Seraphim: Supernatural Bad Boys II

Seraphim: Supernatural Bad Boys II

By:  Jeanette Rico  Completed
Language: English
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SERAPHIM: (CASSIA AND MATHIAS) BOOK II Mathias Black is the head enforcer of the Supernatural Council. When he loses the woman he loves, he vows that he will never love again. Cassia Garron is the daughter of the council's most wanted angel, Lukan Garron. She also happens to be Mathias', true mate. Mathias tries to resist the lure of his enemy's beautiful daughter. But what happens when Cassia's life is in danger and the only one who can protect her is a man that does not want to love?

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Interesting read and straightforward, definitely worth reading
2023-11-27 20:27:28
default avatar
Good story! Went by a little fast, but otherwise throughly enjoyed reading this! A good series overall! :)
2022-05-25 09:58:58
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loved it!!
2021-08-13 05:09:36
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Melissa King
yeah, for happy ending
2021-07-06 20:43:15
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Fantastic 👏! Loved this ❤ story!
2021-04-19 13:24:23
21 Chapters
Chapter 1: Revealed
Chapter 1: RevealedMathiasShe’s so soft; her skin is perfect. I run my hand over her arm. Her mouth moves closer over mine. I run my hand over her long silky hair. “I need you. Come and find me. It has been so long” Surprised by her voice, I pull back in surprise. This woman is not Marael. Then the scene changes. I’m in front of the house Marael and I lived in. “Marael,” I call my wife as I enter through the door. I’m surprised to find that the door is wide open. “Marael,” I say again. I walk toward the living room, but she’s not there. Suddenly, I hear a noise as if a shoe fell from up the stairs. “Marael,” I repeat again, making my way to our bedroom. I can hear the bath running from our en-suite. “Love, I’m home.” There is still no response. I knock on the bathroom door, pushing it open. The lights are dim, and there are candles lit around the bathroom. I smile lovingly.
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Chapter 2: Finally
Chapter 2: FinallyCassiaIt’s him. He’s my mate. I would recognize him anywhere. I’ve been dreaming about him for five years. He has dark auburn hair, waves around his neck and forehead, and his golden eyes glow like amber. He’s gorgeous. He’s at least three inches over six feet. From what I can see, his body is strong, tanned, and muscled. His eyes appraised my body with curiosity and a spark of desire. Swallowing hard, I stand there stunned until my mother makes the introductions. My surprise turns into shock at the sound of his name.       My mother waves her hand and gestures for me to take a seat. “Cassia, why don’t you have a seat and hear what Mathias has to say.” I move forward with a surprised sigh when the man pulls a chair out for me. “Thank you,” I whisper silently.The man…Mathias, nods his head before he turns back toward my mother. &l
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Chapter 3: Unsettled
Chapter 3: UnsettledMathiasIt has been two weeks since I’ve met Lukan Garron’s former mate and daughter. Yet, I still feel a little unsettled. My mind keeps returning to the vision of Cassia’s exquisite face. Why is she haunting me? I’m very confused by my reaction. Closing my eyes, I try to clear my mind of this strange fascination.I’m currently in the council chambers debriefing my enforcers, but my mind is miles away. “We need to continue looking further into Lukan Garron’s disappearance. There has to be something we’re missing. All of his assets were frozen, and we’ve locked down all of his properties. Right now, we’re guessing that someone he works with might have found his body. In the meantime, I want to continue to search.”Gadriel and Corbin nod their heads in agreement. “Yes, sir. What do you want to do?” I think for a moment. “I would like for you to
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Chapter 4: Fate's plan
 Chapter 4: Fate’s planCassiaI was hoping to see Mathias weeks ago. I mean, I’m his mate. He should have called me as soon as he left my mother’s house. However, he never came around or called. I’m so confused because he should have known who I am. Mates are supposed to feel a call. Angel mating is intricate. When an angel female is ready to find her mate, she dreams of him. The male angel will also begin feeling a lure to a certain place where they will find their other half. It’s different with some half-angels, but pure angels know by the dreams they share and the unmistakable lure. An angel that finds his or her mate usually becomes restless. As if we’re searching for something. I’ve been feeling that way since I saw him. So why hasn’t he come to see me? Groaning with frustration, I bury my head in my pillow.Another thing that has worried me lately is the constant creep factor. When I l
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Chapter 5: Coincidence?
