Chapter 4: Fate's plan

Chapter 4: Fate’s plan


I was hoping to see Mathias weeks ago. I mean, I’m his mate. He should have called me as soon as he left my mother’s house. However, he never came around or called. I’m so confused because he should have known who I am. Mates are supposed to feel a call. Angel mating is intricate. When an angel female is ready to find her mate, she dreams of him. The male angel will also begin feeling a lure to a certain place where they will find their other half. It’s different with some half-angels, but pure angels know by the dreams they share and the unmistakable lure. An angel that finds his or her mate usually becomes restless. As if we’re searching for something. I’ve been feeling that way since I saw him. So why hasn’t he come to see me? Groaning with frustration, I bury my head in my pillow.

Another thing that has worried me lately is the constant creep factor. When I l

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