The Girl Is Mine

The Girl Is Mine

By:  Lbs Reenah  Ongoing
Language: English
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Hermione Jones is back in town and she is not tiptoeing.She is taking down anybody that hurt her before and anybody that dares hurt her daughter,Cheryl.The Brickley's are having sleepless night.Their secrets are being dug out tainting their name but they won't go down without a fight.

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Rindu Rinjani
this really stunning
2021-04-18 17:30:46
53 Chapters
    Her heart was racing.She could hear the throbbing in her ears.A tug in her heart.A sickening feeling at the pit of her stomach.He moved closer to her,touching her hands.“Do not touch me,”she said.“Hun I was ju...”he was saying.“Noo.Shut up.I don't wanna hear it.Go.Leave.Right now.Just go,”she said her voice breaking.  He held her tightly and at the moment he could feel her body vibrating with pain.Pain he had caused.Shaking.Trembling.He felt it and it broke his heart too.A mistake done out of anger.A moment of weakness.She tried to push him away.But she was too weak.From anger and pain and confusion.And he didn't know whether him staying holding her made things better or worse.     She turned to face him.And this time in her eyes there was pure anger and hatred in her eyes.“I want you to leave my house right now.And don't ever come back here you selfish miserable looser,”she said viciously.    He broke down to tears.“I
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Still prologue
Hermione had filed for a divorce and opened up a case against Jim and Peach.She sat at the end of the bench waiting for her lawyer.She arrived in no time to brief her.Then Peach arrived.The woman had the guts to approach her."Hermione I am so sorry for the loss of your dau..."she was saying.Hermione stood up.She stopped her midsentece with a slap.Then she walked into court.She didn't want to engage in chitchat.She wanted them behind bars fast.Sooner or later proceedings began*****Hermione left the court room burning with anger.The system was corrupt.She had thought she could have them behind bars."Hermione I told you we should settle this outside court,"Jim said."You bribed the judges didn't you? You and your filthy money that you inherited from your parents.Our daughter is dead and you couldn't even give her justice?Jim why wou...,"she was saying."Can we go home love,I have had a very long day with your bitter ex wife,"Peach said.Hermione looked taken ab
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Chapter 1
16 years later"Do you want me to drive you to school?,"her mum asked."Muuuuuuum,noo,"Cheryl said."Okay just make sure you tell me how you find your first day of school, okay?"she said concern all over her face."Only if you promise you won't call every hour,"she said.Her mum smiled.She kissed her forehead."Have the best day hunnie,I love you,"she said."I love you too mum,bye,"she said.Cheryl Jones was the only child.They'd just moved back to her mum's hometown.Cheryl had been brought up by her mum only.She'd never asked about her dad.She got the feeling it was a painful story to her mum so she just avoided it completely.Besides she'd grown up spoilt and never lacked anything.What more could she ask for?She had large black eyes.Very dark long hair.She had the perfect skin.Very smooth,no acne,no dark spots.She had a few curves here and there.Not so bright but not so dumb either.She maintained average grades.This was her first time at N
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Chapter 2
      Camila wasn't the jealous type.But she felt a little bit of something for this new girl.“Cami,did you hear what I just said?”Cass,her twin brother asked her.The two were almost inseparable.“Cass,I do not like this new bitch with her high sense of fashion.So I need you to seduce her so I can destroy her,”she said her eyes fixed on her new found rival.Usually she disliked Yvette.But this new girl, she definitely hated.She dared call her skirt not so fancy.Yet this was her favourite skirt, that's why she wore it on the first day of school.       “No way I am doing that,”he said.Cami and Cass were twins.And while their personalities were so much alike there was alot they were different in.“I need you to do this for me.I don't know why but I feel threatened.In my territory.Please,”she said giving him that look that he couldn't say no to.“Okay okay but what do I gain by doing that?”he asked.“I am your twin,if I am happy then you are t
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Chapter 3
      It was the second week of school and Cheryl loved her new school.Not all of it, she disliked Camilla who seemed to fight her every chance she got.Cassidy on the other hand was trying to win her for some reason.She and Winter had become best friends really fast.      Everybody seemed scared of Camilla or to want to be atleast friends with her.Girls were drooling all over Cassidy.Not that she could blame them.He was very attractive,fit body and owned the school.They were walking to lunch with Winter when Cami blocked their entrance.“I see miss bookworms finally found a friend to keep,”she said.“What do you want miss what the hell is your name again?”Cheryl asked.    “You bore me to death,Cheryl.Do shut up when I am not talking to you,”she said smiling sarcastically.Then she turned her attention to Winter.“I am inviting you to a party,in my house.And a seat at the hightable with us.Tonight.Invites only,”she said glaring at Che
