The New Me
The New Me
Author: Rachel Lim

Chapter 1: Liam's Birthday Party

Taylor’s POV

I couldn’t wait to celebrate Liam’s birthday today. My second sister, Nora, and I had gone out last week to get Liam’s birthday present.

Once when Liam and I had passed a Fila store, he said he wanted to one day buy the bag that was displayed in the store window. He almost bought it then, but realized it was too expensive.

Luckily, I saved up enough money for the past few months to buy that bag for him since he loved it so much.

I begin getting ready for his birthday party as it would start in an hour. After I’m done changing, Nora puts my hair into a braid and then does my make up as well because my make up skills weren’t as good.

“You look so pretty, Taylor,” Nora says smiling at me.

“Thank you for doing my hair and make-up,” I blush slightly at her compliment.

She pulls me in for a hug and says, “You’re welcome. Now leave; dad’s waiting to take you to Liam’s house.”

I kiss her cheek and wave at her. “See you later!”

I made sure to grab the birthday card I personally made for Liam and left the room.

I had written the card yesterday, wanting to confess my feelings for him by writing it in the card. The letter said:

Dear Liam,

Happy birthday to you!!!! You have always been there for me ever since we were young and even if Melissa and the others bully me. You are the best friend I ever had, and I am grateful for that. I am so thankful that I could be friends with you since we were young. The reason I am writing this letter to you is because I wanted to tell you that I love you more than a friend. I hope that you feel the same as what I feel for you. I wanted to tell you this, hoping that we can be together. I love the way you smile at me, especially the dimples. Finally, Happy Birthday to my Liam.



After scanning the letter one last time, I put the card nicely into his bag and left the room. I grab my heels and head towards dad’s car and found him waiting for me.

Dad sees me and says, “Let’s go sweetheart or else you’ll be late for Liam’s birthday party.”

I get into the car quickly and nod.

It takes us only ten minutes to drive to his house and I’m amazed by how the house looks. It was decorated incredibly nicely with a large sign outside that read, ‘Happy birthday Liam’.

My dad looks shocked and says, “Wow! His parents really know how to have a blast. We should really do that for you on your birthday.”

“Dad, I don’t want a party. I just want to be able to spend my birthday with my friends and family,” I say, shaking my head.

Dad nods his head in response and opens the door for me. He hugs me, saying, “Have fun, honey. Be back by 10pm.”

“See you later, Dad.” I hug him back and get out of the car.

I walk to the door and knock on it. Liam opens the door with a smile on his face and greets me. “Hey Taylor!”

“Happy birthday, Liam! Here is your birthday present.” I wish him and step inside.

I pass him his birthday present, waiting for his reaction when he sees what I’ve gotten him. The moment he sees the Fila bag, he grins with happiness and says “You bought my favourite Fila Backpack? Thank you so much Taylor! You are the best!”

Before I could reply to him, there was a voice behind me that I could instantly recognize.  I look behind and Melissa says, “Well, who do we have here? Taylor, the loser.”

I turn around to see Melissa wearing a red dress which barely reached her thighs and I’m pretty sure if she bends down, everyone will be able to see her panties.

Liam gave her a stern look. “Melissa, can you please not start. It is my birthday today. Let me be happy.”

Melissa gives me a fake smile that I could easily see through. She says, “Alright. I will give you your birthday surprise later. You will surely enjoy it.”

As she walks past me, she flashes me an evil look which makes me feel uneasy.

Liam looks at me and says, “Let’s go in.”

Liam leads me to where the crowd is and I couldn’t help but be shocked by how big it looks. There is a DJ there, playing pop songs and there is a dancing area, where people were already dancing.

“Where are your parents?” I look around.

“Well, they needed to go for a business trip at the last minute as there was something wrong at a factory of one of their businesses.”

“You still have me so don’t worry. See, this party will surely build up your spirit,” I say trying to cheer him up.

He flashes me a smile and nods in response. “Do you want me to get a drink for you?”

“Erm... yeah sure. I think I want a fruit punch.”

He nods and begins to walk away, “One fruit punch coming right up.”

Suddenly all the lights switch off and there is just one spotlight to one side focusing on Melissa. I see her holding a microphone and she once again flashes an evil smile at me, making me realize that bad is about to happen.

She says, “Hey everyone, I am Melissa as all of you know. Today I want to give Liam his birthday present and I am going to give it to him right now, right here.”

I see Liam looking at her, paying attention to what she is saying.

She says, “My present to Liam is a secret that everyone has to know.”

My eyes flew wide open in shock and all I feel like doing is running away from the party. I hear her saying, “Our little friend, Taylor, told me her biggest secret.

She told me that she has loved Liam ever since she was young. What a loser, right?!”

Everyone around me starts laughing and calling me names.

“You are so ugly!”

“No one loves you.”

“Such a nerd!”

“She is such a loser!”

I look at Liam who always defended me, but he just stood there, dumbfounded by what happened. He didn’t even move an inch when those people started throwing abuses at me. I see Melissa approaching him and kissing him on his lips.

All I see is red and I flee away from everyone and from the party. I have never felt so betrayed before and it hurt, as if hundreds of knives were stabbing my heart.

By the time I reach outside my house, tears were rolling down my cheeks non-stop. I wipe my tears and walk into my house not wanting anyone to know that I had been crying. 

I walk in and see my parents sitting down with my sisters in the dining room.

My mom sees me walking in and calls me to join them. "Sweetheart, can you come here for a moment? Your dad has something important to tell you."

I sit on the chair next to my sister and look at them, waiting for them to speak. "So, what do you want to tell me dad?"

“I have been promoted and transferred to the company in New York,” dad says, smiling at me.

I smile but it doesn’t last long as I thought about how we will be separated. "That is great... But how are we going to see you, if you are going to work in New York?"

Dad frowns and says, “All of us are going to move there. Are you going to be okay with that?"

In my heart, I felt like I could not leave this place as it is filled with many memories. However, remembering what they did to me, I change my mind. “I want to move there," I nod confidently.

At this moment, I promise myself that I will never return to this place ever again and never look back at those people who stooped so low and hurt me.

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