His revenge
His revenge
Author: srss



Hayden LI (harry smith): male lead

Elina Martin: female lead

MR Michael martin : female lead father

Jack Wilson : male lead friend

Jessica: female lead friend

Remaining characters I will introduce in chapter...


  In y city, as it's winter.. a cold chill breeze was blowing... on a top building, a man who was in his fifties was working and going through file.. he is none other than Mr Michael Martin... he phone rings. He looks at caller ID.. and bright smile appears on his lips.. 

Michael : " hello sweetheart... at last you remember that you have dad....."

Elina : " common dad.. why are you speaking like that.. only for three days I didn't speak to you... for that you are saying like this... "

Michael: " yes.. not only that.. daily you are speaking in phone.. you are not living with me... "

elina: " dad.. it was you.. who sent me to hostel.. because you want to keep your daughter profile as secret... it's not my mistake.. "

Michael: " fine.. when you gonna come.. "

elina: " coming today itself dad.. my semester exam got over... only one year left.. then I will become fashion designer.. I will open my own boutique..."

Michael: " that means my daughter gonna stay with me... till her college gets reopen... "

elina: " yes dad... see you soon.. "

Elina is his daughter... or we can she is his princess and everything...  he never said no to her.. even she never hides anything from him.... once she got love letter from her classmate.. she read that love letter in front of her dad.... even if she wants to go for pub she tells her father.. he spoiled her by never saying no to her.. he respects her every decision... she is even top rank student also.. he is proud of his daughter.... he never scolded her.. 

He calls his assistant... after few seconds his assistant knocks his door and enters with his permission...

Michael: " Harry my daughter is coming to my home.. after a long time.. I want you to go out and bring chocolate and ice cream and rose bouquet... as my daughter like white and purple rose flower a lot... "

harry(hayden): " sure sir... "  with that he walks out of the cabin.. he goes to parking and sits in his car and calls someone... 

hayden: " did you got any information about her?? "

Other side (os) : " no sir.. I tried a lot but Michael kept his daughter profile secret... we are not able to get any single thing.. "

Hayden: " no problem... she is coming today.. I will meet her today or very soon... "

os: " sir next plan.. "

hayden: " I will tell you when time comes.. "

os: " sir do you want to give Michael that john group project... "

Hayden: " now no need.. he trust and believe me most now.. as I brought his small company to top 10... " (He was giving project to Michael which was ready to cooperate with his company and made Michael company to top 10 in this one year..) he hung up the call.. he smirks and start his car.. 

    He goes to flower shop to buy rose flower bouquet... he takes it and turns to go for his car.. but he bumps to one girl... 

girl: " can't you see... have you kept your eyes on your head or what?? "

Hayden: " hello miss it's you... who came in my way... and how dare you to raise your voice upon me.. do you know who am I..?? "

girl: " who are you.. it is nothing to do with me.. more over you should be lucky to bump to a beauty like me.. you are so handsome.. I am forgiving you... "

Hayden: " who needs your forgiveness... get lost..." with that he moves to his car... 

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