9.The Aura of Death.

I hold myself back, as Seraphine enters first quickly putting away perishable items and separating her breads out to freeze. Her ability to survive on next to nothing, and her ingenuity still amaze me just as much as her contentment with it. She often looks right at me, or rather through me but redirects her gaze. How can she not know what she is? Does she not feel the superiority to humans around her? The powers that lies dormant within her body? She keeps some food out and begins to make a lunch with what she has. Axar watches excitedly, and helps whenever he can. Sera glances up in my direction once more.

"You two." She points. "Do you intend to speak or stay for dinner?" My jaw hangs agape and Narius quirks a brow at her.

"You can see us?" He asks.

"Yes. Noxodius, and you whoever you are. It's customary among mortals to introduce yourself while in another's home." Narius glares and I stifle a

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