Chapter 7.

Once he left the hall, the boy suddenly came to a stop. I hid behind the walls, knowing it won't take an hour for him to find me. Afterall he was relying on his nose to find him the trace of my scent. The worst part was he was standing before the door, why do I always have to be cornered. I peeked at the door, checking if he had given up or not, when a couple of maids came from the other side of the room with a laundry basket. Now is my chance, once they got close to me I mingled with them and helped them out, no one would refuse help anyway so they let me help out.  On reaching the door, he looked around and finally stepped away from the door. 


I handed over their things and fled. 

I was sitting by a pond, there was a log wedged on one side of the river where I sat, my feet in the cold water, making splashes every now and then. "You." I heard some rustling and looked behind me. It's time, how did he find me so quickly. , Diana turned around to reveal her tears. He turned away from me and murmured. "Who are you and why did you run away only after arriving ?" He pressed further. Saying who I am could complicate everything, it's better I remain quiet.  In no less than a second I find him before me, what is his problem. "Here, dry your tears." He said as he took out a handkerchief. I touched my cheeks and find that I've been crying unknowingly.

I didn't want to accept it, but he insisted. He looked away and repeated his question, "who are you, and why are you crying?" I placed her hands on my thighs, clenching tightly to my dress. If I say who I am he might get mad, and if I don't say who I am, he still might get mad, either way I better tell him.  "I am Diana Wilson. The daughter of your fathers' murderer. I was sent to the lounge to greet the five of you but then when I heard how much you hated me. I couldn't help but run away. If I had entered into the lounge it would have spoiled your mood even more. Which is why I decided to head back here." I admitted. I stood up and bowed respectively to apologize for my misdeed. 

What I got in response was a chuckle from the young boy. I lifted my head, I could tell that he was laughing and clearly wasn't angry at me, that's weird cause I didn't expect him to laugh with me. "Seriously, is that why you ran away and started crying? Goodness! I thought it was something bigger."

I couldn't understand a single word he had just said. The other brothers were furious with the fact that my father killed theirs, but there he was, laughing like nothing even happened. It's an entirely new response, am I a joke. "If so you should wipe your tears. I'm not bothered by it. I for one, think he deserved it. But don't tell the others." He whispered. "I'm not sure they like me either. I kinda left a bad first impression on them."

"But isn't he your father? Dead or alive you still have his blood." I said, still clearly confused.

He ran his fingers through his hair, as he looked at the sky. "Well, that's just a name the public gave him. He's nowhere near a father to me. To be honest I've never even seen him before, I woke up one day, found my mother crying and then she told me my father was dead. Imagine the shock. A man who couldn't ever pay a visit can't be my father." Although he made it sound so casual, I was certain he was pained. I wanted to speak, the only thing that came to mind were stuffs that might upset him so I remained quiet,careful not to upset him. As if reading my expression he asked, "what?" 

"It's nothing." I said, suppressing my feelings.

"You really like thinking about others." He said with a mocking laughter. "What do you want to say, come on spill."

Fine but bear in mind you asked me to. 

"Well, at least you have your mother. I have nobody." His expression changed and he frowned. Perhaps it wasn't what he had expected. "I'm really sorry for making you mad"

"It's nothing. To be honest he always did provide financially for us. He kept sending cash." He said. I smiled at his gesture. 

"See I knew he loved you."

"Well I guess so. But money isn't everything you know." He said as his thoughts wandered. However I had a question for him. I pulled his short and he lowered his head. "Huh?" He questioned.

"How did you know that I was there, how could you tell, it could be anybody right?" I asked.

"Oh that, why did you ask."

"I mean the door was shut when I arrived, and you were inside so there was no way you could have known it was me. I know you're a wolf but how did you know it was me and how did you find me ?" I asked. His eyes widened.

How come none of the others could tell I was there except him, or did they ask him to get me.  "It was your scent." My scent. No one had caught my scent or even noticed it except him. No one had sensed me except him, and he was able to find me so easily.

"My scent?" She repeated.

"Yes, it was difficult not to notice it, it smelled like fragrance and it was sweet too. I couldn't help myself from finding the owner, and then, I just remember finding you." He said confusedly. 

