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Once a year the Iridescence Pack opens their gates to the world. Once a year an event unlike any other takes place. Ruled by an Alpha with a penchant for trickery, Iridian is a game where nothing is what it seems. Werewolves around the world beg for a coveted invitation to Iridian, desperate for a shot at the grand prize. Invitations sent across the world; their recipients chosen at random. For an entire week werewolves gather for the anticipated Iridian, held by the infamous Game Master. Each year the Game Master changes the game, challenging the mind and tricking the senses.The only thing Rachel Thornton cares about is finding her mate and getting the hell out of her small pack. Located in the middle of nowhere, Rachel longs to see the world. When an invitation finds its way into her hands, she wants nothing more than to refuse and move on with her life. This year the rules have changed, and something important was taken from Rachel. The only way to recover what was stolen is to venture to the Iridescence Pack, becoming a pawn in a game she never wanted to play.

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Emma Woodford
is there a second book?? absolutely loved this one
2023-11-02 02:43:23
user avatar
Dawn Cochran
Jane Doe is an excellent writer that being said, I will not be reading anymore of her books!! I have now completely read 1 book, and this one will be the second. I shelved Asher because all of these books are the same. The FL finds her mate, they dance around the bond and, in the meantime,
2023-10-29 03:02:37
user avatar
Melody Cawthra
Loved this book. Jane Doe is a very descriptive writer. You’ll get lost in an amazing world filled with magic, soulmates & mortal enemies!
2023-10-11 07:44:22
user avatar
Rebecca Sheppard
Absolutely love this book. keep the awesome work up
2023-09-09 18:37:23
user avatar
Autumn Kluge
Love this book!
2023-09-04 09:26:51
default avatar
is there going to be a book 2???
2023-08-31 09:34:12
default avatar
I’ve read this story twice and still absolutely love it! Honest to god your stories are always amazing
2023-08-20 19:58:35
default avatar
when do we get the next part of this series? do you have a patreon?
2023-08-09 11:30:11
user avatar
Katie Moyer
I have now read 6 out of your 8 books. this one i am about to start. I have tried to read other writers on this app but you my friend have a true gift. I hope you never stop writing these books. I am a big fan of yours!!
2023-08-08 11:49:38
user avatar
Just wow again one of my favorite authors on this app. This story had it all, more chapters than I care to read in a book from this app but when the story is this good and with the best kind of imagination it’s like a movie for your brain. Awesome job, my favorite book from you so far!!
2023-08-05 07:46:57
user avatar
Bunny Youngblood
I absolutely love this book! I hope there is a sequel to it! If there isn't, I hope there is one soon. Much love to the author
2023-06-22 12:16:28
default avatar
Lidiane Barros
Amazing book at parts it did feel a that it was dragging a bit and the end a bit rushed but overall I love it.
2023-06-12 16:44:19
user avatar
what an amazing read. I hope there will be a sequel!
2023-06-02 21:24:24
default avatar
Linda Coombs
Loved it!!
2023-05-30 03:08:52
user avatar
Sky Edwards
By far one of my all time favourites. This book is magic, darkness, light, adventure and ridiculously sexy. The characters were my favourite and I loved all the twist and turns. So can’t wait for the next one.
