My eyes slowly open when the sun hits my face which completely wakes me up. And then, my eyes travel around the place, seeing that it's different, and suddenly, my eyes wide when realizing that it's not my apartment.

It's a very enormous room and I perceive it's double the size of my apartment. Then, I wince when feeling discomfort in my lower part of my body.

"It hurts," I murmur.

And when I attempt to stand, I feel the cold metal around my neck. As I touch it, it's a collar around it and it feels like I'm a pet. 'He chained my neck! What should I do?' I scream inside my head? As my tears fall through my cheeks.

And then, my eyes wide when realizing what happened last night. 'It's....its...' I cry, covering my face and wiping all my tears.

"Will you shut up!? I can't sleep." My head turns and there, I see a beautiful man, lying beside me as his sharp eyes open forcibly, and seeing his brunette yet dark eyes which makes it more beautiful. Then he smirks, glancing at me.

"Do you love me that much?" He asks which snaps me into reality as I slowly look elsewhere to conceal my face, forming into a red pigment around it.

"D-did you... Kidnapped me?" I murmur, glancing at my feet whilst hugging my knees.

"Kidnapped? Its kidnap kitten." He corrects as I glance at him, smiling at me yet his smile is just a show.

"Why did you do that? Did I do something wrong?" I ask yet he just smirks, standing and walking towards the door.

"Why? And why did you chained me? Why did you rape me?" I continually ask him as my tears suddenly rush through my cheeks.

Yet he doesn't give me an answer.

"Please, unlock this chain. I'm not a dog." I plead which causes him to stop from his track.

"You're not my dog. You are my slave." He replies before walking outside the room and locks the door.

Why did you do it to me? Who are you to me?

My parents died when I'm at the elementary level and when my uncle and aunt decide to live with them yet a misfortune comes to me. My uncle abuses me and gradually, he begins to rape me. Then, when they need money for their debt, they peddle me to someone named, JM.

But I run away from him to have a peaceful life yet it's only a dream since now, someone kidnaps me as if I'm a valuable person and bashing my body. I sigh, thinking that why is the world so unfair to me? All my friends have a good life and a decent job but I don't.

Just kill me, please. I can't live like this anymore. It's too painful for me to survive.

After a while, he walks inside the room with a weary on his face as if someone makes him mad which terrifies me. But I can't think that he has a very distinct beauty whilst staring at him for a long time. 

Then, he sits beside me as his eyes never leave me. I glance elsewhere, striving to avoid his gaze yet there's a magnet between us as if he's hypnotizing me. 

Then, he chuckles, shaking his head. 

"Why?" I ask. 

"You are hopeless, do you know that?" I frown, confused about what he says. 

I know that I'm hopeless but that doesn't mean he needs to laugh about it. He's cocky! He kidnaps me then he chains me. What did I do to him to do this to me? I'm just a normal girl, wanting to have a normal life yet it doesn't give me an option. 

Then, I realize that he chains me, so I grip the chain, staring at him with my puppy eyes. 

I hope it works. 

"Please, unchain this." I stare at him as his eyes examine my face.


"Please." I stare at him with my shimmering eyes.

"No means no." I sigh, looking down with dismay inside my gaze.  

"Why did you do this to me?" I ask.

Yet he fiddles his fingers without responding to my query. Why? Did I do something wrong that could upset him? 

If so… please tell me. 

Wait, I don't know his name. 

"Hmm. I don't know your name. What should I address you?" He leans closer to her face, forming a smirk on my lips.

"Call me master. And daddy in bed." He responds, seeing her glimmering eyes wide.


"Yes, master. You're not my friend nor my related. You're my slave." He says.

I look down, feeling the dismay inside my heart when he shifts his mood from clingy into a cold manner perhaps, it's my fault.

"I'll unchain you but don't dare to leave the house!" I nod vigorously. 

Then, he unchains it around my neck as I take a deep breath, lifting my arms when I feel free from the chain. And so, he glances at me with a hint of unease. He looks away, striving to avoid my gaze. I just smile at him when seeing his blushed face.

"Thank you." He looks at me, shaking his head before he stands up.

"There's food on the fridge. You can eat whatever you want. Also if you get bored then you can watch TV. But don't step inside my room. Understand?"

"I understand."

Afterward, he walks away without saying anything. I shrug when seeing his disappearance. Then, I slowly stand even though I feel the sting inside my system.

"I hate this," I murmur.

And so, I stroll outside, striving to examine the apartment and it is huge! It's a better apartment than mine. Well, mine is just apace and also affordable and as much as possible. I need to save for my food and other bills that I need to pay. 

And when I reach the living room, I jump on the couch, feeling the softness of it. I giggle when hugging the pillow. 

"I'll be back at 10 pm." I glance at him when he strolls downstairs, as he strives to fix his shirt.

"Okay..." I reply but he just ignores it. 

Then, I hear the door lock, so I step inside the kitchen, looking for food to eat. I smile when seeing jajangmyeon and sweet and sour chicken so I heat onto the microwave.

I walk into the living room as I open the television and watch my favorite reality show which all kids are very cute with their father. I love them.

I sigh, thinking that it's been 3 years since I run away from JM. I fall in love with him because he cares and he has a lovely manner yet he's married and that's my mistake and so I decide to run away without leaving any words. Also, I don't want to cause any trouble.

And after three years, my master comes into my life. His handsome and innocent appearance makes anyone fall in love with him yet there's a cruel manner inside him. I don't hate him in all honesty since every action has a reason. And one thing I perceive is revenge.

Revenge is the most entertaining to others but my master, I think he just desires my body which is surprisingly hurting me. But I don't know why I feel like this. I should hate him since he rapes me and kidnaps me.

"I wish I've perceived your true color."

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