Bedouin Bride (Series)

Bedouin Bride (Series)

By:  apoeunice3  Completed
Language: English
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Genie loves her freedom, but she dislikes her job. She’s fine working at the club as long as she can get the men to stay away from her- her only rule. But for some reason, this exotic looking stranger defies all her rules. Even more shocking, he wants to buy her?! And he is convinced that he has what it takes to pay the price matter how high.

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Well written and wonderful book!
2023-01-15 22:39:35
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I just love this novel.
2021-11-01 08:24:48
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Easy to understand, a story line that flows well...I had to finish the book as soon as I started. Must read for all.
2021-06-01 20:48:49
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Gojo sub
Needed to be a bit more fast paced. Still enjoyed it though.
2022-05-20 07:45:32
44 Chapters
Genie walked into the club checking her wristwatch. Eleven o'clock on the dot. Goddamn traffic, she should have been here earlier, her solo starts in fifteen minutes. She hurried to the private dressing room where the other girls were, walked up to a locker and quickly removed her coat. She would have to make do with less make-up tod
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"You wanted to see me?""Yes, I did" the man replied in deep, silky baritone that seemed to wash over Genie like the ocean current and hi accent, exotic. A blend of American and something she couldn't quite place.Woah, easy there girlie, she told herself. 
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Genie woke up rubbing her eyelids. Fuck, her head was banging. It was usually like that after her night shift.After working hard, dancing for hours on end, it was no surprise that she had to take a painkiller just to drive home without her head aching like someone was drumming without knowing exactly why. 
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"What the heck was that? I was about to close a deal"Genie crossed her arms over her chest."Quite frankly, I don't give two fucks about that. I came here to tell you not to break my rule again. Especially not for that friend of yours"
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The incessant knock on the front door woke Genie up the next morning.Scrubbing her face with her palm, grumbling and swearing,she walked into the small, claustrophobic bathroom and splashed some water on her faceThen she walked slowly and reluctantly to the door . “Why t
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"Some guy left you an envelope, Genie", Clarissa said as Genie walked into the club the next evening."Who?", Genie asked her.
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“I’m still not interested “, Genie told him, arms folded.“It’s a six months contract, you can back out after that”, Malik assured her
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“Hi”, Genie said as she arrived at the airstrip the next day“Hey, you’re ready?”, Malik asked her
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Genie stood in front of the Sheik, wondering where to begin from.  Was she supposed to say, hi? Or a hello? Malik had led her in and walked away.  A little heads up from him would have been so much helpful. She watched the Sheik sign some documents an
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Genie walked out of the house, hoping to familiarize herself with the surroundings. Malik had gone for an early meeting. She had met him in the kitchen, when she went to get an early morning snack but they hadn't said much of an hello to each other. The conversation between them all week had been cold too. It mostly consisted of a mumble "hi" and a hurried "welcome" 
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