A sly opportunity

Omar sat on the edge of a table situated by the wall, close to the window which had no burglary and stared out into the morning with his right hand placed on the window still, his left hand which was injured was held up in a sling that went over his right shoulder. His left palm was placed over the injury on his abdomen where he had been shot and around it was a bandage. He absent mindedly ran his thumb over the spot as he looked down at the workers busy downstairs.

From his position one storey up, he could see the courtyard down below, the canopy which had been placed over it as a decoration for the wedding that did not happen last night had long been removed and the bodies cleared away, all that was left in the courtyard was just the bloody mess which was being cleaned up by servants. Omar tried to imagine it not being so much different from washing off the blood in an abattoir but he knew it had been human beings that were killed last night and not animals, assassins or not, t
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