Chapter 10

🌹Lucy pov🌹 

"So this is where you are?" we heard a voice.

That voice sent a shiver down my spine.

Whose voice is it?, hope is not that mysterious guy's voice?, why am I even scared of him?, am not behaving like the Lucy my aunt trained am behaving like the Lucy my parent brought up, which is not supposed to be, am Lucy the badass, Lucy the drug dealer and Lucy the Avenger, so there's nothing to be scared of.

Simon and I turned back to see who owns the voice but alas! it was the crazy clubber.

"Shit" I mumbled to myself.

"Hey dude what do you want? are you a spy or what? why are you stalking us?!!" I shouted at him.

"Or you are an armed robber?" I asked in a whisper.

"What the heck bitch! dude your girlfriend is going crazy" he said angrily.

"Lucy you need to stop this". Simon said.

"Guy what's up? how may we help you?" he asked turning to the guy.

"I don't need anything from you, but I want to ask for a favour" he said and I hissed.

Mhen!, this dude disgusts me!.

"Okay guy, enough of this damn shit, what did you want, spill the beans and fuck off" I said angrily.

He's taking too long, why can't he just say what he has to say and leave, and as for Simon he's too calm, I was once like him but now I hate people like him, I can't even believe it was my aunt that trained him.

"Okay dude, talk, we don't have the whole night to ourselves" he said and the dude cleared his throat before spilling the thrash he's got to say.

Guess what he says.

"I want us to be friends" he said and smiled. 

What the heck!. 

"Is this all you've got to say? be your friend? we just met today and our meeting wasn't a pleasant one at all, how do you expect us, most especially me, to befriend an enemy, never!" I said angrily.

"There's nothing bad in being friend dude, I'm a popular clubber here, so we will be meeting more often, I'm Simon and she's Lucy"  he said and they both exchanged a handshake, I  sat looking at them.

"Simon tonight's club is ruined already let's go home, I want to rest my head" I said. 

"Meet me outside" I added and stood up, I gave the crazy clubber some deadly glare before storming out to where my bike was parked. 

Simon fuck me up, big time!.

 How could he just make a friend like that, he's not tough enough, when I was still in Florida, if I went to the club with my aunt, no one dare move closer to us, my aunt was always looking damn scary. 

I can't believe all this shit is happening. 

What if the guy is the assassin that killed my family? what if he's a spy? what if he's a cop? he didn't think twice before making friend with him.

"Lucy I know what I'm doing, that guy is harmless, trust me" I heard Simon's voice.

"Simon, how did you know he's harmless? huh? I hate that I come to the club with you, and all these happened, you don't even act like a man, my aunt was not always like this, can you see how the first club I came with you got ruined? you are not a man enough" I said angrily and hopped on my bike.

"Let's go home" I said and he hopped on it gently.


 He's making feel guilty with the way he's behaving.

Our ride home was as silent as the graveyard, we got home and I parked the bike, he alighted and walked in without uttering a word to me.

Why is he acting weird?.

"Simon" I called.

"Good night Lucy" he said and walked to his door, he made to turn the knob when his phone rings, he looked back at me then at the phone before he finally picked it.

🌹Simon pov🌹

Lucy is very annoying, how could she talk to me like that? what the heck is wrong with her?. 

Oh! maybe she thinks I'm an easy person right?, I'm just trying to a gentleman for her and now she's tryna make me look like a fool.

I don't even want to think about the way she insulted me, is she this mannerless?.

She hopped on her bike and told me to do the same, I did it angrily, neither I nor she uttered a word till we got home, I don't know what's going on in her head but I know what I'm feeling now is nothing but aggression.

She stopped her bike in front of the house, I don't even wait for her to parked very well before I went in, I'm sure she ran after me because of the way she sounds when she called me.

"Simon" she called.

"Good night Lucy" I said and walked to my door, I made to turn the knob when my phone rings and I checked who the was.


Why is she calling me?.

Mia is my ex-girlfriend she broke up with me because of a reason best known to her because I don't remember hurting her in any way.

I looked at Lucy, then my phone, then at Lucy, then my phone, before I finally picked it.

"Mia I told you to stop calling me, why are you finding it so difficult to get into your skull?" I said calmly but anger despised in my voice.

"Simon I said I'm sorry, I just don't know what was wrong with me then"  she said with her usual stupid tone.

She sounds pitiful, but it's not like I care anyway, she broke up with me already.

I didn't know much about her then, we met at the club and after our first night together we both fell in love with each other,  but I don't know why she later broke up with me.

I can't say she was a gold digger because the little I knew about her made me realise she's from a wealthy family.

I waited for her and loved only her for years even after she broke up with me.

But now, I don't love her anymore, I Love Lucy.

I raised my head and my eyes locked with Lucy's, I don't understand the look on her face. 

"Mia, stop calling me, I repeat, don't ever call me again" I said and hung up.

Lucy's phone rang immediately I disconnected the call.

"Aunt" she said and picked the call.

"Aunt" she said immediately she placed the phone on her ear.

"Okay ma" she said after some minutes and stretched her phone to me. 

"Boss" I said immediately I collected the phone from her. 

"Andrew tomorrow, Lucy should start her mission there, did you remember how I said you will go about it?" she asked and I replied "yes". 

"Okay, explain how I said it will go to Lucy and tell her to call after you've done explaining it to her" she said and disconnected the call. 

"Lucy your mission here starts tomorrow," I  said to her with a straight face. 

"Aunt told me, she said you will explain somethings to me" she replied. 

"Yes, this is how it will go" I said and sat on a couch opposite her.

She looked serious than a student writing an exam.

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