2023-05-26 06:35:45
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216 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Where the hell is Aiden?” I frowned, brushing a clump of my flaming locks from my sweaty forehead. Even in a tank-top and shorts, the June heat was taking a toll.Our town had always been sweltering with heat, but this year the humidity was thicker than usual. The old air conditioner in Stella’s was wheezing with effort to battle the heat. Still, it felt nicer in here than it did outside.Stella’s Di
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Chapter 2
The bell attached to the diner’s door rang, followed by Stella calling out.“Hello there, feel free to seat yourselves!”“Oh look, more drifters.” Adley snorted, a light blush staining her cheeks.Wonderi
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Chapter 3
After finishing our food and leaving a hefty tip for Stella, we left the diner in search of something to do. That was how most of our days in this town were spent. You roamed around for hours with boredom glazed eyes only to return home once the sun went down.Few in this town were wealthy enough to have a pool in their backyard, while people like Aiden and I frequented the tiny lake behind my house. The Alpha and Luna of our tiny pack had the largest house in town, a modern house with tall columns and huge windows. Many years back the Alpha and Luna had a set of twins; Connor and June. Even in th
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Chapter 4
On days like today where the sun was high in the sky, made me realize how much dirt was truly in our little town. Dead patches of grass lingered in pitiful clumps, but the majority of the ground consisted of dry tightly packed dirt. Most of the houses in this town were ancient, standing on their last legs but somehow managing to scrape by. Wealthier families could afford to have their houses remodeled, pristine shingles lined the roof, and their front porches glistened invitingly. The center of town was normally bustling. Small families with screaming children meandered from store to store, finally stopping by our little gas station and continuing on their way. Connor and June’s regular friend group was absent from the streets, meaning they were either at Stella’s Diner or swimming in their lu
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Chapter 5
As I had year after year; my eyes fluttered open, tracing the large crack in the ceiling. I could have sworn it grew over the years, but I long ago stopped caring. On especially boring days, I would lay in bed and make patterns out of the popcorn ceiling. From the thin layer of sweat coating my body, I knew today would be miserably humid. Our little window air conditioner only did so much against the blistering sun.The scent of sweet syrupy pancakes filled my nose, awakening my stomach. Mom had long ago stopped letting my Dad cook. Over ten batches of burnt bacon later, she had learned her lesson
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Chapter 6
After the initial shock of my early birthday present wore off, Aiden insisted he teach me how to drive. As my Mom and Dad had no need for a car, neither had the chance to teach me. I had been begging them all year to take me to our neighboring city four hours away, to finally get my permit. I hadn’t a clue about driving, but couldn’t imagine a better teacher than Aiden.With Adley clutching the passenger headrest in the back seat, Aiden slid into the passenger. We drove around the barren field by his house for hours. A field that had once been sprawling with emerald grass and sun-kisse
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Chapter 7
After countless conversations with my parents about my plans, you’d think I’d finally learn my lesson. Each and every time they dismissed what I wanted, as though I’d come to my senses eventually. Neither of them actually accepted the fact that I was truly leaving.They both expected me to stay and dedicate my life to taking care of my brother. The moment I graduated high school; Mom insisted I enroll at the community college two towns over. I avoided that conversation at all costs. I wanted so much more than staying in this town and doing online college. I wasn’t sure why she wanted me to go to c
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Chapter 8
Adley and I left the library only to head to Stella’s Diner once the heat became too unbearable. Stella’s had an abundance of milkshakes, coveted on days like today. The short walk from the Library to Stella’s Diner had the two of us coated in a thick layer of sweat. My damp hair had dried quickly as we walked in the humidity, and now clung to the back of my neck. “Y
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Chapter 9
Disappointment continued to bubble within me as I scanned the room looking for Aiden. His trip with his Dad was taking longer than anticipated, and I refused to stay at this party longer than necessary. I promised myself I’d wait another half hour then make my escape. I would just have to meet up with Aiden this afternoon, alone, as he suggested.As Adley wandered over to one of the tables, Leo approached me. His face was friendly, and for a moment I allowed myself to relax. Irritation blossomed within me as I watched his eyes flicker over to Adley, lingering on her exposed legs for a few seconds
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Chapter 10
As a child, I remember the excitement each year as twenty people gathered for Iridian. Parades would be thrown, people dressed in costumes depicting magical creatures that had once roamed our earth. Countless celebrations would be held as families gathered together and hoped for an invitation of their own. I had loved watching the parades on our old television, had loved the glittering costumes of the dancers that pranced down the streets. The celebrations continued until a victor emerged, gloating of the adventure and wonder that is Iridian.What the television didn’t talk about
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