Grey Young: I'm rich?

Grey Young: I'm rich?

By:  Ilsa Malanino  Completed
Language: English
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Grey Young, a young student who suddenly became rich? Being a rich kid from a wealthy family can sometimes bring all sorts of happening. This story is not like what you see in other novels. It follows a path where one can see how the main protagonist deals with his situation and enjoys his life through all the adversities.

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this book was surprisingly different them the usual books written in goodnovel, but it has too much errors and I was left unfulfilled and confused in many chapters...
2023-03-21 02:56:58
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Richell Baltazar
some chapters repeatedly written
2023-03-17 14:13:24
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Floyd Holt III
good book only down point ending seemed very rushed
2023-01-24 22:37:43
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Zaida Estrada
The author is very descriptive I like the characters James the black dragon is a easy-going looking guy or is he he’s the black dragon for a reason that his wife doesn’t know who it is but she Chyna suspects he’s important is nice I hate the plot twists about the money and positioning the powerful
2022-10-28 19:37:45
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Dave Daniel
needs some proof reading, i like the storyline so far though
2022-08-12 10:27:34
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need more chapters hurry
2022-01-05 12:06:32
user avatar
Cory Soto
make new chapters
2021-12-05 21:56:10
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Prodigy jomai
what the fuck chapter 54 104 coins?
2021-11-30 03:55:00
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Gian Paul Tabugan
Give me answer
2021-11-23 23:21:09
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nathan blas
100 percent good story
2021-10-25 06:42:56
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Waiting up to 2 to 3 days before releasing one chapter its sucks
2021-10-22 21:22:19
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this book is similar to The Secretly Rich Man but I still really love to read this . .even though it needs a lot of coins or bunos to read other chapters. .soo plss Author can you pls reduced the cost to unlock another chapters cause it’s way too expensive...
2021-08-13 18:24:41
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Pls another chapter for this
2021-08-10 20:51:52
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Nice to read exiting please update
2021-08-08 09:21:12
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raaa gaa
2021-08-06 12:46:29
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112 Chapters
Chapter 1- Cold night
  It was summer of the year 2018, I was just relaxing at the park, feeling the breeze of the wind, and just minding my own business is the best. I hope it's like this every day. But, such a thing can only happen in my dreams.My name is Grey Young and I'm a third year student in college here at Millian University. The well-known university in Amity hill city for having many rich students and promising students. Whenever I'm having trouble and I'm feeling lost and alone, I would always hang out here at the park. This is my favorite spot in the whole campus.Back when I was still a child, I lost both of my parents in an accident. When I received the news that both my parents are gone, my mind just went blank and I couldn't take it at all. That was the worst thing that could ever happen to a child of 6 of age. It was the most heaviest day, my body just couldn't move from shock and I lost it.Everything that I've ever cared about all my life simply
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Chapter 2 - Hospital visit(1)
The next day, when he woke up he was already at the hospital. His friends were all there with him as he woke up. "Grey are you allright? You were brought here last night." Nick said.He didn't remember much after he was carried by the guards. "You idiot I told you not to go. Look what happened."Alex worriedly said.Grey only laughed faintly. Good thing that there weren't any serious injuries. He was only left with a couple of bruises."I told you not to follow his orders, right? Look what happened to you?" Nick said in an abrupt manner."Don't worry I'm fine–" " How does this look fine to you?You're lying in an hospital bed, you idiot! Good thing that we rushed to the park with the guards. If we were any minute late I don't know what worse could have happened to you.""You shouldn't do what he tells you to do starting today. You should avoid him and his friends."Alex then said.Another fr
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Chapter 3 - Hospital visit(2)
"This really hit me hard. What am I gonna do now?""Young master Grey I'll be visiting you again in the morning with the vice president of the Calle M group.""Whaat? Can you tell me about who this vice president is first?" Grey hysterically asked."Ow, the vice president of the Calle M group is called Mr. Swain. He is actually quite young, he is only 32 years old and he's already a vice president of a major and powerful company. He's quite the character, I think you'll like him very much!" Sebastian said with an assured look in his face.He also added," Take your time to rest for the rest of the day and I'll visit you again. This is my business card, contact me anytime you want.–" "I actually lost my phone last night. I don't if I left it at the park or when I was being carried to the hospital.""If that is the case, I will buy you a new phone today and I'll bring it with me tomorrow.""Thank you, Sebastian.""You're very much welcom
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Chapter 4 - Gifts
"Where should we head now Young master?" Sebastian asked."I was planning to actually visit Calle M group but I decided postpone and go there next week. I don't know about the Lilac commercial ground. It seems too extravagant. I don't think I'll fit in there. "No Mr. Young it is yours so it should not matter. All those wealthy people coming there are nothing compared to you.""Nevermind that, I'm planning to go to the mall and buy a gift for my friend since her birthday is coming up. When she visited me last time at the hospital, she didn't mentioned her birthday. I think she's just not saying anything to me because she thinks I'll spend my money from tutoring to buy her a gift again."Should we come with you inside the mall and accompany you?–" "No I'll just go by myself, you guys bring attract to much attention.""Okay then.""You can just drop me here then. You guys go back alreqdy since I'll be commuting from here on."
