Chapter 212

It took everything within me not to flinch at the sound of her voice and how close it truly was to my ear. Only when I felt her icy talons meet my skin did I act.

‘It’s showtime.’ Rayna murmured, lending me all of her strength as I willed the floor to crumble beneath my feet.

Together, my wolf and I fell.

Since I was prepared for the impact, it was easy to call on my magic to lessen the blow. Warm air rushed beneath my gown and outstretched arms, acting as a safety net that slowed my fall and kept me from toppling over. It wasn’t the graceful landing I’d been trying for since Nadia was doing something to block our magic, but it kept me from breaking both my ankles on the way down.

I didn’t wait for the dust to settle. The moment I felt solid stone beneath my feet, I took off running.

Nadia’s snarl was one of surprise and outrage, strong enough that it made the castle tremble. I didn’t repress my grin or the laughter I spewed into the air, knowing both would entice her to follow—to con
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Barbara Hunter
so Nadia can use water to travel... interesting. give her he'll Rachel!
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Miss A
can't wait can't wait can't waiiiit!!!!
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Michelle Melia
I agree….I hope we don’t have to wait long!!!

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