Chapter 98

"It's already our graduation, it all happened so fast. These past few weeks, the days gone through quickly and here we are."

"Yeah, I guess it's really ending huh."

Grey knew that he had to leave everything. He was already prepared and Kath decided to come with him. She's going with him and will stay for a couple weeks there and return back to the country after that.

"It's starting."

The ceremony started and one by one each of them were called.

And after the ceremony ended, Grey had already left. He was nowhere to be found.The only thing that they were left with was a message to Sebastian. Sebastian told them everything and all they were able to do was accept it.

"I guess we'll see each other in another time. I don't know when that will be but we'll be waiting for your return." Nick said.
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Edna Mccall
This Arthur repeats , Why are we wasting our time reading this book
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Michael A. DeSalis
How much money are we wasting as these repeat chapters keep occurring. Someone should compensate me an the other readers
goodnovel comment avatar
Carole Kiernan
why does it repeat in nearly every chapter do you no how much it was too get this book

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