"Really. You must be mistaken, maybe I had run into someone's perfume on my way here." I told him, but he refused to believe that.

 He drew near and sniffed my hair then he shook his head in disagreement. "No. It was your body scent. I can tell that at least. It was something sweet. I wonder why?" He said looking up at the sky.

I for once am confused, nothing he said could make sense. "Ah. Maybe deaf people have a different scent." I blurt out. 

"Deaf people?" He repeated.

With my head bowed, I finally told him my secret. "Yeah. I'm deaf, I use hearing aids." I brushed her hair to the back of my ear showing off my hearing aids. He leaped back at this, causing me to feel rejected once again. After all, no one wanted a deaf girl around them. "I'm sorry if I frightened you." Immediately I let my hair cover it. But he stopped me before I could completely cover it.

"No. I was just shocked, a girl this jolly and bright is actually deaf, that was what I was thinking. Please don't be sad. I don't really mind if you're blind, or deaf, it doesn't change the fact that you're pretty or smart." He said. I was moved and perplexed, wondering how a deaf girl like myself could actually have someone say this to me.  "I'm not sure if that's the reason why you have a different scent. But none of my brothers seemed to have sensed your scent. I'm sure there is a reason behind it. So don't worry." He assured me. I was overjoyed just hearing this, that my  spirit lightened up and so I rewarded him with a smile. "Oh. I forgot. I'm Jasper, miss Diana." He introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you. I never imagined one of the sons of the Alpha could be sweet. Thank you, Master Jasper I would like to take my leave if that's okay." I stood up to leave when Jasper stopped me by grabbing my hand. Astonished, I turned around and asked what the matter was.

"Don't add the master part when you're talking to me. Also if you don't mind, will you stay a little longer ? I haven't met someone like me my entire life. Maybe that's why I met you. So please just stay here a little longer." He pleaded. How could I say no to someone who's nice to me, he didn't leave me with much of a  choice since he asked so nicely. I smiled at him and took his hand, sitting back on the log and watching the sun set. If nothing, I was at least glad we met. 

There was a rustle coming from behind the bushes, I see that Jasper is already aware of it, cause he's been long staring at the bushes before I even picked up the sound. He was alert and waiting to see who it was, it was unreasonable to suspect a wild animal so it had to be something else. Four teenage boys appeared before us, and glanced at me I could tell they were his brothers. I felt a shiver at the bottom of my spine as they gave me a fright. "Ah, so this is Diana." One said. One look at them and I could tell they had plans for me. "Hand her over Jasper." He refused and shoved me behind him, angering his brothers.

"Brother, listen to me, Diana isn't to blame for any of this. She's just a kid. It's not her fault any of this happened." He told them.

"Hand her over Jasper." The first said as he stretched forth his hand.

"No, I will not." Jasper boldly said. "Diana didn't do anything wrong so she shouldn't be punished. If you have such thoughts then forget it. She's not going anywhere."

Annoyed he gave Jasper a warning. "You're crossing the line little brother." 

"I won't let you oppress her no matter what."

Another stood in between. "Let the kid be Allen." It didn't take a second for the one called Allen to shove him aside.

"Come on Dave. This girl is to blame." Really. How is being born into the Wilson's my fault.

"She's not. He's right, don't you see how scared she is right now. You'll only make her cry."

"He's right Allen. Let's go." The others begged.

"You little..."

The moment Allen began to growl, his eyes grew darker as his back slowly began to curve. Jasper knew better than to act like a hero, he was no match for Allen in his wolf form since Allen was older. "That's enough you two." We looked behind and found Madam Taylor watching from a distance. "This is my house. No one will fight here. The five of you, your mothers are waiting. You may leave now. Diana get back to your quarters."  Allen reverted back to his normal form and walked away first and the others followed. For once in my life I actually thank her for saving me.

I silently wiped my tears, Jasper took both my hands and wiped my  tears himself. "Don't cry Diana. I don't even want to see you cry okay." I nodded and he slowly released my  hands, waving a goodbye as he ran away with a smile.

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Sandy Sackman
Wonderful and intriguing so far makes me not wanna put down this book.

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