Chapter 5: Coincidence? MathiasNevaeh and I are strolling through the Cal State campus, enjoying the tour.  Neveah smiles with excitement every time she sees something she likes. When we arrived, we had to tell the admissions office that I was her brother. Unfortunately, even though she’s my daughter, Nevaeh and I don’t look very far off in age. It has been fun anyway. Right now, we are walking to a coffee shop for a quick break. Clapping with excitement, Nevaeh turns to me. “So, how do you like it?” She waves her hand around the campus.Quirking a brow, I give her an approving smile. “I think it’s a great school, and you’ll fit right in.” Her smile widens, and suddenly she’s in my arms, her arms tight around my shoulders. I stand there, stunned for a moment. Even though we have been spending more time together, we’ve never hugged. It’s nice.Feeling comfortable, I pull
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Chapter 7: Doubts
Chapter 7: DoubtsMathiasI walk back to the coffee shop, feeling like a complete and utter ass.  Mikhail and Nevaeh are sitting in a corner kissing and cuddling. It’s as if they’re in their own little world. Their affection brings me back to that kiss with Cassia. I’m still feeling unbalanced by how good it felt. It was an incredible kiss, but we can never be.  I cannot betray Marael again.As soon as she sees me, Nevaeh rises up from the chair. “Hey, Mathias, is everything okay? Did you catch up to that hot girl?” She turns back, to Mikhail who gives me an inquiring look. “You should have seen her, Khail. She has long blond hair and green eyes. She gave me this what the fuck looked when I wrapped my arm around Mathias. I think she likes him.”Mikhail turns to me with an amused smile. “Wow, Mathias, you’re picking up college girls again? Aren’t they a little too young for you?
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Chapter 6: Rejection
Chapter 6: RejectionCassiaI feel as if I can’t breathe. Mathias rejected our mating without a thought. Am I that forgettable and easily dismissed that he didn’t care how it would make me feel? Of course, Mathias isn’t the first man to reject me. The first man to ever make me feel worthless was my father. Lukan never cared much for me and viewed me as an intruder in his life. I clutch my chest as the pain threatens to burst through my body.I’m so distracted by my pain that I don’t see the form in front of him until I run into him. Crying out in surprise, I pull back and prepare to apologize.The man before me peruses my body then gives me a wicked smile. He is incredibly beautiful with dark as sin hair and icy silver eyes. He’s what my friend Kendra would call rugged with high cheekbones and sexy five o’clock stubble. His six-foot-five body is massive. He has large shoulders and a tapered waist. Feeling uncomfor
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Chapter 8: Undone
Chapter 8: UndoneCassiaThe party is going well. Kendra and I decided to split up and look at the new art displays. I’m shocked to find my own art on display. My aunt and uncle, Arabella and Draco, approach me at that moment, glowing with pride. Arabella and Draco are art professors at the school. They are also a beautiful couple. They have been mated for over two hundred years. Arabella has long red hair and green eyes, and Draco is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome.Aunt Arabella places her arm around my shoulder and mutters enthusiastically. “Cassia, this one is brilliant. People love it.”Frowning with chagrin, I turn to Arabella and mumble reproachingly. “I wasn’t ready for this painting to be shown, Arabella. I told you I wanted to wait.”              Arabella waves her hand dismissively. “Nonsense Cassia, your work is exquisite.
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Chapter 9: Awakened
Chapter 9: AwakenedMathiasI don’t know where I’m going, but my mind is mixed up. That painting was incredible. It was obvious who it was. She showed me her heart, and now I don’t know what to do about it.“Mathias!” I hear Mikhail call out to me. Turning around, I hold my palm up to stop the incoming deluge of recriminations. “Look, Mikhail, I just want to be alone right now.”Mikhail waves away my words. “No, Mathias, you need to listen to me. When I met Nevaeh, I was scared. I was scared of what I felt for her and what might happen to her if she entered my world. Since we’ve gotten here, you’ve experienced a variety of things that have shaken your world. But I have to tell you, you’re being an idiot.”My head snaps forward at his comment. Not a lot of people dare speak to me in such a tone. I’m Mathias Black, head of the Council. A centuries-old Sera
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Chapter 10: Bad news
Chapter 10: Bad newsCassiaLukan is alive. Oh my god. I listen as Nevaeh tells Mathias and the other guy about Lukan’s reappearance, but I refuse to participate. I’m still shocked by the night’s events.It also doesn’t help that I’m still feeling a bit heated after struggling in Mathias’ lap. What the hell am I doing? This man rejected me, and I’m turned on.My thoughts are halted when Mikhail parks in a garage and turns off the ignition. Without a word, everyone files out of the car. Nerves frayed, I look around the unfamiliar surroundings. Nevaeh must notice my nervousness because she moves toward me and takes my hand. “Are you okay, Cassia?” I nod my head. There’s no way that I’m going to tell her that my body is still thrumming with arousal from Mathias’ touch.“Have you ever been to the Council headquarters?” She asks softly. I shake my head. “No, I have
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