Chapter 15

         Cass and Cami were arguing.Nobody was in class except the both of them.“Well find somebody else to do this for you,I can't do it,”Cass said.“Why not? Do you want to help me bring her down or not?”She asked.“I have done my investigation and she is really a good person,”he said.“Thats bullshit.Why don't you want to help me.Is this still about dad?”she asked.“No its not.She is my friend.And by doing what you are asking me I'll be hurting her.I love you Cami and I don't want to be in the middle of this when it explodes,”he said.“She is your friend? Wow,I feel betrayed.I am your twin sister,”she said in disbelief.“I...I...I really think I like her.I can't hurt her.I have to stop.I am sorry I won't help you,”he said just as Cheryl and Winter got into class.The atmosphere was tense.“Well you have picked your side.I now see dad's point of view and I side with him.You are just another embarassing looser,”she said.

     He looked down.Not

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