Jack Wilson

Jessica (p. o. v) 

    After dinner.. me and Elina said good night to dad and came to our room.. after my bath.. Elina went.. my phone got ring..  I know why she asked.. want to hear what will she say now.. so I picked..  

me: "hello mom...."

mom: "who is that guy?? "

me: "after so many days I picked your call... can't you ask how am I and where am I... you know my college holidays started... and I can't stay in hostel.. "

mom: "I told you to come here.. but you didn't.. now you are saying to me.. "

me: "fine.. at least how am I?? "

mom: " that's what I am asking.. who is that guy.. did you became mistress to anyone... "

me: " mom please... how can you speak with your daughter like this..?? "

mom: "of course I should speak like this only.. you have grown up now.. you don't need me.. your brother came to

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