The New Me

The New Me

By:  Rachel Lim  Ongoing
Language: English
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Melissa and Liam, the two names that brought back memories. Never in the world, would I have ever thought that the people that I once truly called my best friends would betray me. We were best friends ever since our childhood. Liam was my first love and I had been crushing on him since we were young. Until one day, I decided to let Melissa in on a secret as I trusted her with all my heart. Turns out, she was just like the others. She started changing herself, distancing herself from me and not even acknowledging me in school while hanging out with the popular kids. That’s when all the bullying bullies started. However, on the day of Liam’s birthday, Melissa revealed my big secret to everyone which left me humiliated. Liam just stood there not doing anything to defend me from those nasty comments. What really broke me was when I saw Melissa walk towards Liam and giving him a passionate kiss on his lips…….

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pyke Yap
is this story t ill working? hmmm...its been a while since updated
2021-10-18 11:41:53
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YourDaily Outfit
any plans to complete this book?
2021-09-16 15:24:57
default avatar
waiting for more chapters..btw, is there any socmed that i can follow?
2021-08-04 14:55:40
default avatar
Great cute story .. is a good quick read
2021-06-22 12:13:34
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Amber Castillo
Good read!
2021-05-08 21:53:28
user avatar
Tricia Heitz
would like to continue to read your story, unwilling to pay for something that's not going to be finished
2022-04-25 07:17:18
20 Chapters
Chapter 1: Liam's Birthday Party
Taylor’s POVI couldn’t wait to celebrate Liam’s birthday today. My second sister, Nora, and I had gone out last week to get Liam’s birthday present.Once when Liam and I had passed a Fila store, he said he wanted to one day buy the bag that was displayed in the store window. He almost bought it then, but realized it was too expensive.Luckily, I saved up enough money for the past few months to buy that bag for him since he loved it so much.I begin getting ready for his birthday party as it would start in an hour. After I’m done changing, Nora puts my hair into a braid and then does my make up as well because my make up skills weren’t as good.“You look so pretty, Taylor,” Nora says smiling at me.“Thank you for doing my hair and make-up,” I blush slightly at her compliment.She pulls me in for a hug and says, “You’re welcome. Now leave; dad&rsqu
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Chapter 2: Leaving Here For Good
TAYLOR’S POVIt’s been exactly four days since Liam’s birthday and my dad informing us that we would be moving to New York. Ever since then, Liam has been calling and texting me, but I have just ignored him.I did not want to think of him even though I had the urge to pick up the call or just send him a text, but I hold back, realizing that things will never be the same as they used to be.Luckily, it is our school holiday time and I do not have to see him or get bullied by the whole school about what happened during the birthday party. But I’m pretty sure Melissa, that bitch, has already spread it to the whole school via social media.Honestly speaking, I miss him, and it was hard avoiding the pain in my heart. I told my family what had happened, and they comforted me by distracting me which really help me.My sisters wanted to beat the shit out of Melissa, but I stopped them, afraid that they would get bus
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Chapter 3: My New Beginning
Taylor's POV2 years laterEver since I have stepped into New York, two years ago, my life has turned out to be amazing. I expected nothing on the first day of school, but surprisingly, my class welcomed me with a welcoming party.The lifestyle here in New York is so different from my hometown and I really like this place better. Even though I've been here for only two years, it already feels like home.The truth is I was scared that my group of friends would turn out to be like Melissa who was mean and cruel, but they aren't like her. They are kind, funny, talented and mostly, badass, especially my girls.During the party, they introduced me
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Chapter 4: The Names
Taylor's POVRecapAs we leave his office, I scan through the lists of things that we needed to do and I say to Zach, "I hope there aren't that many students in the lists because there are a lot of things on this list."He nods his head in response and we exchange the papers we had, and I start reading the list of students.I scan through the lists and see the names that I wished weren't on the list...Recap overWhen I see the names that are on the lists, I tremble in fear remembering the things that they did to me on that particular day. I'm scared that they will embarr
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Chapter 5: The Guest
Taylor's POVRecapSuddenly, someone knocks on the door and Rose walks towards the door while shouting, "I am going to open the door."But Jayden stops her and says, "Mom, just stay here. I'll check who it is."Jayden has a weird expression on his face as if he already knew who it was. So, all of us decide to silently follow him and who we saw isn't even the last person we expected to be standing there...We see a familiar face, and everyone, except Rose, says in unison, "Krystal?"She smiles awkwardly and waves. "Hey everyone?"I can feel the awkwardness
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Chapter 6: Perfection
One week later (one day before the students arrive)Taylor's POV"Girls, give your best for the last 10 minutes and let's end this session with the outstanding performance," I shout, trying to motivate my team.I start playing the music and all the girls take their places, counting every beat. This had to be perfect because Zach's football team had a match in a few days and we were scheduled to perform. It was also one of the events we had planned for the students coming to our school.I focus and look carefully at each of the girls' steps to see whether there is any mistake and to my surprise, all their steps are perfectly timed.I clap my hands loud
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Chapter 7: Them
Taylor's POVI could not sleep last night and I regret it now as my eyes look puffy and red.Honestly, I'm nervous and worried about today.Zach walks into the kitchen and looks at me with shock written on his face. "What happened to your eyes? Did you even get any sleep last night?"I slump on my couch and say, "I couldn't stop thinking and so could not sleep either."Zach says, "Do you want to grab your favourite Starbucks coffee before heading to school?"I nod my head in response, get ready and slowly make my way to the car waiting for Zach.I sit in the car, w
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Chapter 8: Tour
Taylor's POVWe are standing outside of our class and I turn to the students. "So this is the class that you all are supposed to report to for each subject. Do any of you have questions? If you do, please raise your hand."The girl beside Melissa who seems to be her good friend, raises up her hand and asks, "What if we oversleep and are late for class?""For coming to class late for the first time, you will be given a warning. After that, detention will be served to students as necessary. Our school regulations are one of the strictest amongst the schools in New York."The girl nods her head and when no one else raises their hands, I nudge Zach's shoulder, gesturing him to contin
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Chapter 9: The Party I
Taylor's POVI receive a phone call early in the morning when I was having the best dream in the world wherein my prince charming was saving me from all the drama. I was just about to see my prince charming's face when my phone rings, waking me up.I look at the caller ID and see that it's Ava and I pick it up and say, "Do you have any idea how early it is right now?! It's not even time to dress up yet!"Ava on the other line says, "Chill girl, I know you are not a morning person, but I need your help for the party. Can you please come over?"I think for a while and ask, "What do I get in return?"Ava says, "I will make sure to annoy Melissa with my sarcastic comment
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Chapter 10: The Party II
Taylor's POV"The boys are over there. Let's go talk to them," I say, pointing to the guys.We slowly make our way to the boys, smiling at the lovely couples as I saw them expressing their love for each other.We sneak up behind the boys on our tip toes and Charlotte yells, "Boo! You idiots!"All of them turn around to look at us with shock and Daniel says, "What the hell was that for? This is a dinner party and not horror party."Emma laughs. "What's the fun in that? I thought you weren't a scaredy cat?"All of us except Daniel laugh and I feel tears rolling down my cheeks as I was laughing uncontrollably.
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