Chapter 50

       Jim found Peach screaming to somebody over the phone.He waited till she was done.“Hermione is having that Ellie case done again and she claims to have witnesses.And she is taking it to the press too.In three hours time,it will be public,”he said.“What witnesses?”Peach asked.“I don't know Peach.You told me your family took care of that groundsman.What did you do to him?”he asked.“We paid him well,he lives a good quiet life.All the other workers had left when we found Ellie.She is just bluffing, Hermione just wants us to be scared,”she said.“No,she is dead serious.You know she never bluffs.Peach we are fucked,I think I am just gonna confess when she takes proceeds with this,”he said.“Are you insane? Confess to what? If you confess you go to jail and I go to jail and my father goes to jail too.Then who will help Cami get out of jail.Who will take care of Cass? Jesus Jim don't you ever use that thing inside your head!”she said angrily.


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