Ch. 46 : A Duel With a Beast

*Prince Dorian*

After my mother led Amara out of the room I turned to my father and waited.

I knew that there was something important that he needed to say to me, and my mother knew, so she distracted Amara and walked her out so we could speak in private.

“Before I tell you anything,” He started, sitting up as a rare smile grew on his face. “I want to congratulate you, on both retrieving your Mate safe and sound, and the baby.”

My own smile grew even more at his words, and I couldn’t help but repeat them in my head.

My Mate, my one and only perfect half… My Amara. Erebos echoed my words, his own happiness blending in with mine. Our

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Bella Jersey
Looks like The duchess like to preform experi.ments
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Hold off your kill someone that there soul animal was corrupted. And not get docs to check him out or take samples. Just looking at it from law now as much as hate him. He’s mentally incompetent killing him would serve no justice. There’s no way for the duel to be honorable

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