His Denounced Luna

His Denounced Luna

By:  Dora Theodore  Ongoing
Language: English
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She was orphaned right before her very eyes, by the same family who took her in. Diana Wilson, the only surviving heir would not rest until justice is done, but what happens when she falls in love with one of the son's of her parents murderer, will she forget all about what happened ten years ago or will she seek justice. Join Diana on a quest of love, revenge and justice.

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claudia Celestine
Good plot and twist, spmething new.
2021-04-09 19:14:51
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Loving this book!!! It’s not your typical storyline and I cannot wait for more. Still holding out for Jasper though<3
2021-03-17 20:24:13
user avatar
Interesting story🤩
2021-03-02 01:59:03
user avatar
David Theodora
hope u enjoy it too
2021-02-22 12:05:44
default avatar
Love triangle involving the brothers with a murder mystery to solve.
2021-02-18 21:10:33
103 Chapters
"Diana." I hear his voice echoing in the open. "Hold on, I'll pull you up, just don't look down," he begs me. I swing left and right, my head spins as I dangle like a rope at the edge of a snowy mountain. Right below me is an endless abyss of a hollow pit at the edge of the snowy cliff.If Charles had been a second late…I didn't want to think about it, especially when I'm still stuck in this situation, a little mistake is all it'll take to end my life. I look into his eyes, Charles is sweating even in the cold as his grip on me tightens and he tries to pull me up. 'What about the wolves, did we lose all of them?'There's so much to ask but now's not the time. He takes in a lot of air, pumping his cheek as his arm muscles grow in size, and with one pull he flings me into the air and I tumble upon him. I try to get up, but I don't have time to look back when I feel his arms around my waist as he pulls me into his arms, my head resting upon his chest as his grip almost has me runn
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Chapter 1.
Ten years ago.My morning started with a lot of nagging and just when I thought they were about to take it down several notches, it escalates and now I'm not even sure it's a mere  argument. Something is happening or about to happen. I can feel it and from the look of things, it's not a good something.  We've been sitting in the car for what seems like an eternity. It's a miracle mother let us come back  to the same place seeing that she was really against it. This isn't my first time  here though, mother's skin crawls at the mention of this place. It's a surprise she even came along. Father has business here but what I don't get is what I'm doing here. It's not like I haven't gone on one of his meetings but this one feels a bit strange. Why we are all in the car for his business is what I'm yet to understand. The sound of the wind, although loud, did nothing to drown out the hooting of the owls. That's the sound of a peaceful world.
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Chapter 2.
I've never seen father this nervous. He always acts speechless and shy whenever he gets nervous, so am pretty sure this guy was a big deal. "I had to handle a certain problem." He said with all manner of seriousness, am shocked, Father never responds firmly to anyone, even mother. No doubt that was addressed to mother. Finally, the two came to a stop, just a few feet away from each other. "Good evening, Alpha Max." He greeted him."Mr Shawn, I believe you have my package ready for me." He said. Father  smiled and brought forward the box. The man they called Alpha took a good look at it and frowned like it was not what he had expected, he glanced at me and I shrinked with fear. "Is that all? This wasn't what we had discussed. Mr Shawn." Something bigger than what was in the box, this just makes me more desperate. What was their deal about. The Alpha seemed to losing his patience with each passing second. Father bowed deeply. "I
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Chapter 3.
The shot echo throughout the room. I became nervous when I felt mother squeeze me like never before. When I looked up at her, she was crying but there was a warm smile on her face, one I didn't like, one that felt ominous. I felt so many things at once. I felt something heavy lodged  in the pit of her stomach and in a split second, loneliness crept in. "Am sorry we failed you Diana, I just want you to know that we tried." That was the last thing she said to me. The next second, she collapsed to the ground. I rushed to help her up but the moment I touched her all I saw was blood. It was the second time today, and now,  both of them were dead. I couldn't stop my tears from falling freely from my eyes, this was reality. When I opened my mouth I could only scream out one thing. "MOM." I called out repeatedly. I rubbed my body against mother's and hugged her one last time, not minding she was lying in a pool of blood.I felt a heavy deadly aura draw closer and
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Chapter 4.
