Chapter 15

That night we tried a decanter of scarlet liquid, thin in viscosity with little chunks of what looked like fruit inside. As I inhaled the scent pouring from the decanter, I noted strawberries, cherries, and other fruits I had no name for.  

I looked over the symbols carved onto the bottom of each decanter. Some were small stars with five points, the ones I was warned about, others had large eight-pointed stars, while one decanter in particular had a crescent moon. I couldn't help but wonder what effects the decanter with a crescent moon held. The liquid in was midnight black, but was ripe with hues of indigo and purple, with little silver flecks dancing around. The bottom of this particular decanter had an eight-pointed star.  

Helena had been true to her word, bringing the scarlet liquid to her lips, her eyes bright with anxiety and bravery. For a moment, Helena looked around confused, until her gaze landed on Camille and I. Her eyes widened; her l

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Mel J
Maybe his suit reflects the person's aura?
goodnovel comment avatar
I don't like how she's so dismissive and nonchalant. I feel like she will regret not heeding her wolf's warnings. 🤷🏽‍♀️
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m also wondering if it was Aiden that was taken and not just her grandfather’s box of letters/notes - and she actually does love Aiden more that’s she realizes.

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