Chapter 02

🌹Lucy pov🌹

The cops arrived, they interrogated me and I explained everything to them, likewise our gatekeeper too. 

They took my family's corpses to the mortuary, I went upstairs to get my dad's credit cards, I gave one to our gatekeeper and told him the pin.

He should move on with his life.

I urged him to escort me to the airport, after booking my flight online, I have to run for my life but I'm coming back for whoever has hand in my family's death.

I took the next available flight to Florida, I got there and explained everything to my aunt. 

"Daughter we must avenge as my brother said" she said furiously.

"If not that he said he doesn't want you to kill anybody I would advise we kill them all" she added.

My aunt is a drug dealer, she's a well-known and a very dangerous one to be precise, no one dares confront her. She deals with delectable personnel.

"But aunt did you know the killer and why did he kill my family?" I asked.

"I know that bastard and his boys, I do supply drugs to them, I've known him to be a murderer but my brother own will be his last on the earth" she said determinedly.

"Aunt, I  hope you are not the one that offended them?" I asked, bemused.

"No baby neither I nor your father offended that bastard, there was an issue that happened four years ago and your father witnessed it since then he has been trying to kill to your father, I advised your father to move away from that vicinity, that was why you moved to a new house unexpectedly when you were sixteen years old" she explained.

"Aunt, can you tell me more about the issue?" I asked.

"It's not yet time my dear, go in, take your bath, eat and relax, no one dares come for you in my territory" she said and I went in.

🌹The Next Morning🌹

I woke up and stood sluggishly from my bed, I dragged my lazy body to the bathroom and took a warm bath, the memory of what happened yesterday came replaying in my memory, is that how I will lose my family? my father, my brother and my mother at the same time, same day, this life is full of wicked people.

After spending almost two hours thinking in the bathroom, I went back to my room and took a short gown to wear.

I found my way to my aunt's room, I knocked on the door but I got no response, I knocked again, the same thing, I pushed the door lightly and it gave way, I entered and everywhere was empty, I checked her bathroom, the same thing.

This is weird! where is my aunt? I went to the sitting room, she wasn't there either, I went to check her inside the kitchen, she was nowhere to be found.

Where is my aunt? I'm getting scared already.

"Looking for me?" she asked.

"Oh my god! aunt, you scared me where have you been?" I asked.

"I went to check somethings in Texas" she replied smiling.

"Texas? when did you go?" I asked.

"When I noticed you've slept off yesterday, I checked on your family too" she said with a sad tone.

Yes Texas, that was where we live. 

"Really, What are they doing with their corpse now?" I asked.

"Don't worry they will take care of them, let's just plan on how to deal with that scumbag" she said.

"Okay aunt" I replied.

"Have you eaten?" she asked.

"No, I was looking for you" I replied and she smiled.

"You shouldn't have been looking for me, I'm back now, let's go and find something nice to cook" she said and we both walked to the kitchen.


🌹Unknown pov🌹 

What??, why will this useless boy did this mission carelessly like this, I told him to kill all of them. 

This little brat that remains we later come for me, what if she knows about the secret already. 

I brought out my phone angrily and dialled his boss's number. 

"Hello" he said over the phone. 

"Don't "hello" me at all, hold your greeting, did you know your boy is very stupid?" I replied furiously. 

"Mister you don't yell at me, if not that I only kill betrayers, I would have made you pay for running your mouth" he replied. 

"What the heck is the matter?" he added. 

"Your boy didn't finish his mission, he left their female child behind" I said. 

"I don't know how he will do, mine is that I want that girl dead" I said and hung up. 

🌹Andrew pov🌹

"Boss" I said into the phone. 

"Why don't you finish your mission? I told you the man paid for four lives, why did you leave their female child behind?" he asked.

"Boss she wasn't there with them, and I waited for some minutes before leaving" I replied.

"Okay fine, I believe you know what to do, she's your unfinished mission" he said and hung up.

My unfinished mission? I never had an unfinished mission, this girl will be my first unfinished mission and I won't spare her any day I set my eyes on her.

My unfinished mission!.


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