I Become His Lover
I Become His Lover
Author: Alyssum


With his beautiful smile as if it is an arisen flower and his innocent eyes that could steal anyone's despicable heart as he exploits his glamorous words yet there's a hidden inside his glorious words.

And I never thought that I'll be encountering this kind of man. And a lot is going on inside his head. He is the man with an innocent smile yet a beast inside his heart but... You are wrong about him

But then again, he is the man I want. The man that my heart beats for. The first time, I lay my eyes on him. The man that I want to be with even though there's a ragged experience between us. 

The man that I desire to be mine even if my life will be the key to his revenge. 

The revenge that he wants to fulfill. 

But for me... I know that he is the love of my life and...



My eyes glance with horror when seeing a man, who wears an unnerving smirk whilst strolling closer to my direction. I keep on trying to walk away, glancing around to search for a weapon that could defend myself but I have no time to search. 

I look at him as my eyes release tears, rushing through my cheeks as my heart pounds when he keeps on walking towards me. 

Then, I take a deep breath without stopping my track as my whole body trembles when seeing his unnerving smirk. 

'What am I going to do?' I panic inside my head, reckoning on what I need to do. 

'Do I just plead? Begging for him to extricate my life! No! It's not going to work!' 

"P-please! D-don't hurt me! I'll do everything you want!" I plead.

I am taken aback when striving to walk away from him yet my back legs touching the edge of my bed which causes me to flinch. 

'Sh*t! This is the end of my life! I can't do this anymore.' 

Then, suddenly, he leans closer to my aghast face, whispering to my left ear, "Everything I want?" I feel a shiver down to my spine as his breath crossing to my ear. 

Hesitantly, I nod as he shoves my body down my bed with a smirk on his lips whilst his eyes gaze at me. And so, he crawls on top of me as he begins to ripping my nightgown which causes me to scream, frightened. 

"N-no! Please!" I plead again yet he isn't listening. 

I feel intimidated when his eyes gaze at my exposed body as his smirks never leave his lips. I strive to cover my exposed body yet he yanks it away, placing my both wrist on the top of my head as he loosens his necktie and uses it to fasten it around my wrist. 

Then, he slowly leans closer to my core, and abruptly, my body shivers when feeling his hot breath around my private area as he inhales the scent of my liquid.

"Ooh, my kitten is ready to be eaten. Can we start now? I know you want this by how your body reacts to my touch." He whispers.

"And the saps rushing through your p*ssy is so pure yet filthy." He continues as my eyes widen and gasps loudly when he places his tongue onto my core as he begins to move his tongue around it.

"Stop!" I hail, striving to kick his body away from me with my feet yet his hands wrap around my both legs, hailing me from shoving him away. 

I scream in pain when he promptly smacks my inner thighs and murmurs, "my kitten is being naughty and so I need to punish you, my love. So be ready." 

My eyes travel to his direction, glimpsing when he starts removing his clothes. As his ravaging beast confidently springs in front of me and within a minute, he enters his ravaging beast inside my private area.

"AHHHH!!!! STOP!!! PLEASE!!!!! STOP!!!! I DON'T WANT THIS PLEASE!!!! I BEGGED YOU!!! ARGH!" I plead more and more yet he doesn't listen, instead, he slaps my face multiple times as his hand tugs my neck. 

And so, he removes his hand around my neck as I cough drastically when I'm lack breath. Then he spanks my *ss.

"Did I tell you to stop screaming?" He sternly asks as he again spanks my *ss. I shake my head, striving to beg him to stop.

He lifts me with all fours and harshly, he spanks my ass, hearing the snap around the corner of my apartment. Hence, he removes his ravaging beast inside my private area.

"AAAGGGHHHH!" I cry loudly when all of a sudden, he enters a long hot substance inside my ass, and I believe it's his ravaging beast. I try to remove it yet he shoves my hands up, securing that I can't move. And then, he places another long clammy substance inside my private area, and now, I perceive it's a dildo.

"Aahhh... Ahhh... Stop!" I beg, crying and halting him to stop yet he pleases himself while I'm crying in pain. 

And then I feel a maximum vibration inside my private area as his ravaging beast thrust himself in an animalistic pace right through my ass.

"H-have fun, k-kitten. Ahhh... I know y-you love it sl*t." He groans as he keeps on thrusting his cock and dildo inside both holes with his constant hard and deep pace. 

And within a half-hour of bashing my body, I begin to tired of fighting with him and let him do what he wants to my body, silently closing my eyes as my tears rush through my cheeks. 

'My body wants to give up! When will he stop using it? Please somebody help me! I can't take this anymore. Please stop this.' My mind clouds, striving to beg him to stop yet none a word is coming out. 

"I'm c*mming baby! AAAGGGHHH!" He moans loudly as shockingly, I feel cumming with him. 

And when he accomplishes using my weary body, my eyes slowly shut close yet I hear the last word coming from him before my eyes completely shut and fall asleep. 

"Sleep well, baby." 

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