Chapter 22

The majority of the contestants had already gone to their rooms; I assumed, as only a few remained in the common area. Abel, two other men, and the plump woman Alice sat in the common room. Each had a place on the plush, velvet sectional. A crackling fire roared in the fire place. The four of them were having a quiet conversation, hearty laughter spewed from that side of the room. I noticed the crystal glasses in each of their hands, wondering if it were alcohol or a potion they were drinking. Abel's dark eyes met my own, the touch of a smile playing on his full lips. He gave me a brief nod before turning back to the man with salt and pepper hair, who laughed at something Alice had said.

Something about Abel didn't sit right with me. Whether it be the confident swagger he always held, or the constant look of amusement on his face. I carefully returned his nod with one of my own before following Camille and Helena up the large, winding staircase. Our footsteps echoed into the

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goodnovel comment avatar
Room number 8 is a perfect description of the GM.
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m pretty sure the cinnamon scent is the Game Master, who may turn out to be her mate, at the end
goodnovel comment avatar
ᛋᚫᚺᚱᚫ ᚹᚫᛚᛏᛖᚱᛋ
I love this book, the scenery sounds absolutely stunning, you are a very talented writer!

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