The morning began with a lot of running around in the mansion. Everyone was busy as hell, and it wasn't a day to smile at all. News spread that the Alpha had fallen ill. It was just three weeks after my arrival, a sudden illness of the Alpha wasn't that serious, but when it proved to be capable of killing the Alpha, it was no joke. His health worsened each day, as he looked pale, lost control of his inner wolf and sometimes could hardly speak. It continued that way for weeks, until finally, he died, am almost certain they might me for it.Calm down Diana. Don't jump to conclusions everything will be alright. On my way out I spot Miss Hailey outside, talking to one of the men from the mansion. Unfortunately, I was caught peeping at them, there was no way to hide now. "Diana." She called, she signaled for the child to come. "Assemble all the maids. Tell them to meet me inside the mansion, Madam Taylor would like to see us all. Including you." Miss Hailey s
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Chapter 5.
"So it's true, her parents are murderers. How horrible."  I fought back my tears as talks about my parents flowed amongst the maids. They went on and on about a crime I didn't commit. I had no idea what was going on at that time and even now. Still they made it seem like  I was responsible for everything.Soon, other maids joined in on the conversation, taking pride from talking against I, not caring about the consequences. "I wonder,  doesn't that make her one of them too? I mean she's got their blood in her." Right, they just want to make things clear that am no different from my parents, well that's too bad because unlike them I know my parents and they can never think of killing someone not less kill, I'll just have to wait for the right opportunity to prove them wrong."Very true." They laughed."Enough you two." Miss Hailey yelled. They immediately became silent, and were careful not to anger the chie
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Chapter 6.
Just when she had started to feel highly about herself, Brenda spoke up "Still, I don't get why he had relationships with four of us." That left her in a bad mood, even I could tell."Maybe he wanted a girl." April said. He had seven sons, why would he need a girl."Don't know." Lucia replied. Slowly the tension between the four women died down and they spoke freely. Madam Lucia looks at me and smiles sweetly. "Speaking of which. Don't you think they need to know the survivors of the murders." Lucia asked. She was referring to me, she probably must have figured who I was.Taylor looked at me and hissed, "who Diana. Why?""Because I think they should patch up,I  mean the girl's done nothing wrong." Brenda said. "Well she did, she was born." Like I asked, how is being born my fault. "Put yourself in her shoes." Brenda yelled."Come on. Let them meet.
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Chapter 7.
Once he left the hall, the boy suddenly came to a stop. I hid behind the walls, knowing it won't take an hour for him to find me. Afterall he was relying on his nose to find him the trace of my scent. The worst part was he was standing before the door, why do I always have to be cornered. I peeked at the door, checking if he had given up or not, when a couple of maids came from the other side of the room with a laundry basket. Now is my chance, once they got close to me I mingled with them and helped them out, no one would refuse help anyway so they let me help out.  On reaching the door, he looked around and finally stepped away from the door. Saved.I handed over their things and fled. I was sitting by a pond, there was a log wedged on one side of the river where I sat, my feet in the cold water, making splashes every now and then. "You." I heard some rustling and looked behind me. It's time, how did he find me so quickly. , Diana turn
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Chapter 8.
After the run in with his brothers,  Jasper spent the rest of his day strolling around the mansion in a bid to avoid them. At some point, we bumped into each other and spent some time together. He got into an argument and got scolded at. So it's safe to say he was having the best day of his life. As his brothers departed, he knew he also had to leave, especially since  Madam Taylor didn't like the idea of me being with one of the Maxwell brothers. "Remember what I told you and please don't cry anymore.  He stood upright "See you later Diana." He said with a smile. "Let's meet after the funeral okay."  Strange. I didn't want to cry anymore after all I had made a promise not to, and now, I really didn't feel like breaking it. I had never met someone similar to me  in my entire life. Although we had separate lives, we were similar in so many ways and that made me happy.Gosh.I really feel like a fool by
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Chapter 9.
Over the years everyone had left the mansion and went to live separately including Madam Taylor. She moved with her sons, (can't say I wasn't happy though) the only people who didn't move were Dave and Evan. Someone had to keep watch over the mansion since they were all going their separate ways and they volunteered. I was also happy that happened, otherwise I would have had to see the faces of the twins everyday.As I wiped the dishes, Aunt Hailey came over to me, looking over excited and happy. Which I find awkward considering how unpredictable she could be some times. "Guess who's coming over Diana." Aunt Hailey whispered to me, I wasn't really sure about what she was trying to do, considering the fact that I knew no one except her. So who would actually make me overjoyed, or is it someone she knew. I shake my head and reply. "I don't know, can you please tell me." I wouldn't be too bothered except she was blushing a bit too much
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