Chapter 05

🌹Lucy p.o.v🌹

"That is not and will never be enough daughter!!" she yelled.

"But aunt...this wa.. sn't..what my do..." I stammered.

"No!. I can't fucking deal with any damn drug" I said boldly.

She moved close to me and held my hands.

"Daughter, you will have to, because that's the only way I thought you can defeat these idiots, we need to capture his boys, before capturing him, but how can you go into their midst without holding onto something? will you tell them you want to be their maid? no, they don't need a maid, but when you go there as a drug dealer and user they will accommodate you freely because they will believe you are one of them" she said.

"If you want to deal with devils you have to act like one, that was why I taught you how to handle a gun and how to fight"  she added and look into my eyes.

I think I  found sense in what she said.

"Aunt, I hope it won't affect me? because all these drugs always have their side effect and I don't want anything to happen to me" I said.

"It won't, I'm also using it, don't worry you will be fine" she replied.

"Can you tell why they killed my family now?" I asked and she cleared her throat.

"As I told you months ago, that it all happened when you were sixteen years old" she begins.


"I was in my room sitting when a video popped into my phone, I checked it and saw a man and a woman strangling someone to death.

What is this video about? I thought and it was sent by your father, I was curious that I felt like calling him that instant but I maintained my patience because I didn't know where exactly he was.

After some hours he called and explained to me that he went to visit an old schoolmate but he got there and met two people strangling him to death, he was so scared that he couldn't even think of shouting, so instead, he brought his phone and recorded it.

He sent it to me immediately, but he turned to go his leg hit something that caught the attention of the criminal and his partner, they turned to him scarily, he made to go when they pointed a gun at him, he was scared and infuriated at the same time.

He felt mad at himself for not helping his late friend and he was also scared they might kill him, but luckily for him, they just told him to delete the video and no one must know about it, he deleted it in front of them unknown to them that he sent it to me already.

He left the scene scarily that day, I advised him to move you all out of his apartment then, because I know what Williamson is capable of doing. 

Yes!, the man was Williamson.

After moving all of you out of the apartment, I told your father to send the video to him, so that he can know he isn't smart at all, but it all turns out bad when Williamson threatened to kill my brother and his whole family.

I'm sure he knows my brother sent the video to someone that was why he killed all your family if your father doesn't send you to bring his phone that day I'm sure they would have killed you too.

But what is still baffling me is how he got the location of your new house. 

Anyway, nothing is impossible for an evildoer like him.


"A stumble on the road doesn't mean the end, babe we must avenge" she concluded. 

"But aunt are you sure that was why my family were murdered? how dare him? so because my dad caught them killing someone and threatened to tell the cops that were why they killed him too right?" I asked and she nodded positively. 

"Fuck!" I said and allowed my tears to pour freely. 

Why will people be this cruel?.

He killed my father's friend and later come for my family because my father caught him in the act.

This is so disgusting!.

"Aunt I'm ready to go to any length to avenge my family's death" I said.

"When I get back to Texas can I go and see where my family were buried?" I asked.

"You can't go for now, when it's time for you to go I will let you know" she replied.

"We will talk later" she said and walked out of my room.

I rested my back on my bed thinking of how my life will be when I start dealing with drugs.

Can I be as normal as this?.

What if it damage my kidney or liver?, I've never smoked a common cigarette now I will have to be taking the hard drug.

"Shit!"I mumbled to myself.

🌹Going to Texas🌹

"Don't forget your father's last wish okay? you will surely fall in love but not now, so please play your game smartly, you can call me if you need anything"

"I told my boy over there everything about this issue already and he's going to help you, he will put you through if anything looks strange to you, remember who you are, do not fall in love" my aunt said, emphasising on the last statement.

"Okay aunt, I promise I won't" I said and hugged her. 

"And don't forget if you want to go to anywhere close to Williamson always use a face cap, just for the time being, I sent the video to you already, I will tell what to do about when it's time" she said when we disengaged from the hug. 

"Okay aunt, I will call you when I get there, take care of yourself" I said and pecked her cheek before going out of the house, I flagged down a taxi to the airport. 

My dad credit cards are still intact, my aunt refused to collect it from me, the first thing  I will do when I get to Texas is to get a power-bike. 

I will dye my hair and cut it short, there is nothing special about my life anymore, I started smoking, drinking and drugging already so what else?, but I can't say, if I accomplish this mission successful, and later fall in love I might change my mind.

🌹Williamson pov🌹

This kid refused to show up again. I don't want to relent until I killed her too, but why is she not showing up her ugly face ?. 

I will kill her and I must kill her, none of them deserves to live. 

She had better show up on time before it will be too late for her, I'm all out looking for her. 

How dare she escaped?. 

No escaping route for people I want to kill, no!, I'm Williamson I always have my way.

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