Chapter 17

Gentle wind whipped around me in waves, lashing against my bare skin with its cool caress. Where the wind chilled me, the sun provided warmth. Plump clouds hung in the sky, round like cotton though none dared to drift in front of the sun. 

I looked down at the outfit I wore, running my fingers over the thin yet sinfully soft material. A white shirt, and lavender pants. The events of the last few days rushed over me, the wind growing colder against my skin as I realized this was all a dream, a production of the magic infused liquid I had drank.  

I had gotten my invitation to Iridian, and was on my way to the Iridescence Pack. Helena and Camille flitted through my mind like a distant memory, though I know I had seen them merely hours ago. I remembered the midnight liquid in the decanter, the crescent moon etched onto the bottom. I remembered the explosion of flavor, both foreign and familiar, as the liquid touched my lips. I remembered falling into bed, m

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Kimi Hernandez
Loved this chapter
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Darlene Whatchamacallit
Suspenseful. Very enjoyable.
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Bella Jersey
I think she has more power than that thought

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