“You don’t get to demand a boy,” Moonbeam crossed her hands over her obvious bulge.

“Your daughter is enough trouble. I need a boy to soothe her wild spirit,” Zayed protested.

“She takes after you, don’t you see? So, it’s your headache to deal with. I’ve done my part,” Moonbeam retorted.

“When he-

“He? You don’t get to tell me what gender I’m pushing out of my stomach. Hmph!” Moonbeam stamped her foot on the ground.

“Wait till you see how much havoc two children can wreck around the house,” Malik cut in.

“A lot,” Genie added.

They were all seated outside the house she and Zayed had gotten soon after they got married. Genie had given birth the day after the wedding to twins- a boy and a girl. Zayed joked that it should have been Moonbeam, since he was the twin not his brother.

Star, on the other hand, had turned out to be a wild cat. Mischief gleamed

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