I Become His Lover

I Become His Lover

By:  Alyssum  Ongoing
Language: English
3 ratings
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[WARNING: This novel contains detailed mature scenes that are not suitable for minors. It's age 25 and above is allowed to read the story!] "I can make you mine in just a blink of my eyes, Drianna Wilson. You know what I can do sweetie." - Harrison Bryne ~~~~ A named Drianna Wilson was a simple girl, who has a simple life but then, her life changes when someone kidnapped her and insanity bashing her glamorous. As she became a perfect lover to fulfill the revenge for a man who has the most gorgeous man with a flutters brunette hair and sharp lovely eyes. But little did she knew that the man who insanity bashing her glamorous body is the man named Harrison Bryne, who was the man in her heart as her eyes landed to him. Yet, Harrison Bryne is a man with a husband, who's her former master. And this Harrison Bryne just wants revenge using his beloved damsel woman. Will Drianna want to go back to his former master?- or perhaps, will she gives the man, who stole her undying heart, a chance have a happily ever after? Let's have a peek at Drianna's story! Disclaimer: this cover is not mine. If the owner wants to take it down, please tell me. Thank you!

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Rashmiprava Marndi
Good story..is it finished???
2021-06-03 18:11:42
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Hello Guys, I'm Alyssum. the new author in Good Novel. and also this is my first time creating my novel in this platform. I'm not very good in english so please bear with the grammars that you notice. You can comment it down and I'll do my best to change it. please support my very first novel!
2020-12-07 15:43:18
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2020-12-07 15:40:18
25 Chapters
With his beautiful smile as if it is an arisen flower and his innocent eyes that could steal anyone's despicable heart as he exploits his glamorous words yet there's a hidden inside his glorious words.
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My eyes slowly open when the sun hits my face which completely wakes me up.
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I sigh, glancing at the monitor whilst waiting for my master. He hasn't get back from his destination and I don't know where he will be going since he just confides that he'll be out and get back at ten in the evening but...
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He grabs his suitcase before we step inside the dining room so we could discuss his goals. I don't know his goals since he doesn't share them with me and also it's my first night inside his apartment, sharing it with him which is good. 
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"Ice cream and spicy chicken. Movie marathon!" I exclaim and go to the kitchen.As we step inside the kitchen, I pull the chair, giving me access so I could sit down and so he strolls closer to his two-door fridge, slowly opening it as he searches for the food. Then, he grabs some rocky road and vanilla flavored ice cream, placing it on the table. 
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The bright gleam of the sun hits my face that makes me wake up. My eyes slowly open as I cover my face with my hand. I glance at the wall clock to see the time and it's seven in the morning. I smile, crouching on the bed as I take a deep breath, feeling the cold breeze around my nostrils, and stretch my arms to wake my body completely.
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Subsequently, we arrived at the hotel without one of us saying anything since we are in a rush when someone is chasing after us. Hurriedly, we step outside the car and sprint inside the hotel and straight to the receptionist. 
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"I want you now Daddy. Please be hard for me." I whisper in an alluring voice.
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I groan when the light from the sun hits my face. I strive to switch my position but then, I feel a strong arm around my waist. Slowly, my eyes open and glance at it. My lips form into a smile when I see my master sleeping peacefully. 
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