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Chapter 5 - Is this jealousy?
"Hey this is mine!" Kyle shouted."Eeh, come on let me have a bite from yours."Alex replied."You know that these are all the same right? We all had strawberry tarts.""Yeah we did but yours is still plenty and I've already finished mine. Hehe"Both Alex and Kyle continued to fight over Kyle's strawberry tart."Hey, hey, stop it already we're already here!" Nick then said as he barged between them."Niick, can you help me! This guys is such a glutton."Kyle said.Grey then said,"Ah stop fighting, here you can have mine.""Ahh really! Thanks!"Alex said delightedly while he munched down the strawberry tart.They reached their dorm and entered their room swiftly. They'd walk to their room quietly so that no one will bother them for the rest of the night."Ah, such a –Kyle lied down – soft bed this is.""That was such a tiring day. My legs almost gave up fr
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Chapter 6 – Flocking bird brains
Yesterday were pretty stressful. Everyone were all tired and were still lying in their beds. Kyle and Alex's beds are both at the top bunk while Grey and Philip's are placed below them. Nick's bed is the only one that's separated and is placed parallel to Philip's bed. Their room were pretty big since it fits all five of them.They have a little space for a living and dining area while their desk are placed near the window. They also have a nice bathroom. Their room was actually the only one like that in the west wing. It was built differently from the other rooms because it was for the west wing dormitory head. Whenever you become a dormitory head you will need to transfer to this large room.The first one to actually wake up was Nick. Nick is like their older brother who is the most mature between all of them. He is always looking out for each of them."Ugh, I really need to exercise more. My body was about to surrender yesterday.""Nick you can
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Chapter 7 – Lilac grounds(1)
They called two cabs and drove off to Lilac grounds."Why are we going to the LCG again?"Phil asked."Oh I was called by my butler to see some work. He didn't specify anything so I don't really know what it was." Grey said."Argh, we didn't get to finish our food. Can you believe those people?" Kyle angrily retorted."Ah just forget it. It'll just make the rest of your day bad."After a short while Alex from the other cab called."Hello?"Grey said as he answered the call."So what are we going to do there?"Alex asked."I was just asked to check some work being done there by my butler.–"Alex quickly retorted,"Wow a butler. You're so rich now haha.""You want me to dig you a grave already?"Grey said."Hahahaha."he replied."What are we gonna do after that. I think your work will not take too long."Nick said."I think so too.""Oh I've got an idea! How about we go explore the Lilac ground
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Chapter 8 – Lilac grounds(2)
They all then greeted Sebastian in return. All of them had a long conversation and after a short while Sebastian then proceeded with his work with Grey while Nick and the others explored the other areas.Grey and Sebastian checked the new building being made that was handled by his other company, Calle M group. The building being done was a news establishment solely meant for the exclusive area for the premium members only. Grey checked some papers and was taught by Sebastian some other things. They didn't take too much time with it since Grey had learned some knowlesge about this kind of thing with his grandfather in the past.Now that we're all done here you are free from any further work. You can enjoy the rest of your stay with your friends. I'll arrange a reservation for you and your friends a room in the the spring castle at the second level area for you to have lunch–""No it's okay, we'll be having lunch at the Nidelle Taylor's restaurant at the middle a
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Chapter 9 – Party start
While inside the car Grey was pondering over the car that they had taken. He sensed some familiarity and then suddenly said," Ahhh, that's right!"The other guys just looked at him suprised."I just remembered, this is the same car I was riding when you guys saw me at the entrance of the mall days ago." he said."Hahaha yeah, you were so anxious when you saw us when you exit the car." the others replied."I guess well buy our clothes there too." they also added.They arrived at the entrance of the mall. Many people were looking at them since there were two rolls royce infront of them. "There's too many people here. Let's go further away before going out." Kyle said.Grey then asked the guard who was driving their car,"Hey driver, what's your name?""It's Diego Young master." the guard joyously answered."So Diego can you move the car a few blocks away so we won't get swamped when we enter the mall later? Can you do that
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Chapter 10 – some cards
After twenty minutes they arrived at the entrance of the Lilac grounds. The place was brimming with lights as they walk towards the reception building. It was really beautiful with the moon shining bright and steady. Even the garden alongside the pathway was serene."Wow it's.. it's even more beautiful here at night!"Grey said as he was filled with amazement."Yeah!"Alex said as his eyes were shining with delight."Oh I hope we'll never run into problems tonight and just enjoy Kath's birthday," Kyle said as he was perplexed.Almost at the entrance they walked, a man in his forties bumped onto one person in their group as he was rushing himself to enter."Agh. Watch where your going uncle." he said as he fell to the ground."Oh sorry sorry." he said as he rushed to the the receptions and leave."I'm sorry again, I'm just in a rush!"he said as he went to the door leading to the parking lot.All of them were pa
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