The Princess And The Demon

The Princess And The Demon

By:  Chiaro De Luna  Completed
Language: English
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"What you loved, my fair lady. wasn't me, but an illusion, a lie you were so eager to believe". his smile didn't reach his ears as he looked at her, noticing the amount of pain and betrayal her face carried."Can you say that you still love me now? The real me, with all my ugliness? can you still look over everything I've done to you and say that you love me?". He searched her eyes, hoping to find even a shred of love left in them. But just as he expected, there was none for he had destroyed it all with his own cruel hands."And now what?" "Now, It is Goodbye...", He said as he placed her on the ground, "Go back to your life, the one you had before me. Forget the the beautiful lies, forget the monstrous truths, forget me and live." Taking few steps away, she watched him carefully, afraid of the fact it might be but another trap, seeing he didn't make any moves towards her, she turned around, ready to leave but she felt his iron grip back on her arm before she was pulled into a desperate, bittersweet .*********Born as an illegitimate daughter of the King, sent away to live among the priests, Sara had a dull and meaningless life, believing she was a hidden disgrace, a black page in her father's honorable history, but her life was turned upside down when she decides to look for some answers about her true identity, and she finds herself in a journey of love, survival, secrets and heartbreaks, especially when she falls into the clutches of a demon lord who tells her she is the quill that would write the rest of their world's history...Disclaimer : I don't own the cover

