Chapter 20

A million questions ran through my mind, all regarding my Grandpa's old photograph. He would have told me if he'd been to Iridian before, I was sure of that much. Mom had warned me about Iridian as if she had first-hand knowledge, but I couldn't imagine my Mom going to Iridian and taking that picture. Cameras weren't even allowed during Iridian, which only made me more frustrated and curious. There was no way my Grandpa or Mom had come from the Iridescence Pack. The thought made my stomach roll with unease. They couldn't have lied to me, they wouldn't have. Yet, somehow that photograph made its way into my Grandpa's box.  

I followed Camille and Helena up the stairs and through the large front doors, gaping at the room around us. The foyer, as most wealthy people called it, was basically a large empty room. Crystal chandeliers etched in gold hung from the arched ceiling, thick Persian rugs covered the floor like a long red carpet. Thick maroon curtains were draped o

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Margaux Thibodeaux
our girl needs to stop giving information to those damn fae without payment! "what did you think of your dream?" "tell me which foods and drinks should be avoided here and I'll tell you."
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Jane Doe
Sorry for not updating in awhile. A family member died and I needed a break to get my head together.
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Aimy Butler
So any idea when we are going to get more chapters???? Been almost 3weeks....

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