Chapter 48

Cheryl ran to the Brickley's home.Peach got out angrily."You've got some nerve showing up here after everything.Aren't you supposed to be in hospital?"she asked."Please ma'am,I just wanna talk to Cass,"Cheryl said.Jim got out too."Peach,I'll handle this,"he said."I don't want you near my son or daughter or my home,do you understand me?"Peach said.Jim covered the rest of the distance between them."Cass isn't home yet.How are you feeling?"he asked.Peach rolled her eyes."I am okay,uuumh thanks,I'll go find him.Its aaah urgent,"she said stammering and rushed back into her taxi."That girl doesn't look any bit okay.I don't want her dying near my home,"Peach said."I am not sure Hermione knows she is out of hospital.I am following her and getting her home safely,"he said rushing in to get his car keys."Oh yes,any chance to see Hermione.She could be holding the gun ready to kill us all and you would still find any excuse to jus.. "she was saying."Last I checked, whatever Cheryl is suffering

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