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146 Chapters
Chapter One: Prologue
"Push, My lady."The frightened brunette demanded urgently, her hands were shaking, her eyes burning with all the unshed tears of despair. she was known as one of the best midwives in the royal palace but this delivery was the hardest she ever assisted, the lady in labor didn't have the healthiest nor happiest pregnancy to begin with, and because of the unfortunate circumstances, the lady accompanied by the young midwife had to bare the trouble of moving from one residence to the other until they finally settled in that small shack near the dark forest.The girl cursed under her breath, her brown bangs sticking to her sweaty forehead, she wished there was someone near to help save the lady she cherished. Unfortunately, there was no one else but h
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Chapter Two: Sara
Disturbed by the constant tapping on her window, Sara opened her sleepy eyes and stared at the darkness around her. she did try to ignore the annoying sound and go back to sleep but it was futile as it only grew louder, dragging her forcefully and completely out of her sweet dreams' land.Sitting up with an annoyed sigh, Sara wrapped the covers around her body before walking to her window, the room was dark but she was perfectly able to find the right footing without stumbling or bumping into any furniture. she knew the place like her own palm, every flagstone and every brick. It was her own beautiful, personal, comfortable cell where she had spent the last twelve years.Standing by the window, Sara stared at the colored glass and the beautiful l
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Chapter Three: The Good Priest
Hearing the unlocking of the door, Sara -properly dressed this time- stood up from her chair and headed toward the door to take her breakfast. opening the door, she was met with Patrick's friendly face, the mid aged priest in the long hooded grey robe wasn't one of the twelve high priests that formed the holy council, but still had quite the reputability due to his amiable character and friendly behavior, even towards her. he didn't act as repulsive and disturbed by her presence like the other priests, but rather polite and patient all while keeping his distance.''Good morning, Young Lady. Here is your breakfast.'', Sara stared at the stuffed plate with barely any interest. Even though it contained all her favorites, the scrambled eggs, the fruit salad with heavy cream, the red tea and the buttered bun. she just didn't have any
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Chapter Four: Restrained
Sara breathed calmly, careful not to made any sounds that might alarm anyone. the corridors were actually deserted, but their silent emptiness only amplified the sound of her breaths and steps. she, who chose to go barefoot for the mission in order to minimize the noise she might make, wondered if it wasn't just her fear of being caught that was playing tricks on her mind for she knew she was not supposed nor allowed to be in that section of the tower. blood was rushing in her veins with both eeriness and excitement. she never did anything like this before, and a big part, the sane rational part of her mind told her to stop this nonsense and go back to her room before it was too late, while a smaller part, a rebellious one she didn't even know about until now, was telling her that if she wanted answers, then she better look out for them herself.
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Chapter Five: Trap
Sara felt her blood freeze inside her veins. she couldn't decide whether her heart was beating way too fast or beating at all. she stared at the man carefully as her knees shivered under her robe, wanting to believe that this was just a bad joke, a prank the priests were pulling to punish her for trespassing. but an inside voice told her it was all real, the man whom she thought was her friend was looking at her in a way that screamed danger, he reeked of evil and malignity, and she knew he meant his words, but there was also something else.''You look surprised.'', Patrick asked innocently while approaching her, his steps, unlike how they appeared, were not random nor careless, but perfectly studied,  the girl in front of him looked as frail as a feather and knew nothing about the place she was in nor had any basic skills o
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Chapter Six: The Demonic Gate
Not having anywhere to resort to as the red eyes surrounded her from each corner, Sara crouched into a protective position and closed her own, she squeezed them shut so hard all while covering her ears with her hands, She cried and shivered, feeling the stares on her like wicked touches, sickening and filthy, she felt herself being violated, as the touches kept on crawling on her naked self, each withholding a part of her while she crouched helplessly, she recited every single prayer she knew, begging the Gods to save her as she had no idea how to save herself, However, the Gods didn't respond, they never did to any of her former prayers, when she wished to see her mother, or when she wished to have friends, the Gods seemed to have forsaken her, yet here she was still begging them, hoping this one time they might listen...Too engrossed in her mind wrecking struggle, Sara was surprised by the sudden painful pair of grips that clutched at her shoulders like nippers, making her
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Chapter Seven: Suspect
''Your Majesty...'', A beautiful woman in her early forties approached the king who was standing next to a large mirror, busy dressing himself in casual clothes. He, however, didn't acknowledge her presence at all as he finished buttoning up his shirt...''It is late, Your Majesty, it is not a good idea to leave now as the sun...''''And whose fault is that? That I have to go out this late and risk being attacked by the night creatures?'' The king didn't turn to face his wife as he interrupted her sharply, ''Weren't you the one who refused to live with her under the same roof?''''Edard, I can't...'', The redheaded queen's voice quivered as she looked at him with
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Chapter Eight: Father And Daughter
Sara stared at her leaving father with a bright smile, waving at him happily, while the early sun rays illuminated his body. The sight was truly majestic to the eye. The king waved at her as well, promising to come visit her sooner than expected, with plenty of gifts and savories. Sara was grateful for her father who couldn't bear to leave her upset. Those few extra minutes he spent with her, just hugging her and telling her how much he loved her. It brightened her morning and lifted the weight off her heart for a while, but once he took off and was out of sight, her smile fell off her face only to be replaced by a sour expression.Sara wished she could muster enough courage to tell her father she didn't want any gifts nor savories. That she was grateful for all his love and time and care but it wasn't enough. She, just like any
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Chapter nine: Saved
Surrounded by a white glow, Sara felt her numb body being pulled to the bottom of what seemed like a bottomless pit. Where an inhumanely beautiful woman stood with her arms stretched forward, as if waiting for Sara to fall into her embrace. She stared at her with heavy eyelids, noticing the familiar silver locks and pure eyes, The ones she saw every single day in her mirror. But unlike her soft features, the woman had rather sharper ones that that spoke volumes about her status and strength.The woman was saying something, Sara noted from her moving lips. However, the drowning girl wasn't able to hear a thing beside a dull whir in her ears. The burn in her lungs seemed to increase the closer she got to the woman who seemed aware of everything happening to her...''...Within...You...Trust...No...'', Sara wasn't able to distinguished any of the words as a painful pressure hit her chest repeatedly as if it was being hammered mercilessly. An excruciating pain erupted in he
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Chapter Ten: Mother And Son
‘’Another carriage was attacked yesterday, Your Highness, three bodies were found, while twelve are still missing”, Henry frowned while listening at the bald man across the round table. It wasn’t uncommon for the demons to attack humans as they were their main source of food. However, the numbers were alarmingly high, not to mention the locations and recurrence. Due to the curse on their kind, the demons were not able to walk in day light nor step too far into the human lands away from their exiles. Nevertheless, their latest attacks defined all the known facts.Pinpointing the location of the attack on the large map, Henry looked at it thoughtfully, his thick brown eyebrows knitted in a deep frown as tried to connect the knowledge he had with the data displayed in front of his eyes. Looking back at the generals, ready to share his conclusions without taking offense by their doubtful eyes. They watched every single one of his moves carefully as not all
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