Chapter 10

     They dropped Winter off first then he drove towards Chery'l house.“Did you mean it?”he asked her.She looked at him blankly.“Those words you told me when you had that fight with my sister,”he clarified. “Yes.I don't say things I don't mean.But they were said out of anger and to be honest you'd taken a low road,”she said.They were silent for a while.“You don't understand.She is my twin sister.And I know she is a handful but trust me Cami is a good person,”he said.She smiled sarcastically.“Yeah right,”she said.

         “Cass I don't know the first thing about having a twin or all that kind of stuff.But I know for a fact about standing up for the truth.You think if Winter was in the wrong I wouldn't tell her?”she asked.“Yes you do have to tell her.But in all honesty would you go against her in public?”he asked.She was silent.“Exactly.Look I am not a bad person just cause I stuck up for my sister.If we were friends I would have done the

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