The unfinished mission.

The unfinished mission.

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THE UNFINISHED MISSION (In love with the assassin) Lucy was a twenty years old lady whose family were assassinated for a reason best known to her father, auntie and the culprit. Before her father gave up the ghost he told her to take revenge for their death. She shouldn't kill anyone but she must hand both the assassin and the culprit over to the cops. "Do not fall in love" her father warned her. She tried all her possible best not to fall in love even if she will do, she must accomplish the task ahead of her, everything changed when she met the assassin that killed her family, she fell in love with him. And she must hand him over to the cops. She must Avenge her family's death. She must not fall in love, but she fell in love with him, the assassin that sent her family to the land of no return. Andrew is the professional assassin who sent her family to the land of no return, he was the one given the mission to kill everyone in her family but luckily for her, she escaped that day. Andrew must kill her because she is his unfinished mission. It became a game of revenge, a game of hate and fighting the arrow of love.

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49 Chapters
Chapter 01
🌹Andrew pov🌹"Boss" I said into the phone."Andy, how are you doing?" he asked over the phone and I replied "fine". "Congratulations for the successful mission, tell your colleagues I want to see all of you in my house" he said."And you Andrew, you have an official mission tonight, I will send you all you need to know, make sure you do a clean job like you always did" he added."Okay boss, trust me, and we will see you at home for sure" I replied and he hung up.I went downstairs to meet my friend, just as I thought, the dudes came home with ladies last night, they are all playboys.I'm not into women at all, because the only thing they are good at is destroying men's life, my mother gave me the impression which made me hate anything that has to do with women. My father is late, but my mother is still alive, living the kind
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Chapter 02
🌹Lucy pov🌹The cops arrived, they interrogated me and I explained everything to them, likewise our gatekeeper too. They took my family's corpses to the mortuary, I went upstairs to get my dad's credit cards, I gave one to our gatekeeper and told him the pin.He should move on with his life.I urged him to escort me to the airport, after booking my flight online, I have to run for my life but I'm coming back for whoever has hand in my family's death.I took the next available flight to Florida, I got there and explained everything to my aunt. "Daughter we must avenge as my brother said" she said furiously."If not that he said he doesn't want you to kill anybody I would advise we kill them all" she added.My aunt is a drug dealer, she's a well-known and a very dangerous one to be precise, no one dares confront her. She deals
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Chapter 03
🌹Andrew pov 🌹"Andy you are not looking good hope all is well?" my friends asked."All is well with me but you see that bitch that escape is the one to be mourning herself in advance, I can't believe that brat will have to be giving me sleepless night" I said furiously."Take it, easy bro, you know you will surely get her very soon, she will soon come out of her hideout" they replied almost the same time."Thanks, guys, I will like to be in my room now" I said and went in.I dialled the boss's number when I got back to my room."Boss, I'm very sorry to disappoint you, I didn't mean to do an unfinished mission" I apologise."Andy my boy, if I said that I'm not mad at you I'm deceiving you when I told you to drop four people, you dropped three and left without searching the entire house very well or wait for some hour, don't you know that if that girl com
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Chapter 04
🌹SIX MONTHS LATER 🌹🌹Andrew pov🌹"Cheers to another successful mission" I said to my friends as we popped the champagne."More life to take" one of them said. "Yes brothers many many and more people to be killed by us" the second one said. "Of course that's what we do for a living, we don't care about people's feeling because no one cares about ours, we take life in exchange of money" the third one said and we laughed out loud. "Guy please handover that stuff to me" I  said and he passed me the oxycodone beside him.We are all addicted to hard drugs, our supplier lives in Florida, if we don't do hard drugs then we're not valiant enough for our job.I sniffed the drug and hit my head continuously, not without shaking it."Feels good" I said and sniffed more."Andy but I notice so
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Chapter 05