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Chapter 4
       Winter was so amazed at how big Cheryl's house was.She'd gone to some people's houses when tutoring them but this was by far the most fancy and biggest house she'd been in.Cheryl smiled,we're gonna be late for the party if you keep staring around like that,”she said.“Forget the party for a minute,your house is paradise.Why didn't you tell me you secretive bitch?”Winter asked awed by the sight.“Stoooop,lets go to my room.We really don't wanna be late for the party,”she said laughing starting to pull her to the staircase.      “What party?”her mum said emerging.“Oooh hi Mrs.Jones,”Winter greated nervously.“Hi Winter,I am glad you came by.Now what party Cherry?”her mum asked again.“Mum you have got to stop calling me Cherry,I don't like it,”Cheryl complained      Her mum smiled.“Honey,its an addictive behaviour.I need help to stop.Now for the love of God,what party?”she asked again.“Friends of ours are having a smal
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Chapter 5
     As soon as they were inside Cami's house,which was very magnificent least to say,Cami herself was by their side in no time.“You look very beautiful tonight Winter.Kindly join us in the high table,”she said hugging her.Winter couldn't tell if it was genuine or just to piss off Cheryl.    Then she turned to Cheryl.“I don't associate with your sense of fashion.And this is an invites only party and I do not recall inviting you.Don't make me kick you out,”she said.Cass came to the rescue.“Aren't you the most beautiful girl in this party tonight,”he said hugging Cheryl.Cami rolled her eyes.“Thank you handsome,”she replied.“She's with me Cami,I invited her and Winter,”he said.“I invited Winter not her.Lets go girl,”she said leading Winter away.       “Cami can be an ass but I promise you she is sweet and an angel,”he said in her defence.“Where is all the fun you were talking about?”she asked in mockery.He took her hand and led
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Chapter 6
Cheryl and Winter were walking to class together."I didn't know you were into girls.Do you even like Cami? Does she like you? Are you officially a couple now?Do your parents know you are gay?"she asked excitedly.Winter smiled opening her locker."I can only answer one question at a time,"she said before Cami closed her locker furiously causing people to turn their attention to them."Why are you telling people that I am gay?"she asked hotly."I..I didn't tell anyo..."she stammered obviously shocked."You kissed me at that party and took advantage of me when I was drunk.I am not into girls,"she said then held her against the locker roughly.Cheryl pushed her away."Get your dirty delusional hands off my bestfriend,"she said angrily.By now a group of students had already gathered to look as the events transpired."Who do you think you are to co..."she was saying."I was in that party.I saw you kissing her with just as much passion.And I am not the only one who saw you,"she said. Cami p
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Chapter 7
      They sat in the principle's office.“She started it,”Cami said.Ofcourse she would say that.“You attacked me.Did you expect me to sit there like some defenceless fool,”Cheryl said angrily.“Heey watch your tone young lady,”the principal said.“Principal Franklin as you can see, she is the problem.You've known me since I was a baby,I don't get into fights unless I am provoked,”she said.“And by provoked you mean jealous? Principal Franklin you might not have known me since I was a kid.But I have never caused or started a fight since I set foot in this school,”she said.      “What was this fight about?”Mr.Franklin asked.Cami was silent.“She attacked my bestfriend this morning and so I was defending her.At lunch break she attacked me.She thought I am the kind of girl whom she can bully around,”Cheryl said.“What?I am a bully? No I am not. Stop throwing accusations my way.Your best friend got me drunk and started kis
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Chapter 8
        Peach turned around shocked.She was still holding Cheryl's hand.Hermione took a step forward.Until she was very very close to Peach.Staring right into her eyes.“I said let go,”she said this time slowly.Peach let the girl go.“”she struggled to speak.Hermione smiled.“Good! That's the reaction I expected.Its been so long,”she said.Peach took hold of herself.“Well,this is my school.I own it and you can't..”she said as if that would somehow scare her.Hermione looked at her and smiled.“I don't care what you own.Watch yourself about this daughter because if you ever lay a hand on her,I promise you will not like how I handle you”she said and then turned to say hi to Winter and got into the office with her daughter.“Mum,how comes you know her?”Cami asked.Her mum looked frustrated,still in shock.They followed in with Winter's dad joining few minutes later.__________________________________        She was pacing up a
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