while I'm just a baker. But we live fine. She manages the essential bills sometimes, while I take care of the groceries and little things round the house.My phone rings and I pick it up from my purse. Judy."I just left the shop" I said and she shrieked. She was so... Girly. I stuff my shop keys into my purse, walking for the crossroads just in front of my shop. It was car free."Be quick! We got a lot of shopping to do. Judy is what can be called an everyday clothe Maniac. "Judy you're are such a..."Screech! ...My eyes fluttered opened and the first face I saw was a lady in white. And the surrounding was new. My first thought was, I'm in heaven! But
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2. Oatmeal
I blinked rapidly waiting for him to say something but he didn't, he only returned to his work. He probably didn't remember me from the incident. Richard ushered me out, and I smile at the rest men, walking out if the tensed room."Nice to meet you Mabel" he said as he kissed my hand. A cute gesture, I like that."You too Richard".."Call me Rich" he said and disappeared back into the conference room with a smile on his face. He was handsome and had a curly blonde hair with one dimple, did I ever mention that last part? Grin!...When I got back to the apartment, I noticed a boot by the side of the door. Judy was not home and so was Chad. Who was it then?I carefully stepped into the parlour and my face lit up."Garry!" I yelped and hopped in his arms."Hey babe. I heard what happened on the news. Are you alright?"
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3. Ginger
Richard walked towards me with a sweet smile plastered all over his face. His dark suit, held his body nicely, and I may not have seen the expense tag but I know it's cost enough to buy half of my little shop."Good morning" I grinned."Morning Miss Corano" he grinned."Call me Mabel" I ogled him and he chuckled before taking a stool in front of me."Your shop is rather furnished with modern stuffs" he said and I giggled."I'm modern, thank you" I brought him some cupcakes and he smiled before taking it."So how's your Daniella?" I asked him and he shrugged. After yesterday, he got my contact from the news and texted me. We talked a bit. Danielle is his daughter and her mom died of leukemia."She's doing good except she keeps missing her mom" he gurgled, placing his hand on the counter and next to mine. "I came here to ask you a favour Mabel"
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4. Milk
I snatched the phone from Christian, wondering why he was acting so playful all of a sudden before hanging up. He was grinning and I felt like slapping it off his face.  "Why did you do that ?" I asked him and he crossed his legs. "You weren't going to pick so I helped" "Do you know the, things running through his head right now?" I was furious. "Calm down. I didn't fuck you" I sighed frustrated, glancing at Ella, she was sitting on her own almost dazing off. I carried her and started for her room.  She smelt of ice and was sticky so I decided to bathe her. She woke up sometimes but went back to sleep. I finally dressed her a
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5. Vanilla
I stopped in from of Vance building, hopped out of the taxi before paying my fare. I need to get a car. When I step into the building, I allow myself to take in the amazing decor and sweet smell of papers and even morning coffees from the staffs that walked by. I found the elevator and got in. I'm always lucky not to miss it.This time it wasn't the conference room but an office. I didn't know who but I knocked on the door anyway, forgetting to read the logo at the top of the door.A lady with tight blond bun came out and told me to go in.As I stepped in, my breath was taken away with the expanse of the office. Black and white was the interior color, green leaves lined the office and a water tank was situated on a glass table by the wall. The office is well furnished with modern designs. I approached a figure with dark suit standing by the window."Um.. Hello"He turned and my heart jolte
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6. Cinnamon
At six, a black limousine pulled into the drive way and I quickly picked up my Silver purse. I was wearing a silver sandals and my hair was styled the Italian way simply because Berry was half Italian. Her grandma hailed somewhere from there...or so she said.I took the elevator down and met Richard. His eyes were sparkling and he looked dazzling and handsome in that back tux. He opened the door for me and we both got into the back seat. I smiled at the driver."So who's watching Daniella tonight?" I asked Richard."The sitter is back" he said before turning to me." You look pretty in that dress" he said.I smiled "you're not so bad yourself"...The party was held at a hall in Mega Hotel. I hopped down and clinged unto Richards arms. When we stepped in, I wondered who the host was. The place was finely designed and looked expensive. The people were also expensive. They we
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7. Peach
Richard left the party because he had something urgent to do. He told his chauffeur to take me home when I was ready to leave. The party was boring but there was good food so is stuck around.I sat alone on a table drinking my wine and watching as people laughed and chatted away. Some danced and some seemed to be engrossed in serious business talks. My eyes roamed the room"Alone.?" Christians hot breath fanned my neck, making me bite my lip. His closeness always does something to me, and he knows that. He took a seat beside me afterwards. How does he always find me?"Not really. I was happy being alone" I said faintly. I wasn't ready for his bad mouth right now."You know you look awful in that dress"Great! What I was waiting for!"Thank you""It wasn't a compliment. You look better of in jeans and sweatshirts not dinner gowns""You're t
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8. Cherry
My eyes scanned Christian's eyes for any missing emotion but there was none. It seemed so real.His eyes searched mine too."Tell me Marcy. Did I hurt you?" He asked again. I gulped a tear down."Hmm" I couldn't speak. He pulled me into his arms and I was stunned. It was a new feeling of warmth. Not Garry's or Richards or even Judy or her boyfriend but the warmth of Christian. I held his charcoal suit in my hand clenching it. The first time I'd hugged him, he still smells so nice and minty."I'm sorry Marcy" he said again.I was getting worried at how calm and caring he was. And towards me for that matter. No! I couldn't believe it yet. It was too good to be true."Christian... "I wanted to pull away from the hug but his grip on me was too strong."Liano... What is wrong with you?" I asked calmly and almost like it wasn't a question.
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9. Chocolate
I wrapped my arms round Christians neck drawing him close to me. I need more. His hands cupped my cheek and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I lifted my head up so he could get a good entrance. It was passionate and lasting until he pulled away. I want more I almost beg.We were both breathing hard. He pushed me to the wall and pinned my hands above my head. He wanted more just like I wanted more too. We just crave each other."Marcy"I don't blame him for only saying my name. Right now, I was also speechless. All I could think of was the kiss we just shared."Christian my hands. Your hurting my wrist"He pulled away. "I'm sorry"He walked towards his bed and sat down. He buried his face in his palms."Does it hurt? Your wrist"I shook my head slowly. "Not anymore""Um.. You should get going now
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10. Caramel
Judy kept glaring at me all the while I was dressing up. I knew what she was thinking. I was falling for Garry's trap again but what's the worst he could do. I turned my back to her so she could help me with my hair. She was good at packing French Styles, royal styles, bridal styles and all kind of styles you can think of."You look too good tonight to be with Garry" Judy finally blurt. I rolled my eyes and wore the rhinestone earring Garry got me last year."I'm giving him another chance to prove his love for me""What about you? Do you love him or you're just pitying him." She asked as she continued with my hair. It was ready looking good and she wasn't even done yet."I don't know Judy. I just need time""That's stupid. Right now you guys are just acting as sex toys to each other. He doesn't love you"I got up abruptly and turned to my best friend. "I'm willing to take
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