The Girl Is Mine
The Girl Is Mine
Author: Lbs Reenah


    Her heart was racing.She could hear the throbbing in her ears.A tug in her heart.A sickening feeling at the pit of her stomach.He moved closer to her,touching her hands.“Do not touch me,”she said.“Hun I was ju...”he was saying.“Noo.Shut up.I don't wanna hear it.Go.Leave.Right now.Just go,”she said her voice breaking.

  He held her tightly and at the moment he could feel her body vibrating with pain.Pain he had caused.Shaking.Trembling.He felt it and it broke his heart too.A mistake done out of anger.A moment of weakness.She tried to push him away.But she was too weak.From anger and pain and confusion.And he didn't know whether him staying holding her made things better or worse.

     She turned to face him.And this time in her eyes there was pure anger and hatred in her eyes.“I want you to leave my house right now.And don't ever come back here you selfish miserable looser,”she said viciously.

    He broke down to tears.“I can't loose you,I can't loose you too,”he said getting down on his knees.“You already did.Its because of you that my daughter is dead you moron.And then you come here and tell me that you cheated on me with the same woman that helped you kill her?Get the hell out before I kill you myself,”she spat with so much anger.

      “Ellie was an accident, you know that,”he said.She gave him a hefty blow right across his face.“You  took my daughter to that stupid road trip.You lied to my face that it was just the two of you.You took her with your mistress and you killed my daughter.Both of you killed her,”she screamed.

   “I am sorry.I am so sor...”he was saying.“I wish you a lifetime of knowing what sorry means!”she said slowly.She took a knife from the kitchen counter.“Get out before I kill you like you killed my daughter.And I am opening up charges against both of you.Out now,”she said.He stood up in shame and left.

       How could he have done this to her?Did he think she didn't know the truth? She wanted revenge so badly.She wanted him and his mistress to burn in hell.To rot behind bars.She would do all it takes to make sure they pay.


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