Politics' Dirty Games

Politics' Dirty Games

By:  Minchin  Ongoing
Language: English
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The President. The Vice President. The Senator. The Congresswoman. The Mayor. Behind every power comes with great secrets no one knows about. Five women who will show how dirty and utterly pleasurable politics can be; because no matter how you will look at it... Politics will always be a dirty game.

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Hon Bright Ray Oda
2021-02-28 06:21:17
10 Chapters
Adrianna Wales. Rozaine Vizcarra. Veronah Osalla. Leondelle Quilon. Celestine Morden. The President. The Vice President. The Senator. The Congresswoman. The Mayor. What happens when you meet your destined friends all at once in one lifetime? You will create a friendship of bond so strong that nothing will tear you guys down. When a tactical player, a silent killer, a bitch, a genius, and a wealthy come together, there is only one thing for sure and that is a completely dangerous game that is about to happen in the very special field they all chose—politics. Five different women have come together for one thing and one goal only—to make a better country by ensuring that they remove all the pests that feed on the citizens’ taxes, to eliminate everyone that needs to be punished, to create a better future. In short, sit on their positions in the government to make their goal a success for the next generatio
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Chapter 1
Politics' Dirty Games: The President ADRIANNA WALES’ POV Ever since I was young, I know that I have to do something to change the world. Not the whole literal world per se, but the country I am born in. Being surrounded by politicians and being able to understand how politics makes it all possible for individuals to make change, I knew that I would become one myself. I will become the president of this country. Oh, but not because I am a goody-two-shoes, not because I am after world peace, definitely not because I am kind-hearted with a full sense of nationalism in me. I will become the president of the country because I am simply fucking sick and tired of all the people who are leeching off to what people of this country rightfully own, what I own in a sense. Someone has to break the endless chain of corruption and if no one will do that bef
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Chapter 2
Politics' Dirty Games: The President ADRIANNA WALES’ POV These women—these ever chaotic and amazing women—mean the world to me because they are the only ones that I can completely trust my whole life with. Even though there are a lot of times we ask each other why we all even ended up as friends, I know that I can die now peacefully knowing that they are the ones that will bury my body. These same women are all amazing for finding their way to me, but what is even more amazing is that they have the same goal as I do. The goal to make a change because we are all tired of the fuckery of the people fucking the country for all the benefits they can get. We are tired of taking bullshits and the years we spent to prepare for all of this will not come to waste. Everything would have not been possible in the first place without them. Cele
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Chapter 3
Politics’ Dirty Games: The President ADRIANNA WALES’ FLASHBACK “Well, look what we have here. Someone’s checking you out… Like for real. This man is not shying away. Oops, now, he looks away because someone talks to him again.” Normally I would not even bother to look at whoever Veronah is pertaining to, but I had to laugh because there she goes with her funny narration of what she is literally seeing. Plus, when she mentioned that whoever this man is not shying away, I had to look and see for myself whoever that man is. Tall, handsome, and confident. Those are the three things that first came into my mind when I landed my eyes on him. Whoever this man is, I have never seen him before. I am sure that I have not, but he actually looks like someone who might be seen in billboards or any public advertisements. Is h
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Chapter 4
Politics’ Dirty Games: The President ADRIANNA WALES’ POV I did not even know that I fell asleep along the car ride until my driver woke me up. It took me a moment to sink in that what I just had is a dream about the time when I first met the very man I will meet tonight. What an odd dream, I thought, and a perfect timing at that because I am so close to seeing him now. “Shall I pick you up later, Miss Wales?” I smiled at my driver when he opened the door for me. “Don’t wait up here and go home, Julio. I’ll call you in the morning. Be careful on driving.” “Of course, miss.” I did not wait nor watch him leave, and proceeded to this mansion’s premises. I am immediately welcomed by two of the guards, already knowing who I am. This very mansion on
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Chapter 5
Politics’ Dirty Games: The President  ADRIANNA WALES’ FLASHBACK “Was he handsome then? Pretty? Is he a kind of a soft boy? Rough? Daddy? Come on! Stop making me think too much, Wales! It’s Leondelle’s duty to think this much!” I cannot help but to laugh at Celestine and her continuous bombing of questions. I should be doing all the story-telling now, but she bombarded me with these questions like what I and Veronah expected to happen. We just got back and, of course, after knowing that I met someone, Celestine is the happiest—in fact, she is the most excited when it comes to our love affairs. Celestine is our self-appointed fairy grandmother—yes, grandmother and not godmother—explaining why she is the most excited with our relationships. She wants to make sure that she can do whatever she c
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Chapter 6
Politics’ Dirty Games: The President  ADRIANNA WALES’ POV What I hate about myself is not giving in. Not giving in even when my heart and my mind together are already bloody screaming at me what I want and how I can get it. This is all just pride talking and influencing my whole being not to give in—not to give into Matt Zamora. Whatever we have is at the fine line between perfection and chaos. Our relationship compliments both of us in all the wonderful ways, but it is also in the brink of destroying everything we have. I love him with all that I am. I cannot remember the last time I have loved anyone like this. Have I ever even fallen in love like this before? I do not know anymore. But this… whatever kind of love this is that I have for Matt… this is something I am sure of. Out of all my
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Chapter 7
Politics’ Dirty Games: The President ADRIANNA WALES’ POV The news about Senator Zamora’s scandals not only reached the national television, but all the way from the mainstream media outside the country. He has been the topic for the past two days and now we are watching him enter all his court trials. Gone was the narcissistic man who is always grinning—he literally looks soulless now and I have been more satisfied before. This time, it was Rozaine who shut the television off. We were just simply staring at the black screen of the television when it was Veronah who broke our silence. “That motherfucker deserves everything that is happening in his life right now.” All of us looked at her for a moment and we all burst into laughter, completely like mad women on high. &ldquo
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Chapter 8
Politics’ Dirty Games: The President ADRIANNA WALES’ FLASHBACK When I said that I will talk to Matt Zamora about accepting his deal, I do not really know what I will expect out of him. Yes, he was the one who came to me and offered to help in a way that I am still not sure of; but he is still the son of the man we despise. If it was not for Leondelle saying that this is our opportunity, I would be even considering this. The election and this whole politics we are all involved in is the war of the most cunning and the evilest humans in the country. It so happened that the same humans are just too smart for their own good and it will be a war of money, fame, and power over the country. We all know that what we have is just enough, but it does not ensure our victory with this war. If this conversation with Matt will end well, it could fina
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Chapter 9
Politics’ Dirty Games: The President ADRIANNA WALES’ POV The popping of the wine cork made me smile, but the loudness of the most powerful women in my is what made me smile even more evilly. If anyone could see us right now, they would not even believe that we are political persons, their public leaders. “So baby pull me closer in the backseat…” Everyone would lose their minds for the mere fact that Rozaine—hearing her speak on the daily basis is already a miracle, but sing? Mind blown! But she does sing and she does it when she is drunk. We are all drunk. Celestine suddenly squeals and removes her shirt! “God, it’s hot! You know what, girls, why don’t we go to Boracay? Like right now!” “Shut up, Morden! Batanes! Let’s go to Batanes in
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