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A sadistic being develops an ominous obsession with an anxiety ridden young woman. Feasting himself on her fears, and devouring her body and mind. Noxodius knows that he has gone too far, but he can he stop himself? Can he let the little human go? Will he cut her loose after he gets his fill, or will he swallow her whole? When he realizes things might not be as they seem, will he have biten off more than he can chew?

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      I walk the streets among the mortals, cold winds whipping snow flakes into my face as I scour the street. I pick up a barrage of interesting scents.  I catch fear, anger, misery, lust, envy even. I can work with these, any of these. I'm starving. I feel particularly ravenous today. I want blood today. I need it. My body aches as the hunger intensifies. I want quick, easy prey.      I pass a few homeless, huddled in a shanty in an ally. I focus, and soon I can read their minds. I typically do not read minds unless I intend to feed from memory or emotions, but I only want to eat one. I do not wish to put them all on alert. So I call out to one, the one who suffers most. I become mist, and I materialize behind their tent in the back of the alley, before vanishing again in wait. Soon, an old and crippled man emerges. He wanders the
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2.Birthday Wishes.
I followed her to her apartment, still invisible, and watched as she hurriedly got dressed. She slipped into a black velvet dress and curled the ends of her hair, pinning the top half up haphazardly. It was all I could do not to touch her body as that velvet dress inked down her body and over her luscious curves. She tugged tendrils loose around her face, and perfected her makeup. Dark greens and blacks lined her eyes, and a flesh pink on her lips and cheeks. Her dark brows full and arched. A splatter of freckles stun atop her nose and cheekbones. It's her birthday. I rummaged her thoughts. She's meeting a boyfriend for dinner. This stirs a weird emotion in me. She doesn't even know I'm here, but I feel ignored. The thought crosses my mind to splatter her dress in bleach or trip her on the stairs, but I refrain. I don't know what I need her for after all. She spritzes cheap perfume as she leaves. I notice
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"You wish I were real?" I ask her, intrigued."Yes. I guess I'm disappointed really. It's all weird. The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, and it's a damn dream. On a lighter note..." She looks at me. "Thank you. Even if it's a dream, it's nice to feel appreciated and have a full belly of good food." I remember eating Henry this morning. "Indeed it is. I myself had a nice breakfast." She smiles."Can't relate. Also, I wasted my lunch trying to help a hateful old bag. Should've left her in the street." She huffed. She watches me curiously."See something you like?""I was watching your eyes." She states. I leer at her, knowing how my appearance affects women."Do you like them?" I probe."It's so neat how they change colors." My face drops."What do you mean?""They were light green earlier
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4.My First Pet.
       I am still debating the pros and cons of my hasty idea. One should never make big decisions under the influence of lust or hunger. I could have, should have killed her but spared her. She states me, keeps me full, and amused. Her low maintenance and appreciation of the smallest things captivates, as much as her aura and appearance.  Something about her makes you feel soothed in her presence.       I guide her with the arm draped over her body. She's almost puppeted by my arm and the shifting of my body. The sun glistens on her hair and several children stare at it's deep forest hue. She smiles at them timidly, and a little boy flushes up to his hair line. I herd her into the department store beside her workplace, not yet wanting to take her in there and have her more confused.      "Sera, I want you to pick out some clothing and items you might
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5.Slippery Slope.
      I've had Sera in my possession, literally and figuratively, for a week now. Night and day we tumble in those silky green sheets. In that time she has dropped some weight, and become more pale. I deduce that her iron must be low, so I've tried to hold off and feed her even more food.       As I figured, I broke over and have drank from her again. It's dangerous,  yet convenient having her close. It's hard to restrain when I have an endless supply right there, but it's only endless if I ration it right. This is where the problem comes in. It's a slippery slope for me. The more I get the more I want. I've never been much on self control.       It helps that she's so lovable. Her constant conversation and hugging make it easier to refrain from killing her. She asks me about my hobbies, interests, favorite things, even family and friends. I would neve
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6.Green With Envy.
         I roam the empty streets, searching for my next victim. She comes into sight soon enough. I know what she is, but she doesn't even ask for any cash. She practically jumped into my arms and I swat her down and naked her lead us to privacy. I do not take my time with her. I rush quickly to build the lust in her for me to devour,  and then I drain her dry of blood. I can't even finish. She does nothing for me outside of the blood and energy. I did not want her dreams. I dump her unceremoniously in the floor of restroom and I lock the stall door. I allow myself to disappear and I continue to roam the streets once again restless and unsatisfied.         I finally give in, and I check her apartment.  Only she isn't there. Neither is her purse. The birthday cake and pizza, are uneaten and dumped into the trash. The aura of depression lingers. It isn't anger, like I e
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         "Who are you? What do you want?" The older man blurts as he steps back from me in fear. I sneer at him as I close in, his eyes lock with mine as nd in moments I have him entranced. The older humans are always easiest to control. At a certain point they will even lose control of themselves without interference. I can tell by the beat of his heart that he has heart and blood pressure issues. The streets are empty, and we are far from businesses. In my state of disarray I absorb all the fear and blood from him in moments. As he dis in my grasp, I go through his life sifting through all the negatives and eating away at those fragile memories as their host fades against me. His heart gives a final, surrendering thud as he leaves this life to enter his next. I clean my face and quickly vanish to reappear soon at my home.       I'm still not content or remotely soothed. I need that
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8. The One.
        Narius and I get plenty of looks as we walk the street together. Women double take and sneak peeks at us as we stride in sync. Our brotherhood is obvious, we share a similar build,  sunkissed skin, and similar facial features. Though my eyes are a light green, where his are hazel. My hair is also a shade darker. Narius is always clean shaven, and well groomed down to the beds of his nails. Metrosexual as he is, he always goes impeccably dressed, soaking in all of the attention he can gather. I prefer a short jawline beard or stubble, and casual dress. I like to melt into the crowd.          "Up ahead! There." I gesture towards her apartment complex and Narius groans.           "We have to go in there?" I shoot him a look.            "I'm certain you'll survive. We have e
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9.The Aura of Death.
I hold myself back, as Seraphine enters first quickly putting away perishable items and separating her breads out to freeze. Her ability to survive on next to nothing, and her ingenuity still amaze me just as much as her contentment with it. She often looks right at me, or rather through me but redirects her gaze. How can she not know what she is? Does she not feel the superiority to humans around her? The powers that lies dormant within her body? She keeps some food out and begins to make a lunch with what she has. Axar watches excitedly, and helps whenever he can. Sera glances up in my direction once more. "You two." She points. "Do you intend to speak or stay for dinner?" My jaw hangs agape and Narius quirks a brow at her. "You can see us?" He asks. "Yes. Noxodius, and you whoever you are. It's customary among mortals to introduce yourself while in another's home." Narius glares and I stifle a
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10. The Mistake.
Narius has been gone for a few hours now. Sera slumbers peacefully on the couch as an uncomfortable and awkward Axar sits beside her, standing guard. He almost seems nervous to turn his back on me. Several times I snap up from my seat, just to watch him jump and try to predict my actions. He eventually grows tired of my toying with him and remains stoic, hovered beside his only ally. Finally, he severes the silence between us. "Here we are. What do you want from us?" I grin as he fights the tremble in his voice to sound more in control. His hand squeezes Sera's as she remains sleeping for reassurance. "How old are you, Axar?" I prop my feet on the table and recline lazily. Sitting forward with my elbows and my knees watching him was making him much too nervous, so I hope the change in my body language will help him to relax. "I-I'm fourteen." I raise my brows. By his height and bravery I had figured him to be at leas
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