🌹Lucy p.o.v🌹"That is not and will never be enough daughter!!" she yelled."But aunt...this wa.. sn't..what my do..." I stammered."No!. I can't fucking deal with any damn drug" I said boldly.She moved close to me and held my hands."Daughter, you will have to, because that's the only way I thought you can defeat these idiots, we need to capture his boys, before capturing him, but how can you go into their midst without holding onto something? will you tell them you want to be their maid? no, they don't need a maid, but when you go there as a drug dealer and user they will accommodate you freely because they will believe you are one of them" she said."If you want to deal with devils you have to act like one, that was why I taught you how to handle a gun and how to fight"  she added and look into my eyes.I think I  foun
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Chapter 06
🌹Lucy pov🌹Flight from Florida to Texas took us 2 hours 28 minutes but, to me, it took like forever.Here I am at the airport waiting for the boy my aunt sent his picture to me, I adjusted my face cap very well and dipped my hand into my bag, I brought out my dark shades and wore it. I look like a badass but that's not enough. I want to resemble nothing but a mafia queen."Hello" I heard a deep but yet nice masculine voice."Hi" I replied."Are you Lucia?" he asked."Yes I am, are you?....." I couldn't even remember his name."Simon" he helped me out."Exactly, are you Simon?" I asked."Yes I am" he replied and I checked the picture of him that my aunt sent, he is the one."Nice meeting you" I said and extended my hand for a handshake."The pleasure is all mine" he replied and we shook
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Chapter 07
🌹Lucy pov🌹I went into the bathroom for a cool bath immediately Simon left my room, I took my time in the bathroom before coming back to my room with a short towel that stops on my mid-thigh, I plugged my hand dryer and dried my hair, I check my bag and brought out a short gown to wear, I wore it and packed my hair up in a ponytail before going out to meet Simon in the sitting room.He set the table already, so I just joined him on the dining table and we ate the delicious food he cooked.He's truly a good cook.We talked about a lot of things and cracked jokes, sincerely speaking he's lively."Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked and I choked on my drink.What the heck?.I sat looking at him because I don't know why he asked such an unexpected question, I was just blinking my eyes repeatedly.🌹Simon pov🌹  Lu
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Chapter 08
🌹Simon pov🌹"Lucy" I called and moved closer to them."Lucy, what happened?" I asked. "Can you imagine, this dude bumped into me still have the gut to yell?" she said annoyed. "Calm down babe, dude, you shouldn't have yelled at her since you know you are at fault" I said calmly and he gave out a light chuckle. "You don't tell me shit bro, she bumped into me while looking around like a local lowlife girl she is and if...." before he could complete his statement, Lucy has landed a punch on his face. He staggered front and back before he finally saw something to support himself. "How dare you call me a lowlife girl, you are crazy dude"  Lucy said and stood confidently in front of him.Gosh!.Lucy is something incredible, I don't like this troublesome side of her."What th
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Chapter 09
🌹Lucy pov🌹OMG!, he is walking up to us, what will happen now, he looks scary, who is he?.Now I have a clearer view of him, truth to be told he looked cuter than Simon.He has a long face, a pointed nose, with his small red lips, wait? does he use a lipstick? this guy is a mysterious being, even with the fact that he looks scary he is still cute, he has a small golden earring on his right ear, and a tiny golden chain on his neck.Wow! what a perfect physique."Lucy who are looking at?" Simon's voice brought me back from my thought."Look at your back, he's coming towards us" I said and he turned. But oops!, before he turned back completely the mysterious guy's phone rang and he changed his direction, but why is he going out to answer his call, I need to know who this guy is."Ohh!, these guys. Andrew isn't here with th
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Chapter 10
🌹Lucy pov🌹 "So this is where you are?" we heard a voice.That voice sent a shiver down my spine.Whose voice is it?, hope is not that mysterious guy's voice?, why am I even scared of him?, am not behaving like the Lucy my aunt trained am behaving like the Lucy my parent brought up, which is not supposed to be, am Lucy the badass, Lucy the drug dealer and Lucy the Avenger, so there's nothing to be scared of.Simon and I turned back to see who owns the voice but alas! it was the crazy clubber."Shit" I mumbled to myself."Hey dude what do you want? are you a spy or what? why are you stalking us?!!" I shouted at him."Or you are an armed robber?" I asked in a whisper."What the heck bitch! dude your girlfriend is going crazy" he said angrily."Lucy you need to stop this". Simon said."Guy what's up? how may we
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