Chapter 9.

Over the years everyone had left the mansion and went to live separately including Madam Taylor. She moved with her sons, (can't say I wasn't happy though) the only people who didn't move were Dave and Evan. Someone had to keep watch over the mansion since they were all going their separate ways and they volunteered. I was also happy that happened, otherwise I would have had to see the faces of the twins everyday.

As I wiped the dishes, Aunt Hailey came over to me, looking over excited and happy. Which I find awkward considering how unpredictable she could be some times. "Guess who's coming over Diana." Aunt Hailey whispered to me, I wasn't really sure about what she was trying to do, considering the fact that I knew no one except her. So who would actually make me overjoyed, or is it someone she knew. 

I shake my head and reply. "I don't know, can you please tell me." I wouldn't be too bothered except she was blushing a bit too much which is a bit too weird for me. 

"Alright, I'll tell you, but you have to promise me that you'd compose yourself okay." I really don't think I'd like this news, I do hope it wasn't those twins though, they scare me up till today. I nod and she smiles at me, "Jasper's coming home this weekend, well all the brothers are, but that means you two would see each other again right?" Really. He's coming home. It's been ten years since Jasper left, I wonder how big he's grown, maybe he's gained some good weight because the last time I saw him, he looked like he had been skipping meals. That's if he even remembers who I am, or has he forgotten?  He might still remember me 'cause we made a promise.' Oh my! I need to focus. I really shouldn't get hyped up for something like this, we had only met twice, but am over excited about seeing him again.  The sound of Hailey's nagging snapped me back to reality and I just realized I've been holding a china plate, and I haven't moved an inch from the same spot in minutes. Can he get here any sooner before I loose it. "Are you listening Diana?"

"I am Aunt Hailey." I sit the delicate bone china on the table and walk up to her, hugging her from behind to calm her down. This lady has a temper I wouldn't want to mess with, the best way to deal with her is to calm her down which is what am doing right now.

Unfortunately I got interrupted when another maid walked in and rushed towards me. "Diana." Rose called out, she being here  just ruined my day, and I suddenly have a feeling I might have bad luck all day. With a fake smile on she said to me, "one of the maid is a bit ill today so I need you to rush to the store and get some groceries" Grocery huh. Gosh, her name suits her, a rose with torns. Since when did she start caring about others. I could tell from her fake smile she was lying. It's an obvious lie because the pantry in this mansion never runs dry. They want me gone before the brothers return, how much do they hate me, however, if I don't go I get to see Jasper and his older brothers including Derrick and Charles which I don't want, I would rather be stuck in bed, sick all day than see them. If I do, I get to escape Aunty's wrath. "Okay". She handed over the list and ran away without hearing what I had to say. I sighed heavily and pat Hailey on the shoulder.

I didn't want to make it seem like I was happy, even if I was. So I had to act unhappy just for a little while. "Well, guess I have to leave you by yourself again." I looked away from her. I couldn't bare to look at her right now or I'll be forced to stay. She smiled like she saw through my act and nodded, allowing me to leave. So I happily took off my apron and proceeded to leave the kitchen when I heard some chattering behind me.

"Why is she so happy today?" I acted as though I heard nothing, even though I did, loud and clear. I wonder what business they had with my happiness.

"I heard that she and Master Jasper are in a relationship and since he's returning soon she's excited to see him." Another said. The fact that they think we're in a relationship makes me want to barf, I've considered Jasper as my only friend for years. It's quite normal for me to be so happy that my one and only friend is returning soon isn't it?

Soon another maid joined the party. "True. I mean the seven sons fought over her and in the end she left with Master Jasper." It was just an accident about my past, jeez! how much nonsense did these people talk about amongst themselves. I was about to reply when someone held my arm, behind me was Hailey who silently listened to them like I did.

"Hey. Quit slacking." Aunt Hailey yelled. "The next time I find you gossiping on duty I'll be sure to have you do all the dishes for three weeks." Three weeks. I could die before that time.

"Yes my lady." Quickly they rushed off to their positions. If only they could gossip real facts and not trash, maybe I won't be so mad after all.


"Okay. I got most of the stuff here, so the next shouldn't be too far off." I said. I hummed a few happy tunes and jumped around. Nothing could possibly ruin my happy mood today. I looked around for the next store, "Mr Eddie, Mr Eddie. Ah found it." I was about to cross the street when the lights went green so I stopped. I looked up at the sky and smile. I still couldn't believe it. Am finally going to meet Jasper again, but what are they coming back for?

Hmm, what's this? 

When I looked beside me, a young man just walked right past me and headed straight for the busy road. The man was crossing the road with reckless abandon and before him was a speeding truck. I had to do what any normal person would. "Hey, watch out." I yelled. But he didn't respond as he had both ears blocked. My instincts took over and I quickly ran towards him, pulling him forward. 

Gosh, my shoe, oh no, am falling.

"Ow." I could only hear his murmuring as I had tightly shut my eyes in case my plan had failed. "Hey, open your eyes." He said. The fact that he could shake me meant he was okay, and I too, so I obeyed the response and opened my eyes.

'My, what beautiful eyes.' I couldn't even look away from his eyes. I couldn't tell if they were naturally red or if he was wearing contacts. It was beautiful. "Hey, get off me. Get off me right now." His icy cold demeanor was very threatening that it made me jump, and I hurriedly got off him. He didn't look the least happy that I saved his damn life, yelling at me like I was some kind of dog. He dusted himself and walked away without a word. That went well - not. At least a thank you would be nice, I put my life on the line just to save a total stranger and this is how am rewarded.

How dare he. "Hey you. Are you insane, you could have died just now. What were you thinking crossing the road like that, what if something had happened to you, then what. Hey. Are you even listening to me?" Of course he wasn't. He just kept waking without a glance. Gosh! He really has some problems. "Hey  Mr, can't you at least say thank you." I boldly demand.

Alright, he stopped walking. "What for?" Did he just ask what for? What is he? Crazy? "Did I ask for your help?"

I give up. "You really are hopeless." Oh my, I was holding something before I fell wasn't I? "My vegetables." I panicked as I saw them littering around. That does it. I walked up to that rude man and grabbed his sleeve.

"What are you doing?" Oh shut up Mr.

"You're paying for my stuff.  Now shut up and help me get all these items." This was the first time someone got me this angry in a while. I have him to thank for that.

"No." No! Alright. I took off the wrist watch on his left hand and walked away with it, now we can both go our separate ways. "Hey, come back here. That watch is expensive." I know, which was why I took it. Now I really don't care what happens to this fool. This was my compensation.

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T White
Good book, but some parts don't make sense. why would the maids accuse her of a relationship with a guy she hasn't seen in a decade, and met when she was 12? I don't get it

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