Chapter 3

Politics’ Dirty Games: The President


“Well, look what we have here. Someone’s checking you out… Like for real. This man is not shying away. Oops, now, he looks away because someone talks to him again.”

Normally I would not even bother to look at whoever Veronah is pertaining to, but I had to laugh because there she goes with her funny narration of what she is literally seeing. Plus, when she mentioned that whoever this man is not shying away, I had to look and see for myself whoever that man is.

Tall, handsome, and confident. Those are the three things that first came into my mind when I landed my eyes on him. Whoever this man is, I have never seen him before. I am sure that I have not, but he actually looks like someone who might be seen in billboards or any public advertisements. Is he a model? He looks like a model, but for his coat and tie, it is more likely that he is a business person rather than a model. Or maybe he is both.

I did not expect for him to look back at us again and, this time, our eyes met.

Tall, handsome, confident, and sexy. This man is fine and I can definitely see how sexy he is just by how he carries himself.

Veronah, grinning like the she-devil she is, nudges my side. “Should I leave you both? Because you guys already need a room with just the looks you both are sharing. Not to mention you’re not even talking yet and we’re literally across the room from him.”

That is when I had to look away and laugh at how this woman really likes to point things out like this. He obviously is a client so I do not think it would be proper to continue this here. Such a pity that I have to see him in a workplace, but it is what it is. I simply pulled Veronah out for lunch.

After the graduation night where we all got drunk and decided to conquer the world, it was hard not to be friends with this woman, Rozaine, Leondelle, and Celestine. Every one of us now are in our first year of law practice and are all planning to enter politics in the coming year. All of us are already affiliated in politics because all of our families are in the field, so it will be easy. We just need to gain experience before everything else.

Veronah and I came here to New York to practice and study for our master’s degrees. Rozaine, if I am not mistaken, is in Singapore right now. Leondelle is all over the world. Celestine is the one who stayed in our country because of her billionaire things to do.

“We could have stayed, you know? I swear that man is just about to approach you.”

I chuckled and helped Veronah with the tray of our food. She wanted to eat fast food, so here we are. “He would not be there if he was not a client. You know I don’t particularly like mixing pleasure with work.”

Veronah grins. “So, you do admit that you’re lusting for him at first sight.”

That made me laugh and gave her a look that we are obviously in public. No vulgar sex talk is allowed. “He was sexy, I would give him that; plus, I really like the way he carries himself so confidently. You know that kind of man turns me on.”

She chuckles and nods. “I know what you’re talking about. Are you sure you don’t want him though? We can easily call Celestine to find him for you.”

There are different ways I can easily find that man if ever that I want to, but her suggestion will be a lot faster. Leave everything to Celestine and within the day, we will have what we want to know. Tested and proven because we have done it a lot of times already. Speaking of that woman, I know she will be happy with this news that I finally met someone who I find attractive.

“If we ever meet again outside our workplace, I would even make the first move.”

◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎ ◎

Our final day at the firm came and we also received our master’s degrees. Veronah and I are set to return to the country this week, but our big bosses have insisted for us to have a farewell party. Miss Lynn, the daughter of our big bosses, is the one who organized the party and when I tell you that she knows how to party, she definitely knows how to. We got to have the VIP section of a famous club all to ourselves and it is actually overlooking the general club slash dance floor and stage below. Needless to say, everything is just perfect for a farewell party.

Veronah is already dancing with someone and I just finished my video call with Rozaine and Celestine. They are already together and they will be the one picking us up when we go home. Leondelle also called in and informed us that she will be back soon too.

Now, for me, I was just about to find some willing partner to dance with me when Sir Himeros, Miss Lynn’s younger brother, enters the VIP section with none other than the man I did not think I will ever see again.

How many years has it been? Two? Three?

Damn it—he looks the same confident man before, just sexier.

When he turns to where I am, I actually thought we were going to simply stare at each other again before one of us leaves. But to my surprise, the moment he seemed to realize who I am, he excused him and walked towards me.

This fine man remembers who I am, I can clearly see it in the way he looks at me.

“I came here before you even have the chance to leave.”

I could not believe it, he immediately made me laugh with what he just said. “It felt like it was just yesterday, isn’t it?”

He chuckles, shakes his head, and runs his fingers through his hair before facing me again. “It does and I regretted that day I didn’t immediately approach you. You already walked away even before I could.”

So, all these years, Veronah was right that he was really going to approach us that day. It makes me feel weird on how clear everything feels like it did just happen yesterday. A good kind of weird.

“Are we having this conversation to flirt? Or you came here for something else? I really don’t have time for flirting, you see.”

What I said just made this man smile like the devil. He offers his hand. “I’m Matt and, with your consent, I want to take you out of here now.”

“Adrianna.” I took his hand and shook it. I smile at him as innocently as I can. “I give you my consent to take me wherever you want tonight.”

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